Top 3 Best PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener Review

PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener Review

You have probably already seen the Power Sharp chain sharpener, which promises to sharpen a chainsaw chain in five seconds. We at Bestsawguide took a closer look at this sharpening method for the chainsaw and tell you whether it is top or scrap... This powersharp chainsaw sharpener review wants to find out whether the sharpening system is really that simple and, above all, whether the sharpening result is really convincing.

With the Powersharp sharpening system, OREGON is now getting very close to the previously unfulfilled wish. In the case of a blunt chain, the Powersharp attachment is simply mounted on the rail tip. Then let the saw chain run through the device at full throttle for 4-5 seconds. After dismantling, the chain is sharp again and you can continue working.

Top Best PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpeners

If you are a do-it-yourselfer you may have limited time to look at our product research. To save your time, click on the links to the products (I have given 3 powersharp chainsaw sharpeners above for quick access). In our detailed analysis, we have analyzed top 3 best powersharp chainsaw sharpeners in the markets. We believe that you will find your preferred product choice from this powersharp sharpener review.

Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener

PowerSharp Starter Kit Chainsaw Sharpener

The chainsaw blade and the saw chain are precisely matched to one another on the Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener. In addition to the simple operation, there is also a low tendency to kickback due to the special depth gauge geometry. It is true that the plunge cut is more laborious and time-consuming as a result, but an increase in safety is always more important than rapid work progress.

 Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener is suitable for saws up to 2.3 HP. Once you have the chain sharpener with rail, you can of course also buy the chains individually. A grindstone is always included, as it is changed at the same time as the chain.

What Makes It Different?

Almost all chainsaw users can benefit from this sharpener because of its great compatibility. It has a universal grinding chain and installs in minutes. Easy to use, in a short time it will make your chain sharp again, and to install it simply put the chain and saw into the chain cutter. Also easy to disassemble for any internal modifications, it saves your time in making your chainsaw sharp again. It is more easy to sharp than compact alternative Stihl sharpener but Stihl is always effective than others.

Product Features:

  • You also get the 91PS PowerSharp chain
  • Sharp in only 3 seconds
  • Can fit almost all brands and models,
  • You get a guide bar designed for PowerSharp
  • Including flat file with wooden handle

Expert Opinion

"I was lucky enough to use it, and it's pretty much a daydream. If you don't have budget problems, go for this model, there is nothing better on the market, you will have a perfect sharpening, very easy. A sharpener that even a child could use." Says Caitlin from Pennsylvania


  • The light and handy guide rail is laminated.
  • Quality tool for precise results in a confined space.
  • Ideal for chainsaw owners and small workshops.
  • Lubritec keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
  •  The small tip radius reduces the tendency to kickback.


  • Manual sharpene
  • Plastic can get broken easily

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all chains be sharpened with the Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener? So far so good. More than 10 brands and models can be sharpened using this model and you are certain that the results will be great.

How long does it to sharpen with Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener With a quick turn of a handle, your tool chainsaw will be looking perfect again and ready to go back to work in minutes!

I haven't been able to sharpen the chain, who can I contact? Very often hardware stores are in charge of sharpening the chain, clearly not all of them but if you are not able to do so, you can watch various videos on how to do it well.

Oregon 541652 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener

PowerSharp Chain Sharpener

The Oregon PowerSharp bar is applicable on models that mount 3/8 "-91 pitch. The precision sharpening system is easy to use and gives chainsaw users the ability to sharpen their chains in seconds with an easy-to-use accessory. Contains an Oregon Powersharp chain as well as a grinding wheel to be inserted into the sharpening neck delivered with the Oregon Powersharp chain guide.

The Powersharp system uses the concept of integrated sharpening to always cut in the best conditions. A simple and incomparable sharpening in less than 5 seconds. Ideal for amateur or professional users who are uncomfortable with the sharpening of chainsaw chains.

What Makes It Different?

Oregon 541652 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener is already being used by many do-it-yourselfers and does a good job for the low price. It's one of the most popular models for infrequent to occasional use and is well received by customers.

Product Features:

  • Made of plastic and grind
  • Ideal for 16 to 20 inch guides
  • The saw chain lasts between 3 to 5 seconds of sharpening
  • Solid magnesium pressure housing
  • Low-kickback
  • LubriTect technology

Expert Opinion

"Perfect for those who are tired of always taking the chainsaw to sharpen in a specialized workshop and prefer to do it themselves, saving time, money, and even wear of the blade. It is very precise and fast, it can be used without problems even by those who are completely fasting from this kind of operation." Says Wayne Scriver


  • Quick and precise sharpening thanks to adjustable sharpening and cutting angles
  • Optimal sharpening thanks to the 10 ° sliding tension device
  • Easy to adjust
  • Reduced sharpening time thanks to the hydraulic tensioning system
  • Resists corrosion and is very easy to install


  • Sharpening stone wears out easily
  • No carrying bag provided

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When and how to use a chainsaw sharpener? The right time to sharpen the chain of your chainsaw is when we realize that the cut obtained is no longer regular. Especially when we realize that a lot of sawdust is produced during cutting.

What procedure to follow before sharpening with the Oregon 541652 PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener? As for the sharpening procedure, we advise you to proceed with special precautions:

  • Cleaning the chain and removing debris to prevent foreign bodies from splashing out during sharpening
  • Check that there are no bent teeth and broken links, in which case the chain may need to be completely replaced
  •  Fix the chainsaw bar to the appropriate block to keep it stable on the work table

Oregon 541656 chainsaw sharpener

PowerSharp Starter Kit Chainsaw Sharpener

The heart of Oregon 541656 chainsaw sharpener is a diamond-studded chain link that maintains the geometry of the sharpening stone and enables the saw chain to guarantee optimum cutting performance throughout its entire service life. The chain sharpener is a foldable yellow device made of sturdy plastic. Besides, a guide pin is installed on one side, on which the rail can be locked

On the front, there is a black stamp with a round grindstone mounted on the bottom. Also, there is a black folding handle on the outside with which the PowerSharp can be opened and closed.

PowerSharp is a unique sharpening system from OREGON. It enables the special saw chain to be sharpened in just a few seconds. And all of this without leaving the site or having to remove the chain from the chainsaw.

What Makes It Different?

Oregon 541656 chainsaw sharpener is easy to use. Just fit the sharpening box on the end of the guide, press down on the ground or against a log, gas fully for 5 seconds, and your chainsaw will find a cut worthy of a new chain.

Product Features:

  • Compact design
  • Alignment and locking pins for correct attachment to the guide rail
  • Integrated holder for the separately available sharpening stone
  • Pressure tip with resistance
  • Secure click lock
  • Suitable for petrol or small electric chainsaws up to 45 cm³

Expert Opinion

"It works well, although at times it may be a little inaccurate on certain types of blades. It tends to sharpen in a slightly conical way, i.e. the teeth of the chainsaw are worn more on one side than on the other and in this way, they inevitably form a kind of cone-shaped sharpening section." Says Jason


  • Handy and light thanks to the slim shape and low weight
  • Reduced kickback
  • Fitting and indexing pin holes for correct attachment of the sharpening attachment
  • Compact alternative to bench sharpeners.
  • Quality tool for precise results in a confined space.
  • Ideal for chainsaw owners and small workshops
  • Low weight


  • Easy to set gauge
  • Can be tiring

How do I adjust the chain's depth gauges with Oregon 541656 chainsaw sharpener? Other than sharpening the chains teeth, Oregon 541656 chainsaw sharpener also grinds the depth gauges to come up with the right height.

Is there any need for a special chain oil or bar with Oregon 541656 chainsaw sharpener? Oregon 541656 chainsaw sharpener does not need any special chain oil or bar. The standard chain oils and bars are good to use with this Oregon chainsaw sharpener.


In our opinion, the OREGON Powersharp system closes the gap between professional hand sharpening by experienced users and workshop sharpening, for example at a dealer. Anyone who has no ambition to learn how to sharpen by hand is well served with this sharpening system. With the Powersharp, anyone can sharpen their saw chain quickly and easily anywhere, whether in the garden, forest, or construction site. Even if the original sharpness is not quite achieved, the chain sharpened with the Powersharp system is almost in optimal condition again and thus offers a high level of work safety.

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