Best Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw Reviews in 2022 [Last Updated]

If you are a professional woodworker? What do you think? Do you not need any professional tools for your professionalism? Of course, it is necessary. Well, so are you informed about these woodworking tools? Today we will explain to you the best contractor table saws; this is a typical model for a professional contractor. How can you find the best one? We will guide you in this article.

Best Contractor Table Saws

Why do You Rely on Our Preferred Product?

We have researched the top products in the market for a long time and have selected five products.

Trust me; there are more than 100 contractor table saws available in the market. But all of those are not ideal for you; we’ve made a realistic cabinet table saw review.

Using these machines, most customers are satisfied and have a great experience. So why do you not take it? Let’s see our top 5 cabinet table saws.

Here are the Top 3 Products I Love Very much


SawStop CNS175-TGP36 1.75Hp Contractor Saw 36

SawStop-CNS175 Contractor Table Saw

WarrantyOne year
Motor4 HP
Cut Depth3-1/8″
Thickness0.091 Inch
Motor Speed4300 RPM
Blade10 Inch


Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

Shop Fox W1819 Super Powered Table Saw

Warranty2 Years
Motor3 HP
Cut Depth3-1/8″
Rip Capacity52 Inch
MaterialCast Iron
Blade10 Inch


JET 708675PK 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw - 3HP, 50" Rip

JET 708675PK  Deluxe Hybrid, 50″ Rip Fence

Warranty5 years
Motor3 Amp
Cut Depth3 Inch
Rip Capacity29.5 Inch
MaterialCast Iron
Motor Speed4300 RPM

Our Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews List

Following the shortlist of the best product, we selected you as a quick link. You are a busy buyer, not interested in reading the full review? OK, no problem, just go to the product page directly through the short link.

1. Shop Fox Super Powered Table Saw

Weight457 pounds
Dimensions67 x 46.5 x 30 inches
Motor Speed4300 RPM
Power SourceCorded Electric
Power Style3 Horsepower
Blade Size10 Inches
Cut Depth3-1/8 Inches
Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

You want to get a high user experience by using any machine or product as a user. If all other users are satisfied by using a product, you will surely be pleased. Shop Fox W1819 is a product that still does not get any bad customer reviews. Then you can use Shop Fox W1819 without any doubt. 

A 3 HP motor has been used to manufacture this machine, which provides superb performance with a 10-inch blade. You will get almost all of the great features in this heavy-duty machine, though it is not a very affordable machine. Perhaps this heavy-duty machine is not shipped together; you’ll get all the parts separately. However, it is effortless to assemble the separated components. 

The machine above the table is smooth enough; cast iron has been used to smooth it. It is easy to rip the wood if the table is soft, and the large wood pieces can be easily pushed. Moreover, this machine has been built to work safely.

2. JET 708675PK Deluxe Hybrid Saw

Weight510 pounds
Dimensions85 x 36 x 38 inches
MaterialCast Iron
Power SourceCorded Electric
Motor Style3 Horsepower
Blade Size10 Inches
Cut Depth3 Inches

JET 708675PK 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw - 3HP, 50" Rip

As a professional woodworker, is it not essential to have a quality contractor table saw? Of course, if you purchase the best one from a standard brand, you can succeed in your work.

JET-JTAS-1050XL1DX table saw is an excellent brand in the world of woodworking. These brands have different pricing machines, and all the reputations are outstanding. You can purchase their product as a trusted brand. 

Usually, woodworking saws have a problem; they can sometimes kick back. However, the JET contractor saw it as a complete kickback free; its quick-release riving knife plays the most crucial role for this purpose. The machine’s most striking feature is the push-button arbor lock, allowing you to change the blade quickly.

If you change the blade quickly, the speed of the work surely will increase. Being a Poly-V drive belt system will improve your work’s speed and ensure accuracy. This feature does not always meet all the machines.

There are a lot of valuable features to make a machine work faster. So you can rip big wood pieces off the table; its rip capacity is 50 inches. 

This machine allows using an extra table saw fence to make an easy and convenient ripping process. Jet Table Saw has five satisfactory customer ratings; that’s why to refer you to this product.

3. SawStop Contractor Saw Prof T-Glide Fence SYS

Weight495 pounds
Dimensions72 x 19.5 x 47 inches
MaterialCast Iron
Power Source5 HP
Power StyleCorded
Blade Size10 Inches
Cut Depth3-1/8 Inches
SawStop CNS175-TGP36 1.75Hp Contractor Saw 36

It is our other preferred contractor table saw for you. Learn about this versatile work saw, use it, and inform us about your opinion. 

A Sawstop hybrid table saw can be ideal for a professional; undoubtedly, you can purchase it. But why should you buy this? What is its specialty of it? A 52″ professional fence will play an essential role for a professional woodworker. It allows you to maintain your work’s versatility and accuracy. As a result, you can complete the job quickly. The main advantage of SawStop PCS175TGP252 is it has a significant surface.

When you are a professional mechanic, you have to work with different sizes of wood. In that case, the surface of your machine should be substantial; the surface of this machine will be most acceptable for you. 

Moreover, the cutting power of this saw is remarkable. Because it comes with 5.0 HP motors and 10 inches blades, as a result, while you rip the wood, you will get outstanding performance.

In addition, the machine has a unique dust collection system; it is set below the table. In all, you can use this machine to complete big projects successfully. 

But it is impossible to carry it out of the room or shop because it’s overweight. But you can quickly transfer it to the place because it has a mobility option. As a result, it can rotate in different corners, even 360°, and you can adjust the machine’s position in the room.

4. Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

Weight465 pounds
Dimensions36 x 27.5 x 63.8 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
Voltage115 volts
Motor Style1.75 Horsepower
Blade Size10 Inches
Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

Powermatic PM1000 is a standard woodworking table saw. Every brand’s products have different qualities. Firstly, to operate this machine, it doesn’t require more voltage.

Additionally, its 50-inch fence will speed up your work, and you can cut big pieces of wood with this. Blade guards will help you increase your work speed because being a guard; you will not have the possibility of getting an injury.  

This machine has some exciting features for you; this feature can impress you. The machine’s on-off switch is located just below the table. It allows you to start and turn off the machine quickly.

In a word, this machine has been made of very steady designs; it looks imposing. As a result, there is no problem maintaining work speed and accuracy. Would you like to rip the wood smoothly? Then you will be able to cut the wood gently with Powermatic PM1000.

If the parts come separately, it is challenging to assemble, and it becomes complex for a user. But this machine comes together; you can easily open the parts and join them. Not only assembling, but it is also straightforward to use. It would be the best commercial table saws for you.

5. Delta 36-5000 Left Tilt Contractor Saw

Weight230 pounds
Dimensions40 x 44 x 24 inches
Cut Depth3.5 Inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
Motor Style15 Amp
Voltage120 Volts 
Blade Size10 Inches
Delta 36-5000 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with 30-Inch RH Rip (Steel Wings)

This best cabinet table saw is made with a unique design. Its main feature is that it can carry more weight and maintain balance. Delta 36-500 Contractor Saw is quite famous for balance maintenance. Maintaining balance will give you exceptional support during work.

As a result, work stability will be increased. Moreover, it has two wheels with its stock so that it can be quickly and conveniently transferred. This heavy-duty saw has dual rip windows, and it’s manufactured with the Biesemeyer design.

It is more prominent in size, and it can be operated quickly because Delta 36-5000’s on-off switch is like Powermatic PM1000. The power switch is located under the table, which is very easy to operate. 

Delta 36-5000 can maintain the work’s precision; a heavy-duty one-piece rail system provides work accuracy. With the help of a 10-inch blade, you can rip the wood in 3.5-inch & 2.5-inch deep as usual at a 90 & 45-degree angle.

Moreover, the other advantage of this saw is that it does not require more voltage to operate. And it can run on dual voltage (120-240 volt) by giving more appreciation to this Delta contractor saw review. Just go to the product page and notice the customer feedback.

Buying Guide for Best Cabinet Saw

It would not be easy to buy as a new user if you did not purchase a contractor table saw before. In that case, how can you find the chief machine for your use? To obtain the best cabinet table saw, you have to know about the saw’s excellent features. Now, we will guide you on the best hybrid table saw features.

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

Some of the Major Considerations for You


The first consideration for you is the machine’s weight because, in some cases, the other user will use the tool for a big project, or you need to transfer the device from one place to another.

For those reasons, the machine should be comparatively light. So the weight of a tool should be 200-300 lbs; it is a standard dimension. It will be easy for you to carry and set up.


Machine stability depends on the machine’s materials. Most of the machine tables are polished with cast iron. As a result, the table becomes smooth and increases durability. It will help you to maintain the accuracy of ripping the wood.

Table Size

It is a significant feature of your machine. The speed of your work will depend on the size of the table. You cannot rip the big wood piece on the small table. So to work on big projects, your table should be more prominent. If you work bigger in most cases, then you have to choose more extensive tables.

Blade size

How fast you can do the job; depends on the size of the blade for wood cutting. If the blade size is large, it can easily rip big trees or pieces of wood. Most table saw comes with 10-inch blades.

The 10-inch blade will be ideal for you because it can cut or rip many types of materials. If you want to buy a blade separately, then choose the blade to combine with the machine design. I recommend you to choose a diablo table saw blade because it is famous to daily users as a finish and smooth cutter.

Maximum Cut Depth

You have to consider this issue. The blade cutting depth should be high for cutting or ripping the thick or wide wood. But the advantage is that most machines can cut the 0-45 degree angle.


The output of the machine depends on the motor’s HP. Most of the tools come with more than 1.5 horsepower. But you can get 4 Horse Power Machines if you have more research about the table saw. It will provide the highest power for you. Some machines come with five-horsepower, but it is not safe for the user because it is very speedy. 1-3 Horsepower is the standard strength for you.

3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

Dust Collection

It is always essential for the table saw. Because these machines are created very dirt, the workplace becomes dirty due to their creation of this. If your machine has a dust collection, then your time will not be wasted. The dirt will be preserved during work, and your work time will save.

Mobility Options

This is a very effective option for machine transfers. The wheel is attached to the machine stand, with which the machine can be transferred.


The machine’s stability is a beneficial and essential feature of the table saw. Because the price of a machine is more than $2000, that means you will have to invest a lot of money to purchase a table saw.

If the contractor table saw’s stability is less, then your investment might fail. If it comes with a warranty and the durability is more, then you can use it for a long time with heavy-duty apply work. If you have any problems, the company will provide you with the service.

Safety Issue of Hybrid Table Saw

Before using any machine, be sure to about the security issue. Most tables saw have different safety features. Anti-kickback systems and blade guards are the most conclusive security features.

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower, 1Ph, 50-Inch Rip Fence

Both of these are important for a professional. Although the blade’s safety is most significant, it may cause deadly injuries to the hands or fingers. So by using the blade guard, protection can be ensured.

Moreover, you will have to think about your other safety issues. The machine creates a lot of vibrations, which can cause ear damage. So use ear protection to protect your ear from the quake.

Tips for Contractor Table Saw Maintenance

After knowing about the safety issue, you need to know some things about the saw’s usage because there are some rules for using the best commercial table saw.

50-Inch Rip Fence
  • The food cannot be stored on the table, never. It can damage the smoothness of the table. 
  • Clean the table all time; It should be kept clean with sandpaper to protect it from rust attacks.
  • Before starting the machine, check it well, check the wire, dust collection, blade, etc.


Purchasing the hybrid table saw is a significant investment for you; do you make your investment a failure? Certainly not! Never. So you have to make your venture successful in creating success in your business. 

In the best contractor table saw reviews, we have tried to guide you on all issues. If you read the full article and see the five products study, you can indeed purchase the right product. We recommend you buy a Jet 708675PK hybrid saw. Hopefully, this will be the ideal table saw for your profession.