Prazi Beam Cutter Review: Maximum Depth For Beam Cut

Are you looking to find the best beam cutter to meet your daily wood-cutting needs? Well, then, Prazi Beam Cutter PR-7000 is the right solution. Why PR-7000 will be the right choice I explained below after a few words.

So, today, I want to introduce you to a cool wood-cutting tool that looks antique in appearance, but a master in design to impeccably solve your problems and help you to efficiently do your job. While I was on research to find a new tool to work on a big lumber project, I found the Prazi Beam Cutter a well budget-friendly and efficient tool. Let’s check the Prazi Beam Cutter review!

Prazi Beam Cutter Review

Prazi Beam Cutter PR-7000 for 7-1/4 Inch Worm Drive Saws:-

Prazi Beam Cutter for Worm Drive Saws

The tool turns your circular saw into a chain saw which gives one pass cut on beams, posts, and logs, studs, SIP panels without blowing all your budget on one tool. It is very easy than changing out the blade or faster than a speeding bullet to attach the Prazi Beam Cutter using three bolts on a Circular saw. However, there is no need to convert the circular saw permanently or remove any part of it.

The vertical plate and built insight permit smooth and precise square cuts and give gliding manageability when you cut a straight line. 12-inch cutting capacity, gives you rafter pitch cuts, miters, stairs, arches, log cuts, compound angles, and bands. This Beam Cutter comes in three models. It has built-in safety features like a dust reflector, kickback resistance, guide bar, double guarded, etc. these accessories enhance the performance of the machine.

Vital Info of Prazi Beam Cutter Review

  • Can be used for log cuts, compound angles, bandsaw cuts, etc
  • This Beam can be mounted with Bosch and Skil 7 1/4 and 8 1/4 worm drive saws
  • Cut up to a 45-degree angle.
  • PR-2700 will fit 99% of all 7-1/4″ Circular Saws 
  • This tool works when attached with Black & Decker models #2700, #2710 & #3051, Bosch models #1677 & #1678, Craftsman model #2761, Dewalt model DW377, Makita model #5077B, Skil models #77 and #5860.

Good Things about this Beam Cutter

  • Budget-friendly tool.
  • Efficient and effective to cut large wood.
  • You can use it for larger lumber.
  • No need to turn the log and cut it from both sides.

Bad Things of this Beam Cutter

  • No automatic oiler to lubricate the beam cutter.
  • You have to sharpen the blade after a few cuts.

Related Questions on Prazi Beam Cutter

How does the Prazi Beam Cutter Stack Up?

The Prazi beam cutter gives precise cuts comparable to a chain saw. The other comparable beam cutters are Festool Sword Saw more a hybrid of chain and jigsaw. Consequently, it hits a depth of 13 inches and has some bells and whistles. You may know Festool makes powerful saws, but it’s not in the United States and is in the cost range of $2000, while Prazi has a cost range of 150$ to 200$. Tools like Makita Beam Saw 540NA are also efficient tools but cranking of 2200rpm and massive circular blade of 16 5/16 give no smooth cut on 8x beam.

How does the Pazi Beam Cutter Perform?

Prazi Blades Cutter for 7-1/4 Inch Worm Drive Saws

The Prazi beam cutter is designed to perform chain saw cuts. You cannot use it for anything that requires a flawless finish, as it’s the perfect tool you can use for cutting logs, beams, timber, etc. If you have a good worm drive circular saw and want to cut beam all the long day, the Prazi beam cutter is the ultimate machine you can ever have. Additionally, it comes with separate models 2700 designed for sidewinder, and 4000 for worm drive. Prazi is an efficient and productive tool. Vertical blades give smooth square cuts.

What are Prazi USA PR-7000 Beam Cutter Owners Saying?

Prazi Beam cutter gets high marks from the user because of its cheap price, work with accuracy, and time-saving machine. However, some still have negative consequences. After all, everyone has their own needs and matter of use, so they can say however it served them. While some of them might be:

  • Efficient and time-saving tool.
  • Comes on budget and is handy to work on bigger woodwork.
  • Compatible Beam.
  • It doesn’t have an automatic oiler, a blade sharpener is needed after a few cuts.
  • Gives a rough cut at the end.
  • Cutting anything straight line but slow.

Do you think this would be a Good Tool for Timber Framing?

Yes, it is and it did a good job for most of its users. Still, if dealing with large lumber is a common problem for you then, the tool is a good option for you. Don’t worry, we will give you some reasons for choosing this powerful tool.

  • You can perform a single pass cut using this tool on beams, logs, etc.
  • By adding to a circular saw base you can achieve a cut capacity of 2.5 to 12 inches.
  • Can be attached with most 7 ¼ inches circular saws.
  • You can get errorless smooth square cuts.

The Final Word is should I get a Prazi Beam Cutter?

The Prazi Beam Cutter gives you a deeper cut which you can’t get with some other saw. No training is required to use it because the tool is user-friendly and that’s why even fresher can use it to get smooth exact square cuts.

Prazi USA Blades for Beam Cutter

You don’t need to turn the other side and give multiple log cuts. When cutting 4×4 or 6×6 side cuts from opposite sides you might get ugly cut but with a Prazi beam cutter, you can do it in one go. You can gang cut (multiple parallel rafter one-time cut) rafters also. If we talk about its design, versatility and easy operation, and of course, price, then it’s never bad to go with it even if you don’t need much of it. Because who knows when you need it for your benefit? 

Here’s what one of my friends told me about the tool. He said, “He has 400 6×6 timber to cut. He ordered a Prazi beam cutter for a circular saw. He mounted it on makita 5007mg. It gives great cuts, is a lot quieter than a chain saw, and is easier to handle than Makita 16” circular saws.” Lastly, he especially recommends it for large logs and people having less experience to cut.

Did We Miss your Favorite Beam Cutter?

If we missed your favorite beam cutter this time, please leave your best one in the comment section. So, we will share our personal and honest review with you with the right information as soon as possible.


When you are working with wood and want to create your art of work to look nice, precise cuts are very important. But, for that, you need the best and most effective tool in hand to shape, cut, and work on wood.

The first step is to find a perfect supplier and in addition, read the review of the specific tool you need before purchasing it. If you need our recommendation then, we recommend the given one as this beam cutter is the best tool for precise cuts. It also removes ugly over-cut notches and cuts multiple stair jacks, and rafters in one pass, and gives a clean cut through railroad ties.

The Prazi Beam Cutter bypasses the safeguard of the circular saw when mounted so be careful when using it. You can search for more about this product on Amazon. We hope this article is helpful for you and you might get the Idea of a Prazi Beam Cutter.

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