Stihl Chainsaw File Size Chart: What Size of File do You Need?

Stihl is the number one selling brand for chainsaws. They introduce sleek designed saws with powerful engines. By choosing the correct file size, these chainsaws can perform remarkably. What happens if you select the wrong file size for the Stihl chainsaw? Each chainsaw requires a file according to its construction and size; the results can be terrible if you use the wrong file. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about the Stihl chainsaw file size chart and all the specs about it that you need to know.

Stihl Chainsaw File Size Chart

What are the Factors that Affect Stihl Chainsaw File Size?

Multiple factors in a chainsaw file are involved in the size of the file. You must wonder what these crucial factors in a chainsaw file are, right? Well, the most important factors in a chainsaw file size are the diameter of the file, depth of the gauge, and chain pitch. These features combine to create the size of the file.

What File Size does a Stihl Chainsaw Take?

Usually, flat and round files are used to sharpen a Stihl chainsaw. The round file has utter importance as it sharpens the cutting edges of the Stihl chainsaw. The most asked question I got is what file size should you use on a Stihl Chainsaw?  The file should have the perfect size according to the chainsaw. After 48 hours of research, I have briefly elaborated the file size Stihl chainsaws generally take in this table:

Stihl Chainsaw File Size Chart:

Depth Gauge Code Number Stihl Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Number File Size Item Code Diameter of File Chain Pitch Gauge Depth for File As Per Size File Angle for Sharpening
NumberMillimeters Inches InchesMillimeters
5605 750 43275605 007 102611/64″4.5mmAO, AOFT0811 411 80734.05/323/8 PMN9.32.025″/.65mm30 degrees
5605 750 43285605 007 10283/16″4.8mmB1,B2, B3 B1FT0811 412 80884.83/160.3258.25.022″/.55mm30 degrees
5605 750 43305605 007 10307/32″5.5mmC1S, C2S C2SFT, C3SFT0811 412 81085.57/320.40410.26.022″/.55mm28 degrees
5605 750 43005605 007 10015/32″4.0mmE1, E1T5605 771 32063.21/81/4 PM6.35.025″/.65mm30 degrees
5605 750 43275605 007 10270811 411 80914.05/321/4 3/8 PM6.359.32
5605 750 43295605 007 10290814 243 33845.213/643/89.32

What is the Correct File Size for the 0.325 Stihl Chainsaw?

The 0.325 is the most commonly used Stihl chainsaw used for various cutting tasks. This chainsaw performs quickly and cuts deeper if it’s appropriately filed.

The correct file size is the key to a sharp and best chainsaw. The file size for the 0.325 Stihl chainsaw is 5/32-inch.

What are the Types of Chain Shapes for the Stihl Chainsaw?

Stihl chainsaws come in various chain shapes. Chainsaw files are used to sharpen these chains. The forms of these chains have significant importance in the Stihl chainsaw in order to perform cutting tasks swiftly. I have picked three primary chains of Stihl chainsaws so you can better understand the professional ones.

Shape of Chain Teeth
Image Courtesy: RCPW Dot Com

Round Chain (round tooth round grind):

A round chain is the most common shape. It is the easiest to sharpen; even an average chainsaw user can sharpen this dull chain with a round file. The edge on the round chain tooth is better supported and is larger, which ensures its durability. It’s pretty good at stay-sharp-ability.

Chisel Tooth (square tooth round grind):

Chisel tooth chains have square teeth and round grinds, which enhances their cutting capacity. It can cut up to 15% faster than the round chain. A round file can also sharpen this chain. An average chainsaw user can also maintain this chain well. However, the stay-sharp-ability is not as good as the round chain.

Square Tooth Square Grind:

This chain is sharper than the round and chisel chain. It has about 25% more cutting capacity than the round chain. It can perform cutting tasks incredibly if appropriately maintained. However, it cannot be maintained by an average chainsaw user as it’s pretty professional and heavy-duty. Its stay-sharp-ability is also incredible. You need to have a particular file according to its size to sharpen it.

I briefly explained here about chain types. But you can get an in-depth idea about chainsaw type from here: Chainsaw Chain Types: Find Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain

Which Tools do you Need When Sharpening a Chainsaw?

A chainsaw file is a primary requirement for sharpening the Stihl chainsaw. You can sharpen some chainsaws only through a round file. However, you can use these tools for a top-notch sharpening of your Stihl chainsaw.

Stihl Chainsaw Round File
Round File
  • Dremel tool
  • Depth gauge for sharpening chain saw blade
  • Round file
  • Flat file

How often is it Necessary to Sharpen a Stihl Chainsaw Blade?

Stihl chainsaws are used for different tasks, and the sharpening varies from the type of task you are performing. Sharpening the chain of the Stihl chainsaw is mandatory from time to time (have a look at powerful ways to sharpen a chainsaw). However, if the chain remains rusty and dull even after sharpening, then it’s a sign to get a new Stihl chainsaw. How do you know that your Stihl chainsaw needs sharpening? If the chain looks dull and rusty, it’s a sign that you need to sharpen your chain immediately.

If you perform simple tasks with a chainsaw, you can sharpen it after ten uses, and if you use it for heavy work, you should sharpen it after every other service.

Which Angle is best to Sharpen a Stihl Chainsaw?

The size of each chainsaw differs from the other, as is the case with chainsaw files. You have to sharpen the chain from a specific angle to get the desired results.

In general, 30 degrees is the most common angle used for Stihl chainsaws. The angle still depends on the size of the chainsaw and file. It can vary between 25-35 degrees.

If you sharpen your chain to have more performance you have to reinstall the chain on your Stihl chainsaw, so follow the instructions, if you are not an expert: Stihl Chainsaw Chain Replacement: Easy Direction

Should you Follow the File Size Chart for the Stihl Chainsaw?

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that a wrong-size chainsaw file can lead to terrible results. You might end up ruining your chainsaw blades and chains. The Stihl chainsaw cannot perform cutting tasks well without sharpening the correct size chainsaw file.

So yes, my suggestion is that you must follow the file size chart for the Stihl chainsaw.

Final Verdict:

Stihl chainsaw is pretty durable as it has about 2000 hours of run time. That means your Stihl chainsaw can last for six years minimum. The size of the file you are using should be relevant to the chainsaw. Well, the quality of the file you use for sharpening the chainsaw also matters a lot. You can save yourself from a lot of trouble by using the correct size chainsaw file.

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