Who makes Craftsman Chainsaws? Craftsman Brand Story

Craftsman chainsaws have got a lot of attention due to their incredible features. In this article, our primary center of discussion will be the most asked question: who makes craftsman chainsaws?                                                                                 

Who makes craftsman chainsaw

Who, How and Where Craftsman Chainsaw is Made

Craftsman is a named brand that has chainsaws along with a lot of tools. The current owner of the brand is Stanley Black & Decker. Craftsman chainsaw is an innovative creation of Husqvarna; the group owns the brand. Yup, you read that right along with other creative equipment like Poulan, Klippo, Diamant Boart, Gardena, McCulloh, and many others; craftsman chainsaws are also Husqvarna’s production. However, Sears first introduced craftsman chainsaws. They made the oldest craftsman chainsaws after that; different companies bought the brand. Craftsman chainsaw with unique features to make your work hassle-free and handy.    

Who Made Vintage Craftsman Chainsaws?

Craftsman chainsaws have always been praised for their chainsaws. People show interest in the manufacturing and era of craftsman chainsaws. Who is the maker of vintage craftsman chainsaws? Is it Makita? Echo? Ryobi? Black, Decker? Husqvarna?  Or is it Dewalt?

Although there are many rumors about the makers of old craftsman chainsaws, the authentic information is that Sears has made the craftsman trademark since 1927.

Vintage craftsman chainsaws are antique as well as useful. The old craftsman chainsaw in your storeroom can come to your use if you get the correct information about its parts. There are mainly two types of old craftsman chainsaws Sears made: electric chainsaws with 12-16 inches bars, while the other is gas craftsman chainsaws which could be 14-18 inches bar length.

What are the Kinds of Craftsman Chainsaws Available?

There are three types of craftsman chainsaws available in the market. The chainsaws come in the range of Electric, Battery, and Gas-powered chainsaws. Each type has its specs. Electric, Battery, and Gas chainsaws have different power, cutting modes, and sound. What are the best craftsman chainsaws for you? We’ll help you out choosing your desired craftsman chainsaw. You should know your requirements and the type of work you want from your chainsaw, then buy your craftsman’s chainsaw. After days of research, we have differentiated the types of craftsman chainsaws you should know about. You’ll save hours of precious time by reading this writing piece.

Electric Craftsman Chainsaw:

Electric craftsman chainsaws are specifically used for cutting logs, sprucing up trees, trimming limbs, and several other cutting tasks without causing any hassle.

Craftsman Electric Chainsaw

Electric craftsman chainsaws are pretty compact and lightweight. The main concern you must’ve is electric craftsman chainsaws loud. Electric craftsman chainsaws are the quietest chainsaws.

Electric craftsman chainsaw is definitely a budget-friendly chainsaw. You can use this chainsaw for the tough stuff. One thing that’s a bit off about electric chainsaws is that you can use them only in urban areas; it’s not ideal for use in forests. 

Can you carve with an electric craftsman chainsaw? Absolutely! You can make incredible art pieces out of wood, or you can efficiently trim trees from this.

Battery Craftsman Chainsaw: 

Battery craftsman chainsaw is an excellent option to buy for chainsaw users and lovers, as well as a dependable tool for your yard.

Craftsman Battery Chainsaw

Battery craftsman chainsaws are convenient to use. These chainsaws are much quieter than gas chainsaws, plus these are low maintenance. You can simply charge the battery and take it wherever you want. It features a compact design if I forget to the throttle like a craftsman 20v pole saw head. That’s the best thing about this chainsaw.

However, it’s not the strongest one in the market.  If you are looking for a powerful chainsaw, this is not the tool for you. A battery chainsaw is excellent for you if you cut logs, but if you cut cords of wood every year to heat your house, then you should go for a gas-powered chainsaw.

Are battery craftsman chainsaws worth it? Yes totally! Along with other fantastic features, this chainsaw allows you to use its battery with your other equipment.

Gas Craftsman Chainsaw:

Gas craftsman chainsaws are the most powerful chainsaws. These chainsaws are primarily used to cut trees, turn logs into lumber, sculpt foliage, and do other uses.

Craftsman Gas Chainsaw

Gas chainsaws work with a mixture of gas and oil. Do you know what’s the ratio of gas to oil for a chainsaw? The ratio of gas to oil is usually a 50:1 fuel-oil mixture.

Gas-powered chainsaws don’t work automatically. This chainsaw is the remote control. In order to start this chainsaw, you need to push the piston back and forth, due to which the chain moves into a circular motion.

These chainsaws are relatively louder than the other chainsaws, but the features and power it offers cover all the specs you need in your chainsaw.

Where do you buy craftsman chainsaws? Can you purchase them online? The answer is yes! You can buy your desired craftsman chainsaws online. Either you can buy them from any authentic website at pretty reasonable prices.

Are Craftsman Chainsaws any Good?

Craftsman chainsaws are considered the best chainsaws in the market. The customer reviews are evidence of the craftsman chainsaw’s quality.

What makes craftsman chainsaws better than others? Their chainsaws are reliable; they are easy to use and come in different variants for everyone to use.

Their chainsaws are pretty helpful. You can use these chainsaws for different purposes according to your comfort. You can use these chainsaws for professional work and as well as perform all the house chores hassle-free.

Situation Are craftsman chainsaws durable? The craftsman chainsaw can last more than ten years. Isn’t it unbelievable! But yup, you read that right Craftsman use the best possible quality in chainsaws to ensure top-notch performance and durability.

We’ll compare Craftsman specs with other companies for a better understanding:

Why would I Want a Craftsman Chainsaw?

Craftsman chainsaw is an answer to all your problems. The Craftsman comes with advanced technology, always better than before. These chainsaws are great whether you are using them for personal property or away from home to use this tool easily.

Are Poulan and Craftsman Chainsaws the Same?

Poulan and craftsman are both owned by Husqvarna. Hence the technology used in them is similar. But Poulan products are slightly altered than Craftsman. You can differentiate them by craftsman log, which is “incredi-pull.”

Which is Better: Craftsman or John Deere?

No doubt John Deere has a lead in lawnmowers. But the power equipment Craftsman uses in its chainsaws is unbeatable. So definitely, craftsman chainsaws are a win. Moreover, John Deere uses their own machinery for most equipment while Craftsman is Husqvarna’s production. That’s another reason that there’s a difference in chainsaw power.


However, you should do your research before purchasing. Customer feedback is the pain point for buying any product so just keep that in your mind. How are craftsman saws rated in the market? No doubt there’s tough competition for chainsaws in the market. Craftsmen have made their names on the top list. Craftsman is a trusted brand that is supported by incredible makers who never compromise on quality.

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