Who Makes Hercules Miter Saw? History of Hercules

Hercules makes one of the best miter saws on the market. It is known for its incredible quality and its durability. Hercules has been selling saws for over 100 years! They are one of the largest miter saw companies in the world! They have a vast distribution center in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

This month, we will write about the maker of the famous “Hercules Miter Saw.” Want to know everything about the miter saw made by “The World’s Most Trusted Name In Construction”? Then you need to check out our exploration below.

who makes hercules miter-saw

Who is the Producer of Hercules Miter Saw?

ME! And don’t you try to tell me any different! I know it’s kind of a dumb question because everyone already knows who makes Hercules products. However, some people just aren’t aware of it, so…

I’m Going To Tell You!

Hercules mite saw is made in Bath, Ohio, by the Hercules Corporation, which was founded in 1902 by George P. Mitchell. In those days, Mitchell was running a small tool and die business in Bath. So, now we know the name of the company of Hercules miter saw which is Hercules Corporation.

The Story of Hercules Miter Saw

Many of you have asked me about that little-known fact about the “Hercules” miter saw. I thought I’d share it with you since it seems to fit perfectly into this month’s topic about “making things real.”

Hercules Corporation Logo

George Mitchell, the founder of the Hercules Corporation, loved all aspects of woodworking, and he took a keen interest in every product the company produced. One of his projects was to design and build a large workshop building for the company in Bath, Ohio.

They included a vast “Hercules” miter saw with a 5-horsepower motor as part of the building. He installed this monster tool into the wall, just for fun! It was so heavy; it required a 2-man team of workers just to lift it into place.

When it came time to sell the building to another company, they wanted to make it as customized and unique as possible. And in that consideration, we got a handy compact Hercules miter saw.

Current situation of the Company

As I have said many times before, “You don’t have to be. First, you just have to be better.” Well, George Mitchell sure was better than everyone else, and soon he had grown his little business into a monster conglomerate that today has more than 6,300 employees and an annual sales volume of almost two billion dollars!

One of those subsidiaries was called Hercules Incorporated, and they made that sledgehammer.

Advantageous of Hercules Miter Saw

  • Hercules Miter Saw is designed for maximum portability and ease of use.
  • It features a large comfortable handle and the blade locks open automatically when not in use.
  • This saw comes with a locking blade position indicator that lets you know instantly whether the blade is locked open or closed.
  • The ergonomic design of this tool makes it extremely comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time.
  • Hercules Miter Saw also features easy-to-read rear-view mirrors so you can see exactly what you are cutting before you make the cut.
  • It comes with three extra blades, and it is backed by a one-year warranty.

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Why should I Buy Hercules Miter Saw?

Now, we know who makes Hercules miter saw. If we can be sure it’s a great and renowned brand for the miter saw, then we can choose to buy this strongest saw. Though they are not a very big company, they sure make good products. I USED IT FOR YEARS when I got my first miter saw (an old Irwin). It served me well.

However, after having several expensive hobbies (like making something new in my home), I needed to replace my old saw. I was looking at buying a new one when I discovered that Hercules makes a line of portable power tools. My first impulse was to get a circular saw. But then I found their line of miter saws and other hand tools. I’m very glad I bought one of their saws.

How you can Buy a Hercules Miter Saw?

If you’ve been following my newsletter for any time, you already know that I’ve been building up to reveal this website to you… which is now complete! This website is all about how anybody can buy a productive tool. So, today I am pointing to the buying way of Hercules miter saw… and… get a massive discount off the previous price! There’s no risk whatsoever on your part.

You could spend your money to buy this demolishing tool. If you go to the hardware market, you may get but better to order on an online shop like Walmart, Homedepot, and Amazon. Amazon is a trusted place to consume any required staff. So you can buy from there where you believe in.

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What should You Pay Attention to When Buying a Hercules Miter Saw?

Here’s a weird little fact: I get a lot of emails from people asking me what things they should notice before buying a miter. Often, they don’t even know the individual name of the brand. It’s just something their neighbor told them about. Well, since I’m not always able to guess the correct answers, I thought I’d better make sure these folks have actually done their homework…

So, I’ve created this little “Buyer’s Guide” for the Hercules miter saw which is jam-packed with enough tips of features… and… descriptions. Hopefully, this will save you a lot of time and energy. Hercules’s 12-inch sliding miter saw will be the best choice for every miter saw lover.

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