Best Bandsaw for Resawing: Topnotch for Fine Woodworking

Resawing is a daily activity for a professional carpenter. But the work is quite complicated and subtle. Do you know there is a simple way to do the job safely and accurately? But how do you accomplish this task? You can use a resaw bandsaw to do this task quickly with maintaining accuracy.

Best Band Saw For Resawing

Many carpenters use a table saw or miter saw as an alternative resaw tool. Maybe they could not use it due to the budget, so they are being deprived of the versatility of the top resaw bandsaw.

If you have a sufficient budget, why are you not using a top-band saw? There are very few cutters in the options of a bandsaw for improving the work of resawing. So there is no option for this machine to maintain the highest quality of your work. This review article will surely help you choose the best bandsaws for resawing. By getting guides, you will be able to purchase your required proficient bandsaw.

WEN 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw

What is the Key Strategy to Picking the Suitable Bandsaw?

There are several brands of bandsaw in the market. When you check a quality woodcutter of different brands for purchasing one, you might be confused about the situation. Which brand would be better for you? Considering some issues, you can choose the best one—for example, power, stability, blades, capabilities, blade tension, etc.

The machine’s dust collection must be well, and the blade capacity will be higher. Then it can cut any wood by maintaining accuracy. The machine is usually fitted in four qualities: cylindrical, square, ball bearings, and euro style. You must choose a model that is made user-friendly and has a cutting capacity like a regular machine. If you want, you can take a look at our favorite products.

Top Three Resaw Bandsaw for Woodworking

Overall Great

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

JET JWBS Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

Warranty5 Years
Cutting12 Inches
Table Size15″x15″
Motor Power1.25 HP
Weight258 pounds

Our Best Pick

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 10

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

Warranty2 Years
Cutting10 Inches
Table Size14″x12.5″
Motor Power3.5 Amp
Weight73 pounds

Our Best Pick

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt Band Saw with Light

Warranty3 Years
Cutting9 Inches
Table Size12″x11.3″
Motor Power2.5 Amp
Weight36 pounds

List of the Best Bandsaw for Resawing

Your main goal is to find a suitable and durable machine for your work. But how do you know which tool is the best? Of course, you will need to research several machines, which are time-consuming tasks for you.

So we have studied the top machines in the market and have determined a total of 5 cutters. Then see the features and detailed information on the chief machines.

1. WEN Two-Speed Band Saw

Weight73 pounds
Dimensions20 x 25 x 58 inches
Size10 Inch
Power Sourcecorded-electric
Resaw Depth9-3/4 inch
Worktable14 x 12-1/2 inches

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 10"

If you want to buy a top-rated bandsaw based on brands as the greatest, then I want to say it is perfect for you. Considering the overall features and capabilities, you can make this machine your companion to your woodworking job. You can apply the necessary power with the help of a 3.5 amp motor.

The company features permit you to resaw 6-inches in depth and 9-3/4-inch total wood pieces. But keep in mind, this 10-Inch WEN-3962 Tow Speed Versatile Band Saw Machine is stronger than the other 10-inch machine. You can be sure of this when you resaw the 6-inch in-depth wood piece. 

The 14 x 12-1/2 inches worktable is made of iron, but the surface is made of aluminum plating. As a result, you will be able to complete the work comfortably. Generally, it is unnecessary to use more energy, whether the wood is harsh or soft.

Besides, ball bearings give you a ten-inch wheel with which you can complete a smooth and powerful operation. Here you will get three-size saws, 9 inches, 10 inches, and 14 inches. Although this 10-inch saw is less robust than the 14-inch bandsaw, the machine is ready to serve its maximum power. 

WEN 10-Inch Band Saw

72-inch blades can be used in 1/8 to ½; it will be determined based on the size of the wood. If necessary, you can turn the table at the 0-45 degree angle, but it also depends on the size of the wood piece. When the pieces of wood are much larger, then the table will need to be bending.

You can keep the speed of the blades at 1520 or 2620 feet per minute. 3-in-1 Dust Port preserves all the dirt during work and helps keep your work clean.

Go for having more highly performed Wen bandsaws to meet your needs.

Impressive Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • Dual-action blade, determine the speed based on your type of work
  • 6-inch resaw capability, can be resawing more than 6 inches if needed
  • It is made with ball bearings so that each operation can be done very well and blades can be used for a long time
  • 2 years warranty

Disappointed Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • Creates additional vibration
  • Difficult to assemble

2. JET JWBS 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit

Weight258 pounds
Dimensions29 x 28 x 77 inches
Resaw Hight12 Inch
Power Sourcecorded-electric
Motor Power3000 SFPM
Worktable15 x 15 inches

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14" Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit (710116K)

This model is a redesigned tool that will help you get super-quality performance. Made with a 12-inch resaw capacity, which is ready for resawing any size of wood piece, even you can also use this machine to resaw thick and crude wood. We are proud to include this tool in our band saw reviews for fine woodworking.

The company has redesigned this machine to increase this Jet Deluxe-DWS780 Band Saw Kit’s strength and hardness. This resaw machine of a sturdy and robust frame; doesn’t cause any difficulties; the steady structure will be hurrying your resawing.

With the help of a sturdy blade, you can cut wood 13.5 inches wide and 12 inches high. Blade speed 1500/3000 SFPM and blade are compressed, so you can increase or decrease 0-12 inches. As a result, if you love to have the best 14-inch band saw and your resawing wood piece is big or small, there will be no problem for you, but you can keep your cutting work smoothly.

JET Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit

This machine is manufactured with a 15 x 15-inch sturdy table, which can be rotated 10 inches left and 45 inches right. The height of the table is 43.5 inches; then, it is understood that you can complete any project efficiently with this machine. 

Upper and lower ball bearing guides increase the efficiency and reduce the friction of the machine so that a blade can be used for a long time. It’s a multi-purpose cutting tool, combined with all these factors; you must have confirmed it after reading this overview.

Impressive Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • A light machine, an ideal feature for small tasks
  • Useful for trainers and amateur mechanics
  • The rack and Pinion Table can be turned if you needed
  • There is a 3-year warranty

Disappointed Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • The motor is less powerful, just a 1-speed machine
  • Changing the blades is very time-consuming

3. SKIL 3386-01 2.5-AMP 9-Inch Bandsaw

Weight36 pounds
Dimensions31.1″ x 16.2″ x 12.8″
Throat Capacity9 Inch
Power Sourcecorded-electric
Motor Power2.5 Amp
Worktable12 x 11-3/4 Inches

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

It is Amazon’s choice of the best cheap budget bandsaw. Skill 3386-01 is suitable for newbie carpenters. Or, if you want to do light resawing work as a hobby, then this machine may be the perfect choice for you.

Generally, for those who are still learning the practice of woodcutting, the majority of the novice, this 3386 SKIL 9-inch band saw machine is preferred.

Although expert mechanics did not like this machine because it was impossible to do regular work and resaw big wood. But the cutter has the same general features as the other high-performing machines.

For example, you can work on a tit the table of the machine at a different angle, but if the pieces of wood are big, you have to face the problems. Especially the device’s height is low, so it should not do heavy work. 

SKIL 3386-01 9-Inch Band Saw

But the wood that you resaw will be resawed to maintain accuracy because the proficient rip fence will help you retain the job’s accuracy. Moreover, this machine has a 1-1/2-inch dust port to clean the work environment.

It is best if you do the cutting of pine, oak, and mahogany with this machine. Because they do not require too much energy to resaw and do not need to change the blade since the motors of this machine are one speed so you can do this type of work for a long time. Otherwise, the blade changes will take a long time.

Impressive Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • Lots of powerful machines, due to the redesign, the frame of the machine is more durable and firm.
  • It is an ideal machine for resawing small and big pieces of wood; its cutting capacities are high.
  • Its friction is a low and long-lasting machine.

Disappointed Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • Machine parts are not easily available, replacement is difficult

4. Laguna Tools MBAND 1412-175 Bandsaw

Weight267 pounds
Dimensions18 x 25 x 70.2 inches
Throat Capacity12 Inch
Power SourceCorded Electric
Motor Power1.75 HP
Worktable21 x 16 Inches
Laguna Tools MBAND 1412-175 Bandsaw

If you want to make a list of the top-rated compact resaw bandsaws in the market, then you should keep Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 under the top 5. Considering all qualities in this best benchtop woodworking band saw review 2019, this machine is the claimant of the senior tool. Getting four stars out of 5 stars has come in the list of Amazon’s maximum choosing cutters.

Currently, black and grey, these two color tools are available. Laguna bandsaw is run with the power of a 1-3/4 horsepower motor. Tearing a thick wood or plank is possible. This TEFC 60 Hz motor can work with 115-volt electric power and has 6 inches long cord.

The cutter tool has a 21 x 16-inch micro-polished table; you just put the wood on the table and meet it to the blade. Start the machine and push the wood in the front, but it is safe to use any handle to jog the wood.

Since the table is made of, the surface of this table is primarily smooth, so pushing wood is very easy for you. But due to the massive push, the accuracy of the cutting can be spoiled. Due to the smoothness of the table, it does not need to be created forcefully.

Among the other aspects, this machine has a remarkable feature, with this blade of 115 inches, you can do the job of thick and robust wood cutting and resaw. Laguna saw’s blade resaw capacity: 12 “.

The versatile workout resaw on bandsaw has a micro-polished table that allows you to use it as you wish. You can turn 7 degrees to the left and 45 degrees right, so set it according to your convenience. There is a 4-inch dust port on the back of the gear, which stores dirt rubbish, so your workplace is clear.

Impressive Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • With the help of wheels made of polyurethane tires, can be maintained dynamically and electronically balanced
  • The micro-polished table can be rotated on the right and left
  • You can get super-quality performance on the machine with reliable motors and wide blades
  • The machine is suitable for personal and commercial use

Disappointed Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • With the help of wheels made of polyurethane tires, can be maintained the dynamic and electronic balance

5. Grizzly Deluxe Benchtop Bandsaw

Weight247 pounds
Dimensions45″ x 21.5″ x 18″
Throat Capacity14 Inch
Power SourceCorded Electric
Motor Power1725 RPM
Resaw Depth6 Inches

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14"

Are you looking for the best tabletop bandsaw for commercial use, with which you can do heavy work? But of course, you should purchase the Grizzly Bandsaw, the G0555LX model. If you search for a Superb band and saw a review for 2019 like a hungry chita, don’t be moved around here and there; from here definitely, you can pick your desired loving cutting tool.

This Grizzly Deluxe-Go555LX Benchtop Bandsaw is very lightweight, and the price is also low, although its parts come to separate when the time of delivery. However, it is considered the top bandsaw to resaw wood. It is particularly famous for the convenience of quick blade tension release and blade modification. 

Usually, when you do heavy work, you may have to change the blade repeatedly; this machine allows you to get the advantage. You may know, quick blade tension releases increase the resawing speed, and if you change the blade tension according to wood hardness, your work will be much easier. The machine is set on a robust platform, so you are guaranteed to do the massive job. 

The blade is activated with the computer-balanced wheel; the wheel is made of iron cast and covered with rubber tires. Do not try to open the wheel box when the machine is working. It’s dangerous for you.

The machine is powered by one horsepower TEFC motor, which is 110V / 220V power, and the speed of the engine are 1725 RPM, and the blade speed is 1800, 3100 FPM. Resawing capacity is 6-inch; overall, this machine can resaw 27″ wide, x 67-1/4 high, and 30″ depth wood. You can purchase this machine without any doubt.

Impressive Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • With the help of wheels made of polyurethane tires, can be maintained dynamically and electronically balanced
  • The micro-polished table can be rotated on the right and left
  • You can get super-quality performance on the machine with reliable motors and wide blades
  • The machine is suitable for personal and commercial use

Disappointed Features of Wen Bandsaw

  • With the help of wheels made of polyurethane tires, can be maintained the dynamic and electronic balance

Just have a look at our new addition of RIKON Bandsaw: Rikon resaw bandsaw review for a better job.

What are the Issues You Should Consider to Purchase a Bandsaw?

How do you consider a bandsaw for woodworking to be the best? If you are an expert woodworker, then you surely know the resaw tool’s features. However, finding out an excellent woodcutter among the many brands in the market is really tough.

For this reason, we reviewed the five greatest low-budget bandsaws for the money as the top, based on some features. But what are those features? We would like to inform you about these features — my high recommendation to you is advice on the importance of the significant parts of the resawing tool.

Frame Size and Quality

The frame is the foundation of your machine. The performance of your top-rated small bandsaw depends on which. If you choose wood or plastic frames, you may get a benefit; the machine will be very light and easy to carry. But you’ll face many bad experiences while working.

You cannot do any heavy work, and the machine will not be easy to use for a long time. So we recommend using iron or aluminum frames. With this frame machine, you can do any work and use it for a long time.

Blade Wheels

There may be a 2/3 pulley or wheels based on the bandsaw. However, there are three pulleys for most machines, one of which is directly attached to the motors. It provides the main speed of the device; the rest increases the speed of the blades. The blades are powered by a wheel, which reduces or increases the tension of the blades. Do not try to open the main wheel box while the machine is working.

Availability of Replacement Parts

For some machines, the parts are not available separately; As a result, the durability of a tool becomes decreases. Unfortunately, one of the appliances may cripple. If the components can be purchased separately, the machine’s strength increases. So if the parts are usually available, it will be much better for you.

Company Reputation

We usually check the company’s reputation during the purchase of any product. For example, when buying mobiles, everyone wants Samsung, Apple, Sony, or LG to buy these mobile phones because they are trustworthy companies to the people, so you have to be careful about their reputation while purchasing bandsaw. You can be sure about the company’s reputation by seeing product reviews of each brand on Amazon.

Warranty and Shipping

Having a warranty service for the machine is essential. When you buy a bandsaw, you will see whether there is a minimum of a 1-year warranty. If so, you will get free services from companies to solve any problem.

Motor Strength

Machine performance depends on motors. If you are a professional and work on natural wood resaw, then the machine motor must be over one horsepower. 2-3 Horsepower is ideal for you because sometimes it will be hard to cut wood. If the engines are not reliable, then there is a possibility of breaking the blade. So if the motor is active, the machine can take 100% load at any resawing.

Table Size

The table is an essential feature of the bandsaw. Depending on the size of the table, you can resaw any height of wood. If the table is significant, you can resaw the large-size wood; otherwise, you cannot. There should be a chance to turn the table at the 0-45 degree angle to the left and right. Then you can resaw in different ways.

Blade Speed and Size

The size of the blade depends on how thick and solid the wood you can resaw. With the help of a 70-inch sword, you can cut a large quantity of timber. If the size is big, you can reduce or increase the cutting area of the blades according to your requirements.

How fast you can finish your work depends on the speed of the blades, although it relies almost entirely on the motor. Typically, the sword’s speed is high when the engine to have active. And if the blade has dual-action, it is more convenient for you, such as 1700-3500 FPM.

Dust Extraction

The dust box has a machine to keep the room clean from the dust of wood pulverized, which stores the dirt emitted from the instrument. If the box is 3-4 inches, you can continue working long hours.

Important Tips for You

  • Define the right blade: If the knife is good, then your work will succeed very quickly. If possible, choose the edge of 3 or 4 teeth per inch. Get a kind of aggressive performance by this.
  • Keep the tension proper: You can get super quality and smooth performance if you keep the tension right. The correct tension increases the speed of the blades, and resawing can maintain its accuracy.
  • Use knives carefully: Usually, the cutters are in a very sharp position, when the wood is pushed to the front, for resawing, and then try to keep the hand away from the saw. If needed, take help from any other substance to push the wood.
  • Wheel box: Avoid opening the wheel box while the machine is moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Aluminum is Used on the Table?

Usually, aluminum is a light substance; due to its plating, the table’s surface becomes very lubricious. As a result, it is easy to push the wood into the blades. So the surface used aluminum.

Why the Ball Bearing is Become Used?

Ball bearings are used because the blades’ speed increases and are much smoother. Generally, 2-3 machines are used on each machine, one of which of these bearings is directly attached to the motor. The remaining bearings rotate with the blades in the cranial process.

Can it be Used for Cutting any other Material Except Wood?

It is manufactured for wood resawing, so other materials should not be resawed with this blade.

I would Like to Use a Bandsaw Commercially, which is the Greatest Bandsaw for Me?

You can use the WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw. It is a standard machine for professional use.

Final Word

You may be tired after reading the review. Finally, you have to decide which one you are going to purchase. Yes, you’ve spent quite a long time behind research and product reviews, and now you have to choose between buying a bandsaw. Well, you can buy WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw because is the best bandsaw for resawing. Hope you will get high performance from this machine.