The 5 Best Hole Saw for Cutting Thick Metal & Wood

I can’t go without a saw in my house since I love creating new stuff from metal. That’s the case with most electricians and also homeowners who prefer to fix their things at home. However, this becomes difficult and upsetting if you do not have a suitable cutter for your exact needs.

Best Hole Saw For Cutting Thick Metal

And so it is essential to remember that not every cutter will be the right one for your requirements, particularly if you need the best hole saw for cutting metal.

Since getting caves on complicated stuff like stainless steel or wood or plastic need better sharpness and suitable kits, that’s why today I’m going to talk all about getting the right dent cutter tool for metal. I also will include some of the most excellent equipment that caught my attention.

Most Essential Things about Hole Cutter?

Looking into the usability, performance, sharpness, and most importantly, the customer’s feedback, I’ve tried to gather some of the most prominent choices you can get these days.

BOSCH Diamond Hole Saw Set

Choosing a crater for the electrician, plumber, carpenter, and DIY worker would need your attention and courtesy over your specific requirements. For what purpose and for how long would you want one? Is durability essential to you more than having too many size options? What about the price? Are you okay with paying for an expensive one for better quality? Or maybe a reasonable alternative would be even better if you can save a few bucks.

These hole saw reviews would succeed when a buyer benefited from both product and money. These questions have an answer that must be based on your current situation and wants from the clipper cutter kit. Think about it a bit and choose thoroughly the ones that suit the maximum.

Top Three Metal and Wood Cutting Hole Saw


DEWALT Hole Saw Kit, Standard Electrician's Set, Bi-Metal (D180002) , Yellow

Dewalt Excellent Hole Cutter Saw

Quantity8 Pieces
MaterialStainless Steel
Max Size2-1/2 inch
Mini Size7/8 inch
Mandrel2 Piece
Drill BitNo

Our Best Pick

Bosch Diamond Hole Saw Set

BOSCH-HDG114 Diamond Hole Kit

Quantity11 Pieces
Max Size2.5 Inch
Mini Size7/8 Inch
Arbor2 Piece
Drill Bit2 Piece


LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit, Speed Slot, 26-Piece (308042000G)

LENOX Tools Bi-Metal Slot Hole Saw Kit

Quantity26 Pieces
Max Size4-3/4″
Mini Size3/4-Inch
Arbor1 Piece
Drill Bit2 Piece

List of Best Hole Saw for Cutting Thick Metal

1. Bosch Diamond Hole Saw Set

Weight3.7 pounds
Dimensions12.1″ x 8.2″ x 4″
StyleMaster Bi-Metal Set
Quantity11 Pieces
Bosch HDG11 11-Piece Diamond Hole Saw Set

Recently, Bosch HDG11 is the latest addition hole cutter kit, which gives the maximum result. This model contains eleven piece set that provides a standard cutting experience to users. Compatible tools that will keep your spending on the safe side with the most convenient features on hand. This model especially offers you to cut wood, stainless steel, plastics, granite, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. If you wish can use concrete but not designed for that.

Why is Bosch HDG11 Unique

The den cutter set comes with the best t-shark features that are very easy to insert and remove, which most other dish feller sets lack maximum time. Also, they provide the highest durability for the high-quality manufacturing process in less than 15 min. You can drill six or more holes quickly.

Positive Things about Bosch HDG11
  • It comes with a four-inch flute and a six-inch shaft that is effective.
  • The shorts will give you maximum fieldwork.
  • Every bit would be upright and mostly will come in the correct cave.
  • The included tips are high in quality.
  • The cutting is comfortable and well.
Negative Things about Bosch HDG11
  • Not too strong for a hand laceration.
  • Needs to add a 3/4 bit.

Important Features of Bosch HDG11

The Bosch HDG11 offers changeable arbors that are quick enough. And so you are prone to receive a standard working tool with ideal quality. While dealing with metal or wood utensils, you will get an extra feature to work with. The pilot will bite with efficiency to give you the highest outcome.

The teeth are changeable, and you can adjust them according to your needs. And also, you are bound to get a more valuable clipping experience most of the time. Thanks to the excellent threadless design, there’s no seizing up with the mandrel. 

The shoulder is strong enough in the cave cutter. And so you are going to enjoy maximum strength and longer life. With the positive locking system that comes with the best bi-metal hole cutting saw, you won’t have to worry about wobble—no need to create too much pressure and speed while cutting.

The built-in process involves eight percent of cobalt. Hence, the wood crater saw set would offer the most excellent heat resistance to deal with higher temperature situations, so durability loss is not worrying. In short, this is a complete bore feller set for metal that will deliver a precision cutting experience every time.

Cutter Kits Size

Hole Cutter 11pcs:- 2-1/2 inch + 2-1/4 inch + 2 inch + 1-3/8 inch + 1 inch + 5/8 inch + 3/8 inch + 5/16 inch + 1/4 inch

Mandrel:- 1 piece

Auto Start Pilot Bit:- 1 piece

2. DEWALT Hole Saw Kit, Metal Cutting

Weight3.25 pounds
Dimensions10.63 x 3.5 x 11.88
MaterialStainless Steel
ManufactureMade in USA
Quantity8 Pieces
PurposeWood, Plastic, Metal

DEWALT Hole Saw Kit, Standard Electrician's Set, Bi-Metal (D180002) , Yellow

Dewalt has an excellent reputation for introducing some good dent-cutting tools for regular users. They care about usability, maximum functions, durability, and ease of handling the most. And that makes them one of the best dealers to deal with undoubtedly.

Why is Dewalt D180002 Unique?

The chopper will grab attention for being this reasonable in price and still delivering clean cuts every time. Anyone who wants to have decent basic saw sets in an affordable price range should mull over getting this from Dewalt DWACM1802 hole cutter saw.

Positive Things of Dewalt Hole Kit
  • With excellent brand reliability, you also get a reasonable price range.
  • A good beginner’s skit to start with.
  • The mower is right for thin material chopping and is quick enough.
  • The laceration is stress-free and straightforward.
  • The mandrels are of good quality and also strong enough
Negative Things of Dewalt Hole Kit
  • The teeth on the feller are a bit low and not deep

Important Features of Dewalt D180002

A high-rated hole saw equipment comes with robust and hard-wearing backing plates. These plates will avoid any damage ever arising your way and deliver a safe experience for a long time. If you check the threading, you’ll find that it does a smooth job. It effortlessly threads the mandrels and gives the optimum result.

The tooth and set guide is another pro point of the overall set. They are durable and efficient with maximum functioning ability. The set would come with two mandrels. One would help with larger cutters, and the other is mostly for smaller ones.

The Pilot bits stay safely in place within the mandrels. You also receive two extra bits from having a quick change in mandrel if you need to. The mower includes a spare hex key, and also it offers set screws for better laceration preparation.

The construction quality is optimal, thanks to the built-in M3 steel. The exclusive deep-cut design, more prominent bi-metal segments, and high endurance are some of the other attributes that make the bore chopper kit a must-have tool for your cutting needs.

Cutter Kits Size

Hole Cutter 6pcs:- 2-1/2 inch + 2 inch + 1-3/4 inch, 1-3/8-inch, 1-1/8 inch, 7/8-inch

Mandrel:- 2 pcs

3. LENOX Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit

Weight11.25 pounds
Dimensions14.5″ x 4″ x 10″
PurposeWood & Metal
StyleBig daddy
Quantity26 Pieces

LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit, Speed Slot, 26-Piece (308042000G)

Lenox has been a top brand when choosing a reliable brand, and most customers will appreciate their service and products more than any other. Many comparisons users make with Lenox 308042000G saw kits since they produce some of the ideal feller tools ever. Why we listed Lenox as the best hole saw for cutting metal and wood to know the reasons check uniqueness and feature out.

Why is Lenox Bi-Metal Unique?

The T3 technology is basically what offers a total of twenty-six pieces with better teeth anatomy of the tool. The saw with T3 technology makes this a great fit that ensures fifty percent faster-cutting speed. So you get a rapid and better laceration experience every time, saving both your effort and time.

Positive Things of Lenox Hole Kit
  • The brand reputation ensures you’ll have better quality mower equipment.
  • It is a complete tool for dent-sawing.
  • There are many size options for different requirements.
  • For a long time, the cutters stay sharp.
  • It gives clean shaving every time.
Negative Things of Lenox Hole Kit
  • The advertising has some misleading information

Important Features of Lenox 308042000G:

The most magnificent dent cutter sets for wood or something hard like a little heavy metal are far better than the previous version. This instrument will deliver you a better long-lasting experience even in this price range. The manufacturer claims that the kit is 50% more durable and more extended life holder than previous models.

And from most customers’ views and critics’ takes, I found that the claims are valid. Just make sure you know how to preserve them properly with proper maintenance and upkeeping habits. The hole punch tool holds almost every required size that you might need.

And so it is a very daily-life-friendly saw tool to own at home. The wall thickness is augmented, so there is less chance of teeth loss. The speed slot has a design to enable faster cuttings for you. It also includes easy plug ejection and removal for the design. Also, the blade that comes along does an excellent job at chopping metals with double durability to hold.

Cutter Kits Size

Hole Cutter 20pcs:- 4-3/4-Inch + 4-1/2-Inch + 4-1/8-Inch + 3-3/4-Inch + 3-5/8-Inch + 3-3/8-Inch + 3-1/4-Inch + 3-Inch + 2-11/16-Inch + 2-1/2-Inch + 2-1/4 + 2-1/8-Inch + 2-Inch + 1-3/4-Inch + 1-1/2-Inch + 1-3/8-Inch + 1-1/8-Inch + 1-Inch + 7/8-Inch + 3/4-Inch

Arbor:- 1L-1/2, 5L-3/8, 2L-1/2 (Inch)

Pilot Drill:- Three Pieces

4. Milwaukee Multi-Purpose Hole Cutter Tool

Weight14.4 pounds
Dimensions16.5″ x 9″ x 4.5″
MaterialStainless Steel
ManufactureUnited State
Quantity28 Pieces
Milwaukee Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit

The Milwaukee got us this 28-piece set dish cutter tool that holds almost every type of size and measurement a user would need for cutting. It is cheap, but the quality goes for the highest. It provides some great features that would do justice to your pay.

Why is Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit Unique?

The Milwaukee- 49-22-4185 saw Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit is a great warranty set to own and trust. It comes with enhanced bites, and the nail collections are also more than most other equipment in a similar price range. The set delivers almost a complete package that a user wants to have from a trustworthy brand at a price.

Positive Things of Milwaukee Hole Kit
  • The cave punch tool for metal is worth the price
  • It gives a better result when you require clean cuts
  • Great for cabinet drilling and cuts
  • The catastrophic blowout is much less
  • The equipment comes with every size of pipe you might need
Negative Things of Milwaukee Hole Kit
  • You need to do a tight chuck up

Important Features of Milwaukee 49-22-4185

Most dent cutters would be complicated with heavy parts. You are fixing, and knowing how to can be so difficult if the tool doesn’t provide ease in handling. This best saw for cutting thick Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Plaster, and Aluminium is super user-friendly. So you would be able to get compatible with it in no time.

The chopper sets will provide maximum durability with a US manufacturer and precision built-in. You would have this tool with you for a good number of years. It is a big reason why it costs a little more.

The saw will last 50% more than average tools with the Ice hardening process. And no matter how roughly the user wants to use it, the instrument will do justice in the durability sections. So good points here!

The rake angle is positive making the laceration speed fast. The cuts deliver enough precision which is one of the significant reasons, and that is why you need the highest dent saw for cutting thick metal in the first place. Also, the teeth are long-lasting and stable enough.

Cutter Kits Size

Hole Cutter 22pcs:- 4-3/4 inch + 4-1/2 inch + 4-1/4 inch + 4-1/8 inch + 3-3/4 inch + 3-5/8 inch + 3-3/8 inch + 3-1/4 inch + 3 inch + 2-5/8 inch + 2-1/2 inch + 2-1/4 inch + 2-1/8 inch + 2 inch + 1-3/4 inch + 1-1/2 inch + 1-3/8 inch + 1-1/4 inch + 1-1/8 inch + 1 inch + 7/8 inch + 3/4 inch

Arbor:- 3 pieces

Drill Bits:- 3 pieces 

5. Greenlee Quick Change Carbide Cutter Set

ModelGreenlee 648
Weight2.84 pounds
Dimensions10″ x 6″ x 2″
ManufactureMade in China
Quantity9 Pieces
Greenlee 648 Quick Change Carbide Cutter Set

Greenless 648 is a reasonable nine-piece crater cutter set to achieve precision cuttings and clipping. The manufacturer isn’t the most popular for sure, but they deliver potent instruments with excellent warranties and features.

Why is Greenless 648 Hole Saw Unique?

The equipment sets will provide the most constant drilling even if you use them for the whole day at work, whereas other kits will need limiting use to maintain durability. Also, the tool gives the perfect den cut that will be of accurate size. This is one of the best hole saw for cutting thick metal.

Positive Things of Greenless Hole Kit
  • A high-speed clipper cutter in the price range.
  • Cutting holes in stainless steel will be like slicing butter.
  • Can cut up to twenty dents at one time.
  • With proper chopping techniques, you’ll cut even caves.
  • The filler kit is excellent for electrical enclosures
Negative Things of Greenless Hole Kit
  • There are moments when the cutter might catch near the end of a cut

Important Features of Greenless 648

There is a flange stop that comes along. It helps stop any over-drill or incidents like that to avoid incorrect measurements. The set comes with five cutters that are suitable for most measurement needs.

The Ejector spring will make sure slug removal is easy and quick. You would notice this part in every size available in the equipment, and they stay 2 inches above. Also, the cutters would avoid any walking with the cobalt steel pilot drill. It is replaceable, and also you get a split-point tip that is more effective to use.

The teeth are carbide, so there’s no worrying about performance since it will rock the part. The teeth are healthy, and bits at the right place are making even stainless steel cut like butter. Another practical side of the kit is that you can almost use it continuously without stopping. And still, it won’t crash down.

The parts are very long-lasting and hard-wearing to ensure durability to the most. It would do great with metals, but a shallow cutter might not be good for sidewall pipe or notching.

Cutter Kits Size

Hole Cutter Bit 6 pieces:-  + 2-1/2 inch + 2 inch + 1-3/4 inch + 1-3/8 inch + 1-1/8 inch + 7/8 inch

Arbor:- 2 pieces (645-011, 645-022)

Ejector Spring:- Automatic slug removal 

What are the Factors in Choose A Perfect Hole Saw?

So these are the few factors you might take deep deliberation over before making a final decision. Ensure you understand each point and use it to figure out the perfect mower for your clipping needs.

The Brand Reputation

Probably, the most crucial factor is to choose a reliable brand. A brand that doesn’t provide customer satisfaction, servicing, quick replies, and practical efforts to win users’ hearts will already get cut down from the list. Remember, you would be investing a decent amount of money. And you don’t want it to be wasted on some cheap manufacturer that does not consider about user’s end.

Bosch 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit HB25M

Warranty & Shipment

Check out the warranties the brand offers. You want to get a long period to ensure you are all covered with the money you spend. Also, I know about the shipment process. Read the customer’s dent saw kit reviews that might talk about the product’s shipping cost and procedure. I know so many people who received broken parts due to improper packaging.

The Cutting Efficiency

A constant laceration mower should be your choice if you would be using it for professional use. Choose something that will provide continuous cutting without any wear and tear messing with your work.


The most important part is checking durability. The toughest ones will be a bit pricey since the elements or compounds used to make the cutters will be high quality. So consider investing a bit more and getting a good quality saw.


Talk with the manufacturer about replacement parts. If you get a broken part or the cutters do not fulfill your needs by chance, there must be an option to make a replacement. Ensure you get the facility since it’s vital for covering your invested money.

Power Source

You can have both cordless and battery-powered saw options for power. There might be two different cases. If you are more likely to use the tool inside your house or nearby, then maybe a corded tool won’t be wrong at all. It would offer a constant power supply and also better speed.

However, if the case uses the tool outside the house or maybe the one that can work right out from your car, then jump for the options that offer a cordless power supply. Getting both in one would also do well. The price may differ depending on the power capacity.

Wrap Up

The choice is going to be yours in the end. I can suggest the crucial points you need to keep in mind. But to get the best hole saw for metal, you’ll also have to use your common sense and instincts.

But remember one important thing. What you pay for, so don’t think about being too clingy with the money you spend. Since it also impacts your safety while drilling. You do not want to cut your finger because of a low-quality cheap cutter blade messing around. Hopefully, you’ll get the perfect kit to match your cutting preferences and style. Good Luck!