Who Makes Kobalt Miter Saw? Company History and Reputation

Kobalt Miter Saw Company was founded in 1968 by three maverick entrepreneurs who were tired of being told what to do by their bankers, accountants, and lawyers. They wanted to create a company that would answer only to “themselves” and the customers they served.

These young entrepreneurs’ first product to be offered to the market was a unique, stand-on-its-head, double-sided, rip-and-read miter saw. They priced it so low they had to give it away with every sale! But, they had discovered the joy of giving things away free as a “marketing technique.”

This technique is still used by many multi-level marketing companies today. Give something valuable away for nothing and see what happens! We will disclose who makes this historical Kobalt miter saw and stay with us until the end.

History of Kobalt Miter Saw Company

The Kobalt line of tools was initially created by mechanical engineer Stanley Dobroski who formed the company Dobros Corporation in 1955. In 1968, Dobros sold the company to the Newell Group, which was founded by James Newell and his two sons, James Jr., and John. The Newells are currently the largest private family-owned business in America, with revenues of over $30 billion and more than 6,600 stores.

Under the leadership of the Newell family, Dobros grew to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power tools. The company changed hands again in 1992 when it was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker Inc. for $750 million in stock.

Kobalt Tool Presentation

Stanley Black & Decker (now the current incarnation of the old “Black & Decker” company) soon discovered that the Dobros Corporation had some of the best-selling tool brands in the industry, including the well-known “Makita” brand of tools. In fact, when Black & Decker purchased Dobros, Makita was one of the brands that made up nearly 40% of the total company.

Who is the Owner of the Kobalt Mist Saw?

Today’s giant tool market Lowe’s and J.H. Williams re-launched the Kobalt in 1998 with a strategic production and marketing plan. At that time, their biggest competitors were Husky Tool, Home Depot, Sear, and Craftsman. Each company led the market in its own way. After a long story, now Kobalt miter saw is made by Rexon Industrial Crop. The company produces tools in America. Still now, Kobalt is the property of Lowe’s Companies Inc.

How Kobalt Company Grew Up?

Kobalt produces about 25 million dollars worth of products each year. These are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. The company was founded in 1986 by Jeff Lowenstein and a few other guys who were frustrated with the low quality of some of the tool brands then available in the U.S. market.

They set out to create a brand that would be the “premier” (their word) choice for homeowners who wanted high-quality tools at a fair price. The first line of products they developed was a line of tool kits that included a combination wrench, adjustable wrench, sockets, etc.

Different Kobalt Tools

This company typically sells about 1,000 units per month. In less than one year after introducing their initial product line, Kobalt had sold 200,000 kits. Today, that figure is somewhere in the vicinity of 5,000.

The next logical step for Jeff and his team was to develop a line of unique tools under the “Kobalt” name.

Kobalt has two sizes of popular miter saw in the market one is a 10-inch miter saw, and another is a 7-1/2 inch sliding miter saw.

The Advantages of Owning a Kobalt Miter Saw

The Kobalt miter saw is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to do a lot of home improvement projects but doesn’t have the space for a large workshop. This is the best-selling power miter saw in America, and it has a few tricks up the sleeve that make it unique.

For one thing, it has a sliding compound miter angle which allows you to set the angle to match your cutting needs. It has a magnetic backboard which eliminates the need to clamp your workpiece.

There’s also a built-in push stick for added comfort while operating the saw. And for maximum portability, it comes with a handy handle for easy transport. This tool makes it easy to get into tight spots. It also has an anti-vibration system for a steady cutting experience.

Do you want a great miter saw for a great price that will give you years of service? Then get this saw!

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