Types of Hand Saw Explained: Know Your Need

Weather For cutting or chopping a needed thing, we require a cutting tool. From the human necessary have been trying to make several helpful cutting tools as long as people are being gone ahead to the invention with new technology. With the need and the power of human thinking, we will get something new.

Types of Hand Saw

Through a new cut tools invention, our competence is getting more comfortable day by day. From the beginning of cutting tools, we got different types of a hand saw or any kinds of saw these using we are efficiently performing tasks. Today we will discuss how many sorts of hand saws are utilizing and these are giving us how many conveniences.

Most Used Types of Hand Saws

There are different kinds of hand saw in the market which we already know. Some of these, there is something we know and don’t know. Furthermore, there are a lot of people; they know all cut tools for being professional. Who performs in the different sectors they are needed different cut tools.

Occasionally seen, a professional carries through in many areas during his professional life, because of that, he is skilled on almost cut instruments. Which tools are more competent to cut, now I mention them as basic Hand Saw, Hack Saw, Japanese Saw, Coping Saw, Jig Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw, Table Saw, Band Saw, Miter Saw, Tile Saw, Oscillating Saw, Scroll Saw, Chain Saw,

Basic Hand Saw

It has a giant saw blade. On one side the handle is fitted, and the ends are open, but the open side is continually narrow. From the beginning period of saw tools invention, a hand saw is the most popular to the user. It is also called first saw.

The use of this sawing tool is very much in-house because of that found in most of the houses. Different sizes of hand saw can notice in the market or surrounding which is 12 inches to 18 inches even it can be 2 feet. 

The needed substance is cut by pushing and pulling with this saw. For chopping your thing, the blade has a lot of teeth to the falling edge.

The teeth sharpen in such a way that they can be cut in both cases to push and pull. Hand saw blade is unchangeable. You can whet it again and again, so it helps a long day to cut things.


Although, from the starting time of the civilization saw has been used as a cutting tool in people’s hand in 1880 Max Flower-Nash had comprehensive improved. Clemson is the founder of Clemson Bros. inc. This Institute has plenty of contributed to promotion in saws history.

Commonly, hacksaw uses for cutting metal and metal substances. Like a hand saw it has a gripper to hold firmly.

Hack Saw

Most of the part is C-shaped far and between seen Bow-Shaped. To contain the blade it has two screws on either side of the C-shaped. Tension running short or raising the blade is kept down to loose or tight.

Almost 20 to 32 teeth contain a conventional metal cutting hacksaw. There is no alternative option without a hacksaw to cut soft and hard metal but not wood and plywood or such types of substance.

Japanese Saw

Japanese Saw

Typically Japanese saw makes for cutting wood and carpenters use this saw for woodworking. As for hand saw, By Japanese saw is designed and cut wood through pull and push stroke. Not only Japanee uses this saw but also Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Nepal. It is also called a pull saw. It has onside teeth like a hand saw or hacksaw.

In such a way sharpen teeth, so that cut the thing through pulling and pushing.

But it cannot perform hard as great European saw can. Japanese saw had made for soft work. Easy to cut cypress, pine-like that. Douzukinoko, Ryouba, Kataba, Azebiki, Mawashibiki are other types of Japanese saw.

Chopping Saw

Coping saw was invented first in the middle of the 1600 century. Its blade is very keen with teeth of the blade. In most cases, it uses in soft woodwork and design. Carpenters very like coping saw to make the complicated shape.

Coping saw like a bow saw in according to view with C-shaped, so once in a while, you can be fallen in the confusion that which one it, coping saw or bow saw.

Coping Saw

It also has a handle with a tight gripper, but its blade looks like a delicate wire. To make an elaborated shape coping saw is useful but you should need to call to mind non-professional most of the time damage the staff because of being unskilled. So you should learn how to use this tool.

Jig Saw

Jig Saw

Scintilla AG is a company, Albert Kaufmann was an engineer of that company in Switzerland. One day in 1945 or 1946 Albert Kaufmann had been following his wife was operating a sewing machine.

He followed a needle of the machine was making down and up because of that executing the knitting. Exactly, that moment an idea came out in his head, and then he made a plan to invent a fancy saw which is Jigsaw.

At present, there are two types of the jigsaw in the tools market. One is a portable or cordless electric-powered jigsaw, and another one is a corded electric jigsaw for woodwork. Jigsaw is also called scroll saw because it is scrolled to cut anything. Wood or wooden anything and soft metal to chop, the jigsaw is fantastic.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saw is a prevalent model to see but some high gorgeous. Reciprocating saw’s body is usually made of high-quality plastic. It has a handle to hold the tool and on the opposite, In the last edge has a process to keep the blade.

Near the handle, you will get a trigger to operate or control power. Reciprocating saw’s motor accomplishes like jigsaw motor as well as a blade, but it is not required to scroll same to jigsaw machine.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saw is two types of power system corded and cordless. The Cordless reciprocating saw is used to the light substances. It has a weak power system because there is no direct electrical connection.

Now come to corded, It’s a stable machine. Little hard work is possible with this corded reciprocating saw because it has a direct link to supply electricity. So you can use these tools at your elbow or at length because it has a direct connection to provide power.

Circular Saw

Circular Saw

All the information was found in the study that, Mr. Gervinus is the real inventor circular saw. Before the invention, the circular saw works had been executed by pit saw. Cutting log, and convert into lumber was a callous act. In the 18th century, Gervinus invented the circular saw.

It has a large circular blade, the teeth are very sharp, so it’s called a circular saw. There are three types of a circular saw as Hypoids Circular Saw, In-Liner Circular Saw, and Worm Drive Circular Saw. All the circular saw’s work is the same, but models and designs are different. Typically, these activities’ abilities depend upon electric power.

Table Saw

Besides, a circular saw needs to move being cut your purpose, on the other hand, the table saw’s motor and the blade are fixed so here the object is to move to have intention. A table saw can cut soft metal and any type of wood.

There is a little probability of making a corrupted shape because you have the chance to use clam to keep the right dimension. For doing hard work a hybrid table saw which professionals use

Table Saw

Band Saw

Band Saw

Chiefly, the band saw is used in woodworking, metalworking, and to convert a full log into lumber. Almost in 1810, William Newberry came out with a unique idea to create a band saw. Most of the band saw have two wheels but some may have three to four one of them is a powered wheel and the rest of them manage the process.

It has a wide blade with as whole chuckle teeth. Teeth of the blade because of being large we get comfortable and fast cuts. Approximately doing difficult works, there is no similar option without a band saw and it is the best saw for resaw. It can do hard work and performs like sawmills.

Miter Saw

In my view, a miter saw is a great invention on the earth. Miter saw is also called drop saw, to cut the object blade holder is pulled down for the sake of it is known as a drop saw. I think if anyone would like to reap a substance in an accurate measurement then a miter saw should be the first choice.

Miter saw carries through crosscut and angle cut. Maximum 45-degree angle cuts are possible by miter saw. Really at easy to operate a home used miter saw. There is next to nothing the possibility to occur an accident here.

Miter Saw

Tile Saw

Tile Saw

A tile saw is made only for cutting tile. Tile is on kind of metal so cutting this product needed immense power; a regular saw generally cannot produce sufficient energy. In consideration of that matter, an exclusive tile saw is made mainly with the required capacity.

There are different sizes of tiles in the market someone giant, middle small, heavyweight and lightweight, etc. Acting up to the performance, the price of the tile saw is varied.

For cutting tile sometimes used a cutter that means tile cutter, it is very keen and comfortable but difficult because it is operated with hand on the object carefully, other ways, your shape can be damaged. In that case, the tile saw is very advantageous.

Oscillating Saw

An oscillating saw is a tiny and compact saw. At random, We heard it is versatile, that is versatile but honestly speaking, the oscillating saw is an amazingly handy tool among all types of saw.

You can use several sorts of the blade on the oscillating saw as a circular blade, half-circular blade, rectangular blade, and a blade-like Japanese saw.

Oscillating Saw

If would like to make a hole on a wall or table or something like that, you need an oscillating saw — this tool is handy to accomplish the thin tough stuff.

Scroll Saw

Scroll Saw

Scroll saw is safer than others to execute in caprice mind. Scroll saw looks like a table saw but exactly not that. It has a stand and on that a long frame, a blade added to one side and there is a surface to put the object for design on the same side.

A scroll saw is used to make the diagram. In the case of craft design, you can’t think of anything without a scroll saw. The blade of the saw is very sharpened and delegate, it also has tiny teeth. Choosing A perfect workable scroll saw is an essential issue to have the desired result.

Its motion system is like a reciprocating saw. It is straightforward to change a broken or blunt blade, so it is also a safe cutting machine.


For demolition, something chainsaw is a great choice. It has dragon power, unbelievable energy. You can lonely convert a giant tree into many little pieces within a short time. We can easily carry through both cuts, aggressive cutting and cross-cutting with a chainsaw.

Whereas now and then we need to cut trees in the forest so there cannot be electricity, In that case, using a corded electric chainsaw is a little tricky which is used for home and yard. Don’t worry; it’s a portable chainsaw for that, we will be carried through to the project.

Chain Saw