Who Makes Poulan Chainsaw and Where Poulan are Made?

People are really interested in knowing more about the story of Poulan chainsaws and their pro models, which have quite a resemblance with their Husqvarna cousins. Other chainsaw brands like craftsman chainsaws have also been mixed with the Husqvarna chainsaw brand. This makes people question that are Poulan and Craftsman chainsaws the same too. Well, in this article, you will find all your answers as we will talk about different manufacturers like Poulan, Husqvarna, Stihl, Craftsman, etc. 

Who Makes Poulan Chainsaw

Our main focus will be discussing commonly asked questions like who makes Poulan chainsaws, who makes the engines for Poulan chainsaws, and where Poulan chainsaws are made. Their history, special features, and exclusive product range. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. Poulan is a chainsaw brand name of Husqvarna manufacturers. Poulan primarily focuses on making outdoor power equipment like chainsaws, Poulan chain, mowers, and blowers for cleaning your lawn.

History of Poulan Chainsaw

Poulan Chainsaw History

At the start, Poulan was an independent chainsaw brand that was established by Claude Poulan (the pioneer of Poulan products) as Poulan Saw Co. in Shreveport, Louisiana, America, in 1912. This company was later called Beaird Poulan, after which Electrolux bought it in the year 1984.

Who Makes Poulan Chainsaw?

It is made by the Poulan brand and not by Husqvarna because their products have different quality standards and undergo different manufacturing processes. Here people will have another question that are Poulan chainsaws made in China or where Poulan chainsaws are made? Well, there is no exact answer to this question. If we consider the same manufacturing places as Husqvarna, then the answer is definitely a yes. Finally, we can say this is an American brand(get all American brand chainsaw) which means Poulan chainsaw is produced in the USA.

Is Poulan Pro made by Husqvarna?

No poulan pro is made by poulan, not husqvarna. This means that the famous Poulan pro pp5020av is also not a Husqvarna production. In fact, Husqvarna makes other Husqvarna products like cleaning equipment for your lawn, a carrying case, and chainsaws for cutting firewood.

You can compare to Poulan brand with the Craftsman chainsaw brand through its company analysis.

Difference between Poulan and Poulan Pro Chainsaws

Poulan Pro and Poulan Chainsaw

Dissimilation at Price:

The Poulan chainsaw is a little less expensive than the pro one, with an average margin of about $10-100. This leaves readers with the most expected question how much does a Poulan Pro chainsaw cost? Well, its average cost is about $150-250.


The Poulan chainsaw has a puke-greenish appearance, while the pro one appears yellowish. Talking about the size, the pro ones are actually more size efficient. Also, people have this inquisitive question: What is the giant Poulan Pro chainsaw? Answering that the pioneer 5200 is the largest one.


Poulan chainsaw has shorter engine life as compared to the pro ones. This is because the pro cylinders are well-chromed for longer service life.

If you are already a Poulan chainsaw user and having trouble with a start then this is the solution we covered: Poulan Chainsaw Won’t Start: What’s the Reason?

Types of Poulan Chainsaws Available on the Market

There are different chainsaw types available on the market. Three major chainsaw types are discussed below:

Electric Poulan Chainsaw

Top Features of Poulan Electric Chainsaw

The electric chainsaw has the following features:

  • The electric chainsaw has the following features:
  • It is very lightweight and easy to use.
  • This chainsaw has a 14Ah motor powering the engine for efficient fuel consumption.
  • It also features an inline engine design for improved control and balance. 
Poulan Electric Chainsaw
  • This chainsaw also comes with an easily visible brake alert for signaling the user about the activation of the chain brake. This brake does not require any tool for operation, is convenient to use, has a side-installed chain tension feature for simple and quick adjustments.
  • It has an automatic chain oiler for providing continuous lubrication to the chain. This continuous production of chain oil also helps reduce the wearing of the chainsaw parts, improves engine life, and enhances cutting performance.

Battery Poulan Chainsaw

Top Features of Poulan Battery Chainsaw

Actually, Poulan has no battery chainsaw right now nevertheless we are talking about its feature. A battery-powered chainsaw has the following features:

  • A 5.2 Ah, 58-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery for providing excellent engine runtime without having to worry about mixing, fuel tank capacity, and fuel filter problems. It also saves you from worrying about the release of harmful emissions.
  • It features a brushless motor for the more efficient performance of the chainsaw parts.
  • This chain saw comes with an instant push-button for turning on the engine. 
Poulan Battery Chainsaw
  • It also has a built-in power meter featuring integrated power boost technology for easy monitoring of power usage.
  • Also, it comes with a battery indicator that is handle-mounted for easy visibility and saves you from running out of battery during the task.
  • The chain tension feature of this chainsaw warns you when your chain becomes too tight or loose. 
  • It also has metal bucking spikes, an automatic chain oiler, and a bar for lowering the risk of dangerous kick-back. 

Above all this, it is environment-friendly, quiet, and easy to use.

Gas-Powered Poulan Chainsaw

Top Features of Poulan Gasoline Chainsaw

The following are some major features of a gas-powered chainsaw:

  • It has an efficient primer bulb installed in the fuel line present between the engine and the gas tank. This bulb in a gas chainsaw is mainly responsible for filling fuel in the carburetor when the temperature of the engine declines and starts getting cold. 
  • This gas chainsaw also has a clean air filter for the purification of the air. It also helps in preventing carbs and other parts of the gas chainsaw from blockage.
  • It also has an automatic oiler for providing non-stop lubrication to the chain.
  • It allows you to easily replace the chain with the help of its new reverse sprocket technology.
Poulan Fuel Chainsaw

Are Poulan Pro Chainsaws any Good?

Yes, pro chainsaws are really good as they consume less fuel than the Poulan ones. A pro saw has an oxy-power engine for efficiently running the Poulan pro chain with controlled fuel usage. It also has a choke and stops feature for protecting the chainsaw chain and spark plug from sudden damage. It also has lower emission levels and usually comes with long bars for easily finishing bugger tasks. It is also featured with ESP start for saving you from waiting for gradual startups, as observed in most Husqvarna saws.

How Long will a Poulan Pro Chainsaw Last?

The average useful life timing in pro saws is observed to be 40 hours. This can vary with the model being used and the size of the chainsaw. This also depends on the amount of fuel being used by the chainsaw. For better analysis, let us compare it with Stihl saws. A Stihl chainsaw, on the other hand, has a service life of 500 years. Stihl also manufactures some exceptional chainsaws that have a service life of about 1000 years, varying with the Stihl model being purchased.

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