Best Table Saw Blade for Ripping Hardwood

Ever wonder your table saw is not performing as it is supposed to? There are two major reasons for that, first, keep in check if you are using the right table saw blade. Secondly, be familiar with the material you are cutting and choose the blade accordingly. One of the primary uses of a table saw is ripping hardwood, a table saw is the best tool to perform this. In this article, you’ll get to know about Best Table Saw Blade for Ripping Hardwood and all the tips and tricks to get the best results.

Best Table Saw Blade for Ripping Hardwood

What is the Best Saw Blade for Hardwood?

Each table saw blade is designed to perform specifically. In ripping hardwood you have to cut along wood fibers, at job sites or woods. Rip blades are the best to perform ripping. These are the best blades to get clean edges and fine cutting.

Well, table saws are pretty helpful in numerous heavy tasks but why does your table saw blade burn wood? This can happen only if the blade is dull and rusty, in that scenario the friction between the wood and the blade can burn the wood.

How many TPI do you Need for Hardwood?

TPI is the number of teeth in an inch of the saw blade. No doubt table saw is the only tool that can produce rip cuts with smooth edges. However, the TPI of the table saw blade matters a lot in order to perform perfect hardwood ripping. In the case of ripping, your table saw blade must have TPI between 24 to 30 for a 10-inch blade and 40 teeth are good for a 12-inch blade. Are you searching for what type of saw blade is best for ripping hard abrasive timber such as oak? For the ripping of hard and softwood Flat-top teeth blades are the most suitable.

Freud 10" x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade (LM72R010)

What to Look for When Buying Table Saw Blades for Hardwood?

A table saw can work wonders if you choose the blade wisely. Each task needs specific requirements from the saw blade. You should understand the nature of the work you are performing with your table saw. For hardwood cutting, you need to look for the type of teeth in the table saw. Flat-top teeth are better for Hardwood as they prevent splintering of the wood.

Moreover, the number of teeth matters a lot in ripping hardwood, you should look into TPI if you want to cut hardwood or if you want smooth edges.

Always check if you are getting your table saw blade from a reliable brand. I’ve suggested some top-notch table saw blades to save you time and effort.

List of Top 5 Table Saw Ripping Blades

1.  Freud 10″ x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade (LM72R010)

Freud 10" x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade (LM72R010)

Freud has gained the trust of countless saw users indeed. This table saw blade is an amazing ripping-purpose sword. Freud LM72R010 Premium TiCo HI-Density carbide material blade is compatible with ripping wood or lumber but is this blade good for cutting metal? Well, the carbide blade can get damaged when it comes to metal as it doesn’t have a diamond coating.

It is used for heavy-duty ripping purposes. Most professional carpenters trust this blade brand and highly recommend taking a test for ripping hardwood.

These slim-kerf blades help in the fast and smooth cutting. The additional benefit of a Computer-balanced plate is that it reduces hindrance while cutting. The arbor size of the blade is 5/8”.

For hardwood ripping, it gives a super nice cut with smooth edges. However, the blade does not have a diamond knockout. Also, many saw users have concerns that it works for laminate flooring. No, this blade is typically used for rip cuts, Framing, etc so it’s not ideal for laminate flooring.

We made a top list of Diablo Freud blades for several intentions. You can check them here: Best Diablo Saw Blades Review for Wood and Metal

Expert Opinion:

“What an amazing experience with these blades! The durable TiCo HI-Density carbide tooth material is ideal for smooth rip cuts. I must have bought these table saw blades before I would buy them again for sure!” says Carlos.

Key Specifications of DEWALT Saw Blades:

  • It’s a 10-inch ripping blade with 24 TPI.
  • The product has 0.126″ kerf and a 20-degree hook angle.
  • The table saw blades have an Abrasive Fladder Blade as an included component.
  • The weight of the blades is ‎1.90 pounds.
  • Freud LM72R010 is flexible to smooth and fast cut.

2.  Amana Tool – 610301 Carbide Tipped Glue Line Ripping Blade

Amana Tool - 610301 Carbide Tipped Glue Line Ripping 10" Dia x 30T Tcg, 22 Deg, 5/8 BO

Amana 10” saw blade is all you’ve been looking for. This saw blade gives you the finest cut in wood materials. The laser-cut 0.145-inch kerf helps in fast and clean cuts without splintering.

Amana 610301 blade’s over-angle tooth makes such a finishing cut that’s why you don’t need for sanding to the cutting edge. This blade ensures an extra smooth and finishes cut. Because of is a thick plate, this carbide blade reduces vibration while cutting. It’s a unique blade for gang-ripping operations with a table saw.

Although the price is slightly higher the specifications justify it all. Does this blade have a flat grid? No, This blade is a TCG or Alternate Top Bevel blade. It does not have a flat grind.

Expert Opinion:

“Extremely fine and smooth cuts I got with this table saw blade. The blade is super sharp and of high quality. Well, it is a Freud so what do you expect? Great! Says daniel.

Key Specifications of Diabo by Freud Saw Blade:

  • It contains a common 5/8-inch arbor size.
  • It has dimensions of 11.8 x 11.7 x 0.7 inches.
  • The grinding type of the blade is a high Alternate Top Bevel (ATB).
  • The hook angle is 22 degrees while the diameter is 10”.

3.  WEN BL1040 10-Inch 40-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Woodworking Blade

WEN BL1040 10-Inch 40-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Professional Woodworking Saw Blade for Miter Saws and Table Saws

Wen has come up with this 10-Inch diameter 40-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Professional Woodworking Saw Blade. The blade has a rating of up to 6000 RPM and a 5/8-inch arbor.

The machine-cut carbide-tipped teeth help in cutting smooth edges. Heat expansion slots help the blade to expand and provide maximum accuracy while ripping hardwood. Is the WEN table saw blade durable? Yes, the blade has a long life. The unique protective coating prevents heat, rust, corrosion, gumming, resin, and more.

The blade has an Ultra-thin 1/10-inch kerf (2.4 mm) which helps in efficient cutting. Does this blade come with a diamond arbor knockout? Well, no, It does NOT have a diamond knockout.

Expert Opinion:

“The blade fits perfectly, no bends or damage is done to it. It cut through any hardwood I put in front of it with ease. Love it.” says Carly.

Key Specifications of WEN Woodworking Saw Blade:

  • The blade’s weight is 1.48 pounds.
  • The product dimensions are ‎13.5 x 11.26 x 0.67 inches.
  • The blade is equipped with 40 carbide-tipped teeth which perform hardwood ripping efficiently.

4.  Norske Tools Thin Kerf Ultra Fast Ripping & Crosscutting Saw Blade

Norske Tools Thin Kerf Ultra Fast Ripping & Crosscutting Saw Blade NCSBT023 10" x 28T with 5/8" Bore for Dimensional Lumber, Press Treated Wood, Plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Norske ultra-thin kerf blade has a 10-Inch diameter and 28-tooth for an aggressive finest cut. This Norske table saw blade is designed for ripping and crosscutting purposes. Wood, hardwood, lumber, oriented board, plywood, and press-treated wood are fit for this Norske 10-inch 28 teeth blade. Can you use a Norske blade in carpentry? The answer is YES, the blade comes with a racer tooth for a smooth finish which is ideal for woodworking tasks in carpentry.

Its C3 micro-grain carbide teeth help it to give a sharp cut. The arbor of this blade is about 5/8″. The blade has sharp oversized carbide teeth that are re-sharp enabling for longer life. Does this blade produce a flat cut? No. The Tooth Alternate Tooth Bevel tends to make a knife-like edge on either side for a cleaner cut. Thanks to its Heat Resistant Non-stick coating the blades are quite durable. The blade has a thin kerf of about 3/32 to produce sharp and clean cuts.

Another top list of melamine and plywood cutting blade will instruct you to get the best table saw blade besides hassle. Just get it here: Best Table Saw Blade for Plywood and Melamine Board.

Expert Opinion:

“This is definitely my new favorite blade. The is sharp and durable, providing perfect rip cuts and crosscuts. I will definitely be buying this table saw blade again.” Says Rebecca.

Key Specifications of IRWIN Marples Table Saw Blade:

  • The blade is 10” in diameter, while the number of teeth is 28.
  • The dimensions of the product are 12.56×10.98×0.47 inches.
  • The blade weighs 1.72 Pounds.
  • The kerf is .098″/2.5mm while the hook angle is 15­°.

5.  Amana Tool 610240C Electro-Blu Carbide Tipped Ripping Blade

Amana Tool 610240C Electro-Blu Carbide Tipped Ripping Standard 10 Inch D x 24T FT 20 Deg 5/8 Bore Non-Stick Coated Circular Saw Blade

This Amana tool carbide blade is all that you need in your saw blade collection. The Prestige rip-purpose blade goes perfectly with solid wood and lumber. The 10” blade and 24 carbide tooth with a steep 20° bevel angle cut perfect and precise cuts. This nonstick coated table saw blade’s tooth grind is ATB. Does this blade cause vibration? Well, 0.102″ thick tool-steel plate with copper plugs practically eliminates vibration. This blade is also efficient for cutting with a circular saw.

The precision-ground carbide teeth have minimal run-out as these are individually computer-verified. The kerf of the blade is about .134 (3.4mm) while the arbor is about ⅝”. How would this work on epoxy in a river table? Well. this will not perform well on epoxy.

Amana Tool 610240C Electro-Blu Carbide Tipped Ripping Standard 10 Inch D x 24T FT 20 Deg 5/8 Bore Non-Stick Coated Circular Saw Blade

Expert Opinion:

“I must say this table saw blade has impressed me. Cutting softwood was like butter. I haven’t cut a ton of hardwood yet but every cut seems to use less power and goes smoothly.

Key Specifications of Electro-Blu 10-Inch Blade:

  • The blade has 12.5 x11.26 x0.47 inches dimensions.
  • The weight of the blade is 2.14 pounds.
  • The Hook Angle of this blade is 20°.
  • The tool-steel place has a 0.102 (2.6mm) thickness.

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