Stihl Chainsaw Chain Size Chart with Bar and Model

Stihl chainsaws come in several models, offering various features and sizes. Should you have the desire to replace any chain part in the future, your chainsaw size knowledge is fundamental as you may not always have a professional around. Because of the unique way Stihl chainsaws are measured, it may seem hard and complicated to get the right size.

Stihl Chainsaw Chain Size Chart

Below I have given a concise Stihl chainsaw chain size chart, showing the chainsaw sizes, models, and other features we can easily find out our needed size and model.

We know the Stihl chainsaw chain is a greater robust one among all chain groups. This brand grabs all user attraction with quality and stability. Stihl family makes a huge number of models to have the right Stihl chainsaw chain individually.

While you want to make a new Stihl chain or chain bar to wear to your cutter, you must take serious caution. Avoid all accidents and place the chain securely.

As if you can have all models with their proud specifications in the same field, that’s why this piece is described considering your requirements.

Why you Need a Chain Size Chart

If you own a chainsaw, you should know the correct chain size to use with your particular model. This will ensure maximum performance and safety. There are many different types of chainsaws, and each type requires a specific size chain. Without a proper size chain, your chainsaw may not start, run efficiently or stay sharp. That’s why it’s essential to know the correct size chain and its gauge, drive link, sprocket nose teeth, and guide bar length for your particular chainsaw.

A good starting point would be to get your chainsaw’s exact make and model and look it up in a chainsaw chain size chart. Don’t have such a chart? No problem… I do, but it will be only for the Stihl chainsaw chain. Follow the chart below.

Stihl Chainsaw Chain Size
Image Curtesy: Stihl GB

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Gas and Electric Stihl Chainsaw Bar Size Chart and Models

We explained all about the Stihl chainsaw gauge, bar length, drive links, chain loop, guide bar type, and sprocket nose teeth of the Stihl chainsaw model so that you can easily find your requirement measurement in this chart.

ModelGaugeGuide Bar-length(s)Guide Bar-length(s)Drive link countsRec. Chain Loop Marketing#Rec Guide-Bar part*Guide-bar typeSprocket nose teeth
Guide Bar-length(s)
Guide Bar-length(s)
MS170, MS1710.043’’12″4461PMM 3443005 000 3905R7
MS180, MS180C-BE14″5061PMM 50005 000 3909
MS181 C-BE16″5061PMM 3553005 008 3913
MS 150 C-E, MS 150 T C-E, MS 151 T C-E, MS 201 T, MS 201C-E, MS 211 C-BE, MSE 170 C-B, MSE 210 C-B0.050’’12″4463 PM3 443005 000 4805R9
14″63 PM3 503005 000 4809
14″63 PM3 553005 008 4813
16″63 PM3 503005 000 7409LW
16″63 PM3 553005 008 4813R
MS193C-E, MS 193T, MS194 C-E, MS 194 T, MS 201 T C-M.050’’12″4463 PM3 443005 000 7405LW9
14″63 PM3 503005 000 7409
16″63 PM3 553005 000 7413
MS 241 C-M, MS 250, MS 251, MS 251 C-BE0.05O’’12″4463PM3 443005 000  4805R9
14″63 PM 503005 000 4809
16″63 PM 553005 000 4813
18″63 PM 613005 000 4817
16″26 RM3 623005 000 4713R11
.325’’16″6826 RM3 683005 008 4717
MS181 C-BE0.63’’16″6726 RM3 673003 008 6813R11
18″26 RM3 743003 008 6817
20″26 RM3 813003 008 6821
MS 261, MS 261 C-M, MS 261 C-MQ0.63’’16″6726 RM3 673003 812 7013R11
18″26 RM3 743003 812 7017
20″26 RM3 813003 812 7021
MS 291, MS 291 C-BEQ0.63’’16″6726 RM3 673003 812 7013R11
18″26 RM3 743003 812 7017
20″26 RM3 813003 812 7021
MS 311, MS 391, MS 2500.050’’16″6033 RS3 603003 008 8913R11
18″33 RS3 663003 008 8917

20″33 RS3 723003 008 8921
MS 362, MS 362 RC-M, MS 362 C-M, MS 362 C-MQ, MS 441 RC –M, MS 441 C-M, MS 441 C-MQ, MS461, MS461R,MS 462 C-M, MS 462R C-M0.050’’18″6633 RS3 663003 008 8917R10
20″33 RS3 723003 008 8921
25″33 RS3 843003 000 4030RS
28″33 RS3 913003 000 8838
25″33 RS3 843003 000 963011
25″33 RS3 913003 000 963813
3/8’’18″6633 RS3 663003 008 6117R10
20″33 RS3 723003 008 6121
22″33 RS3 763003 000 9425RS11
25″33 RS3 843003 000 983113
28″33 RS3 913003 000 6038
MS 500i, MS 500i R, MS 661 C-M, MS 661 R C-M0.050’’20″7233 RS3 723003 008 8921R11
25″33 RS3 843003 000 4030
28″33 RS3 913003 000 8838R10
32″33 RS3 1053003 000 8846
36″33 RS3 1143003 000 8853

Battery-Powered Stihl Chainsaw Size Chart

ModelPitchGaugeGuide Bar-length(s)Guide Bar-length(s)Guide Bar-length(s)Drive link countsRec. Chain Loop Marketing#Rec Guide-Bar part*Guide-bar type*Sprocket nose teeth
Guide Bar-length(s)
Guide Bar-length(s)
MSA 1201/4″ Sthil MicroMini0.043’’10″5671PM3563005 008 3403R8
12″6471PM3643005 008 3405
14″7271PM3723005 008 3409
MSA 1601/4″ Sthil MicroMini0.043’’10″5671PM3563005 008 3403R8
12″6471PM3643005 008 3405
14″7271PM3723005 008 3409
MSA 1401/4″ Sthil MicroMini0.043’’12″6471PM3643005 008 3405R8
MSA 2001/4″ Sthil MicroMini0.043’’10″5671PM3563005 008 3403R8
12″6471PM3643005 008 3405
14″7271PM3723005 008 3409
MSA 161T1/4″ Sthil MicroMini0.043’’12″6571PM3653005 008 3405R8
MSA 220
3/8″ Sthil MicroMini0.050’’14″5063PS35030005 000 4809R9
16″5563 PS3 553005 000 4813

Stihl usually describes the size of its chain in codes. These codes describe the size and characteristics of the saw.


3 3 R S 3 3

3= Pitch (3/8’’)

3= Gauge (.050’’)

R= Type (R)

S= Shape (super)

3= Special (Single-Humped Drive Link)

What Size Chain should I Use when Cutting Wood with my Chainsaw?

When it comes to chainsaws, at least three different sizes are essential for you to know about.

Chainsaw chains come in three sizes: small (usually 18 inches or less), medium (19 to 23 inches), and large (24 inches and up). The size you need depends on the type of work you are doing with your saw. If you are cutting down trees or thinning out tree branches, you will want the LARGEST chain you can buy. But if you are cutting firewood or other thick material, you should get the MEDIUM size chain. The SAME rule applies whether you are using an electric or a gas-powered chainsaw.

But if you want to cut soft and hardwood both together, take a multi performer chain; it will work fine for both.

Did you know the diameter of a chainsaw’s chainring is only 1/2″ and the diameter of a saw chain is 1-3/8″? That’s why it’s so important to use the right size chain bar when using a chain. Many people mistakenly believe they only have to worry about this if they are cutting wood. That is not true.

I’ve been asked the question (what size chainsaw should I use?) many times, and I always give the same answer. The answer depends on the type of your work. If you need a “portable” chainsaw (meaning it’s small enough to fit in the trunk of your car), then you should use an 18-36-inch chainsaw, and if you need a chainsaw for lite use, a 12-16 inches chainsaw is enough. But, if you have a larger model (like a “farming” or “garden” chainsaw), you should use a 42-inch chainsaw.

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