Circular Saw Depth of Cut: How Deep Can a Circular Saw Cut?

A Circular saw is an inexpensive yet versatile tool. You can perform multiple cutting tasks with a circular saw. It can also cut thin concrete pieces; isn’t this amazing? Well, the depth of the blades matters a lot. The most asked question about these is what should be the ideal Circular saw the depth of cut? Well, after days of research, we’ve gathered a brief answer for that, so keep on reading!

Circular Saw Depth of Cut

Each type of circular saw varies on the size of the blade; the more extensive the blade size, the deeper the cut will be. But the question is can you set the depth of the circular saw on your own? In this article, we have included all your questions and some amazing facts about the cut depth of the circular saw. So without any further delay, let’s get started:

Circular Saw Blade Selection:

Right circular saw blade selection is the key to a powerful wood-cutting tool. But how can you select the blade precisely? Knowing the material you want to cut is the most crucial thing. Make sure that your blade fits the circular saw properly.

In a circular saw, 24-tooth general blades are used for construction. It can help in ripping and crosscutting aggressively with efficiency. Here is a general structure for better understanding:

  • Carbide circular saw blades are mostly used by woodworkers for fine furniture cuts. It has 60+ teeth.
  • Cross-Cutting blades in circular saws are used for smoother cuts. These have teeth of around 60-100.
  • Ripping blades are best for cutting parallel to the wood grain. These blades have fever teeth.

How Deep Can a Circular Saw Cut?

A circular saw can cut deep according to the radius of the blade minus the arbor meter or flange nut.

Cutting Depth of Circular Saw

In simpler words, an average circular saw can provide cutting to a depth of about 2.5 inches. You can adjust and align the blade according to the depth you want.

Maximum Depth of Cut:

The maximum depth a standard circular saw can offer is 2.5 inches. But guess what? Skilsaw and Makita have introduced the largest circular saw in the market that provides 6¼ inches depth.

Though you will get a modern tool to cut higher deep which is chainsaw attached Prazi Beam Cutter or you can take a circular saw that can cut beams. Those are exceptional and not for a regular cut so, by setting a maximum depth of a circular blade you can take a high return.

Minimum Depth of Cut:

You can set the circular saw blade to any lower extent, even at zero. However, 1/4 – ½ inches is the ideal place to put the blade below the bottom of the material.

Can you Set the Depth of a Circular Saw Cut?

Setting the option of the desired depth of the circular saw is a fantastic feature. But do you know how you can set the depth of a circular saw? If not, let me tell you how you can do this; first, unplug the saw, then detach the “lever” from the saw. Now you can easily set the depth of your circular saw from the bottom plate.

How Deep will a 10 3/4-inch Circular Saw Cut?

This circular saw is powerful enough to cut thick stocks in one pass only. A 10-inch circular saw can go slightly above 3-13/16 inches. Moreover, it offers a 60-degrees bevel capacity.

10 Inch Circular Saw Cut
Image Credit: Essential Mountain Homesteading

How Deep will a 165mm Circular Saw Cut?

With a bore size of 30mm and a blade diameter of 165 mm circular saw can go 55mm deep maximum. With the use of 24 teeth carbide-tipped blade. This saw works with 45 degrees angle; you can move and align the blade before cutting.

How Deep can an 8-inch Circular Saw Cut?

Eight Inch Circular Saw Cut

This size of the saw is perfect for any metal cutting job. This size circular saw is not available for woodworking. Eight inches circular saw can offer 2¾ inches deep cut at 90-degree.

How Deep can an 8 1/4-inches Circular Saw Cut?

An eight 1/4-inches circular saw can go 2⅞ inches deep at 60 degrees angle. The carbide-tipped blade makes cutting efficient.

How Deep can a 7 1/4-inch Circular Saw Cut?

The standard size of a circular saw is 7-¼ inches it offers 2 ½ inches maximum at 90 degrees angle. The 7-¼ inches circular saw helps cut certain types of cuts.

How Deep Can a 7-inch Circular Saw Blade Cut?

Seven Inch Circular Saw Cut Depth

Smaller blades often work great as they keep the tip speed down. A 7-inch circular saw can cut 1 13/16 inches deep. While at 45 degrees, the depth is 1-13/16 inches.

Will a 5.5-inch Circular Saw Cut a 2×4?

Yes, a  Ryobi circular saw is 5.5 inches, and it can go deep up to 2×4 but barely. It can cut 1-¾ inch deep at 90 degrees while 1-3/16 inches at 45 degrees. Not only blade size you have to take care of the quality of the 2×4 inch cutting circular saw blade.

How Deep can a 4 1/2 Circular Saw Cut?

This is a small but powerful circular saw. A 4 ½ Circular Saw with a Laser Guide and 3 Blades can offer the highest Cutting Depth of 1-11/16 inches at 90 degrees. This saw with these blades is Ideal for Wood/Tile, Backer Board/Cement/Drywall.

What Size Circular Saw should you Require to Cut 4×4?

The best option to cut 4×4 is to use a 10-inch circular saw; it can precisely perform the task.

Types of Cut in Circular Saw:

No doubt circular saws are considered best at doing their job. Some of them are back sidewinders, while some are worm-drive partisans.  The type of blades and cuts used in each circular saw differs from one another. We’ve collected the top five types of cut-in circular saws that you need to know:


Generally, a miter saw is used to use small wood pieces. But if you do not have a miter saw, you can work with a circular saw crosscut jig that will make your circular saw cut small yet efficient cuts. Crosscut is formed across the diameter of the board or the grain of the wood.

Circular Saw Crosscutting

Rip Cut:

Rip cutting is easily performed through a circular saw. This cutting helps in making narrow cuts. Rip cutting with a circular saw is cutting along the length of the board.

Circular Saw Rip Cut

Bevel Cut:

A bevel cut is used explicitly in carpentry to cut small wood pieces efficiently that are weather resistant. You can perform bevel cuts from circular waw just by adjusting the blade angle. You can set the blade angle from 0 to 45 degrees.

Miter Cut:

Miter cuts are ideal for cutting small wood pieces. Mitter is an angled cut made across the width of the face board. You have to bind the blade properly to get the best results.

Straight Cuts:

A circular saw is not a perfect option to make straight cuts, yet you can make it work. Setting a level of the saw can help you in cutting wood straight. Moreover, Kreg rip-cut is a great option that enables you to cut straight from a circular saw.

Suppose your circular saw doesn’t cut through the material; you need to notice some issues with whether your saw carries. Just check issues from: Why won’t my Circular Saw Be Cut All the Way through?


A Circular saw is an inexpensive yet innovative tool that helps you cover most of your cutting needs. We have explained every bit of depth of the circular saw. My request is to follow a safe way while cutting with a circular saw as well. Circular saw cutting is entirely your choice. We recommend you explore its features; the specialties different cuttings of circular saw provide will leave you amazed. However, before any cutting, do your research and follow proper guidelines to get the best results.

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