Best Miter Saw Blade Review for 12 inch & 10 inch Blade

Every DIYer and carpenter looks for the best miter saw blade that can meet what he desires but finding the right performer is a little bit difficult. The fascinating news is today I will disclose the way to find the premium blade for your miter saw.

Famous brands have structured their thin kerf blades to help you make precise cuts and avoid extending time in the workshop. We analyzed and listed the top 10 blades(five for 12″ and five for 10″) for those users or finished carpenter who wants their work to stand above the competition.

Best Miter Saw Blade

Top Three Market-Leading 12 Inch Miter Saw Blades


Hitachi Miter Saw Blade

Metabo Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Crosscut Blade

Warranty3 Years
MaterialJapanese Steel
Teeth TypeATB C3
Arbor Hole1 Inch
Our Best Pick
DEWALT Carbide Miter Saw Blade

DEWALT  80-Tooth  Miter Saw Combination Blade

Warranty3 Years
Tooth80 & 32
Quantity2 Pieces
Arbor Hole1 Inch
Hole Angle7 Degree
Freud Diablo Ultra Fine Miter Saw Blade for Wood

Diablo Freud-D12100X Ultra Fine Wood Blade

Warranty2 Years
Thickness0.091 Inch
Arbor Hole1 Inch
Hole Angle7 Degree

Three High Ranked 10 Inch Miter Saw Blades


Hitachi 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

Hitachi Fine Finish Tungsten Carbide Blade

Guaranty30 Days
Thickness0.091 inch
Arbor Hole5/8

Our Best Pick

IRWIN MARATHON Carbide Miter Blade

IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Teeth Blade

Warranty1 Year
Thickness0.098 inch
Arbor Hole5/8


Makita A-93681 10-Inch Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade

Makita Micro Polished Miter Saw Crosscut Blade

Warranty1 Year
Thickness0.091 inch
Hole Angle5 Degrees

List of the Best 12 Inch Miter Saw Blade Review

Trust me, you will get many options, but finding the right product is not really easy as I told you at the beginning. You can find highly efficient rip blades over here. At the outset, get the apex 12-inch blade. Here is a shortlist at a glance.

Now, trying to show the essential advantages of a 12″ blade. Here, I attempted to highlight the five best 12″ miter saw blades for fine cuts. Hopefully, you can choose one according to your requirement.

Five Best 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade Review

Here is the list of the top 10″ blades. We included five efficient blades with an in-depth study from the actual user to get the authentic tool. So check features and be sure which blade can meet your

We should be careful before Buying a Miter Saw Blade

Core Difference Between 10-inch and 12-inch Blade?

It would help if you had a clear idea on this matter. You might think that the 12-inch blades have more power than the 10-inch blades, but the reality is reversed. The 10-inch blade miter saw is more powerful than the 12-inch blade miter saws. A 10″ blade can offer 5000 Revolutions per minute, whereas the same powerful motor can provide 4000 RPM for 12-inch blades. Undoubtedly, the blade radius will be more; accordingly, the motor’s power should be more.

Some of the Major Considerations for Buying Top-Rated Blade

An awful blade will never convey the results you are searching for, regardless of how great your miter saw is. You will fail to achieve a clean and faster cut, and the blade may get distorted, twisted, gouged, or chipped after hardly any use. In this way, a great blade ought to guarantee the best usefulness and solidness.

KHCRAFT Laser-Cut Miter Saw Blade

It is vital to comprehend the details and highlights of miter saw blades to determine which one will be the best one for you. There is a wide range of blades accessible on the market, and they are all fitted for various tasks. To make the selection procedure more uncomplicated for you, I have made this guide of the essential factors you need to consider before buying a blade for your miter saw.


Before you start searching for a miter saw blade, it is essential to know that numerous miter models saw blades. Therefore, which one should you buy? Well, that relies upon the sort of job you intend to do with it. There are miter saw blades explicitly designed for specific materials and tasks. Similarly, there are multi-purpose blades accessible, too, so you have the option to pick the best.

Blade Type

This is an essential feature in the selection of blades. Blade performance depends on the type of blade. You can choose any of these three options steel, high-speed steel, and carbide-tip.

It is an ideal option for fine-finish and long-term use. Although it is somewhat expensive, you can choose steel blades; these are also suited for long-term use.

Blade Size

Different types of miter saws are available in the market. But usually use two-sized blades, 10 inches, and 12 inches. Some blades are adjustable with all miters saw. But the quality of the assignment depends on the size.

If you want to cut wood, then 12-inch blades are the best option for you. Here are many things depending on the size of the blade; it would be best if you choose the blade based on your miter saw size.

Number of Teeth

The cutting activity of a miter saw blade is dictated by the number of teeth of a blade. Many teeth guarantee a smoother cut, while fewer teeth are better for cutting thicker objects. There are commonly many teeth on crosscut cutting edges, enabling you to trim against the grain easily. Then again, tear blades have fewer teeth, permitting you to make more precise cuts while using progressive material.

Blade Design

If the blade design is compatible, then it is convenient to work with. If the model is correct, then the blade will not generate the vibration and be noise-free. The blade stability depends on the design.

Blade Diameter, Plate Thickness, and Kerf Width

At the outset, Ensure you read through the guide and understand the best blade size to buy. Picking an incompatible size can distort both the blade and miter saw. Most need either a 10-inch or 12-inch blade by and large. There are individual blades that function with each miter saw machine.

Kerf width is another factor you have to consider. It is dictated by the blade’s thickness and alludes to the width cut by the cutting edge into a material. Fundamentally, it decides how much stuff is exhausted during cutting.

Individuals frequently utilize slim kerf blades to get the most excellent timber they can out of a log. But, kerf width isn’t just about material wastage. A thin kerf blade permits you to get quality cuts even with a low-fueled saw. Full kerf blades additionally tend to be stiffer.

Therefore, settle on a thinner blade if you need to cut quicker and lessen wastage. However, if you search for a blade that can trim through objects such as metal, a thicker blade would be great for you.

The Material Used to Make The Blade

The execution of a miter saw blade much relies upon its material. These blades are popularly manufactured using high-speed steel, carbide, or steel. Many people prefer Carbide teeth blades, for they are perfect, generate beautiful finishes, and can last for a long time though they are costly. Besides, steel blades are likewise an excellent choice, but they might get dull rapidly.

Type of Miter Saw

While looking for a miter saw blade, you should think about the kind of your miter saw. Each miter saw needs a particular type of blade. Regardless of whether you are cutting plastic, hardboard, compressed wood, or other material, if you buy the correct blade for your miter saw, you’ll have the option to complete your errands efficiently with flawlessness.

1. DEWALT Crosscutting Thin Kerf 12-inch Blade

Weight4.25 pounds
Dimensions17 x 13.6 x 0.6 inches
Quantity1 Piece
DEWALT Carbide Miter Saw Blade

Dewalt, the brand, is one of the best and most renowned for producing high-quality and unrivaled products. This Dewalt 12-inch miter saw blade quickly claims the first position on this list of the best saw blade for miter saw, and for a good reason.

DEWALT’s DW3128P5 is equipped with two blades in the bundle, one blade designed with 80 teeth and another with 32 teeth. This implies that if you utilize this on your precious miter saw, you will get a chance to rip-cut anything easily and quickly, like a butcher’s knife. Significantly, the 32 teeth 12″ blade is excellent for hardwood and a wood composite material.

Moreover, the company uses harder tungsten carbide to make this DEWALT blade. The carbide presence ensures that the blade remains sharper for a long time, with minimal sharpening during work or in between. The blade is equipped with thin kerf technology for quick and smooth cutting.

Vibrations are highly reduced thanks to the computer-balanced plate technology installed in the blade. Oscillations tend to bargain the nature of the cut. But, since it is controlled, you can anticipate a superior completion and improved precision.

Why is this Blade Differs from Others?

This DeWalt package comes with two blades available at a meager price. It allows you to increase your employment versatility. This opportunity usually is not available for other rip blades.

Great Features of DEWALT’s DW3128P5

  • This 12-inch chop saw blade is capable of applying force on any type of wood and board.
  • Its sharpness and stability are long. 
  • Provides smooth and accurate miter and bevel cut.
  • For the increased versatility of action, it comes with double blades.
  • The vibration will not be created.
  • 3 years warranty.

Bad Features of DEWALT’s DW3128P5

  • It is a little costly but not more than Freud.
  • You have to pick different blades for different purposes.
  • The teeth of the sliding compound miter saw ripping blades are less.

2. Freud Diablo Ultra Fine Saw Blade for Wood

Weight3 pounds
Dimensions1 x 14 x 16 inches
Quantity1 Piece
Freud Diablo Ultra Fine Saw Blade for Wood

Diablo is a lovely blade for all woodworkers. As a carpenter or hobbyist, the Freud D12100x100 tooth Diablo 12-Inch Saw Blade is an ideal disk if you plan to make clean, precise cuts in wood and wood composites. Diablo D12100X blade gives premium results when tearing and cross-cutting a blend of wood and composites. Similarly, it speeds up the process of cutting and makes accurate rip cuts.

The laser Cut Stabilizer Vents installed in the blade are considered a bonus. With this technology in place, you are sure to use your miter saw without experiencing any vibrations and noise during execution. Accordingly, you can anticipate an increasingly peaceful environment with your hands in the operation’s unlimited authority. Diablo blade additionally helps in lessening distortion and rubbing, thus prolonging the blade’s life.

The PermaShield Coating is another incredible feature of this blade. Its covering is a non-stick highlight that provides resistance to both corrosion and heat. This acts as the primary protection of the blades against these components, which can otherwise decrease their cutting life.

TiCo Hi-Density Carbide is incorporated in this multipurpose diablo miter saw blade. The material is exclusively manufactured for crosscutting applications. With the thin kerf structure, your cuts are exceptionally smooth and exact

Why does D12100X Blade Differ from Others?

The Freud blade is designed carefully with laser-cut stabilizer technology that does not create any vibration or noise during the work so that the wood or material will not be wasted.

Great Features of Diablo D12100x

  • Blades can be easily assembled with the machine, easy to use
  • Easy to maintain job accuracy
  • As a circular saw blade, it gives you a top assignment
  • It is possible to implement hard without any exhaustion
  • Can slave on soft and rough wood
  • There will be no waste of material
  • For a long time, will remain sharp

Bad Features of Diablo D12100x

  • Its price is relatively high.
  • This model is not for fast cuts but for fine cuts.

3. Metabo HPT 12 in. 80-Tooth Fine Finish VPR Blade

Weight2.43 pounds
Dimensions14.57 x 0.33 x 15.16 inches
Quantity1 Piece
Hitachi Miter Saw Blade

Anyone who works with hardwood, veneered plywood, and softwood will cherish the Metabo 115436M 12” 80T miter saw blade. This blade slides so effectively that you will wonder why you never bought one before. The craftsmen searching for a more straightforward, more accurate blade to deliver the best possible miter and bevel cuts for crown molding need not look further. This is a great blade that functions admirably with 12-inch professional miter saws.

The blade is compatible with many types of miter saws, which is an added advantage for those people who own other brands of miter saws. Similarly, it is an incredible miter saw for it is equipped with a speed of 5500 max RPM. With this speed, this blade will cut wood and trim branches. Maximum speed gives ultra-sharp completion to your materials, which will positively be a delight to your eyes.

metabo 12 inch mitr saw blade

And since it is made from a prevalent quality Japanese steel, the blade will give the consistency it has vowed to the user and keep doing so for a long time. Therefore, you should select a blade that stays sharp for a long time. You can use this Hitachi miter saw blade to multi-saws as a miter saw, table saw, or circular saw. So it’s a convenient choice as a wood-cutting blade.

For sturdiness and improved execution, the blade has a new micro-grain tungsten carbide so that you can be confident of an enduring performance. It can likewise withstand high impact to provide maximum durability, and this is due to the tri-metal shock-resistant brazing. The blade is similarly structured with large micro-grain carbide teeth to give proficient re-sharpening though you realize it’s blunt. 

During operation, vibrations can sometimes be an issue. They can lead to interruptions and shoddy work, and in the end, you will produce awful results. But thanks to the laser-cut slots feature equipped in the machine; a user will experience fewer vibrations and a decrease in noise. What’s more, the shock-resistant technology equipped with the blade can manage overwhelming strikes and stay solid.

Why does Metabo Blade Differ from Other?

This blade is suited for various types of miter saws, and also can be used as a circular saw or table saw blade.

Great Features of Hitachi 115435

  • This blade is compatible with many-meter saws.
  • Provides maximum speed.
  • No chance to meet the blade guard with this blade; that’s why you are safe from an unexpected accident
  • The power can be applied to any wood; hard or softwood can easily be cut.
  • It is quite famous for maintaining the cutting.
  • It is designed with high-quality Chinese steel, compatible with long days of use.
  • No vibration or noise will be created.

Bad Feature of Hitachi 115435

  • Need a more horsepower motor.

4. A.G.E. Series-Heavy Duty Miter Saw Blade

Weight0.16 ounces
Dimensions13.3 x 13.2 x 0.7 inches
Quantity1 Piece

A.G.E. Series - Heavy Miter 12" X 100 4+1 1"Bore (MD12-106)

Buying proper equipment makes all the difference in the world when getting the work done. That is why the A.G.E series-Heavy miter cut blade is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to get the job done right. This miter saw blade measures 12 inches, intended for smaller miter saws. The blade is designed by Amana tools, one of Germany’s top and most renowned brands.

It’s a European-style carbide tip-designed blade that stables sharp. Another remarkable innovation is its laser-cut expansion slot that controls heat. When the temperature rises, these slots permit the blade to expand and contract from generating heat.

With this miter saw blade, you can expect an incredible completion whether you’re taking soft or hardwood objects. With the 100 teeth on this miter saw blade, you can make better and more accurate cuts, and it’s excellent for creating crosscuts on natural wood. Moreover, it can cut strong timber, and this is due to its MD12-106 Heavy-duty blade.

The blade can likewise be used for crosscutting and tear cutting on artificial objects like medium-density fiberboard and pressed wood, which ordinarily doesn’t include a well-defined grain design. It doesn’t bring about a chip-out even with these materials.

The thin kerf cutting edge decreases the amount of material you squander when you are making your cuts, it doesn’t need excess torque to spin.

Why does AGE MD12-106 Blade Differ from Other?

Typically the lion’s share of the motor is required more horsepower to rotate the 12-inch blade, but the more miniature horsepower motor operates this blade.

Great Things of A.G.E Blade

  • Blades can be operated with a less horsepower motor
  • Provide a smooth cut and will not damage wood accuracy.
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Do not waste extra wood due to the thinness.
  • 1-inch hole, 100 teeth, and -5-degree Hook.

Bad Things of A.G.E Blade

  • Blades can be operated with a less horsepower motor

5. TOMAX 80 Teeth ATB Finishing Long Life Blade

Weight2.55 pounds
Dimensions13.7 x 13.7 x 0.2 inches
Quantity1 Piece
TOMAX 12-Inch ATB Saw Blade

Tomax Carbide teeth blade is saved from punching for its Electrophoretic coating technology. You can operate with this vibration and noise-free blade efficiently while maintaining employment accuracy.

Let’s know about the blade’s quality, this blade was welded very carefully, and professional tungsten carbide has been applied for welding the bleed tips. The company set its teeth with computerized technology.

As a result, you will get the certainty to maintain the accuracy of the job while working. Sure, the blade teeth will not be distorted, and it does not waste the wood piece. 

The Tomax 80 teeth blade is capable of providing 5,000 max RPMs. This speed is good enough to do faster, and that is an ideal blade to apply on dry wood.

You can easily cut laminate flooring, hardwood, softwood, high-quality finished lumber, rough framing lumber, plywood, hardboard, MDF, and OSB. But do not apply this blade on iron or steel Using the blade.

Great Features of Tomax KAS1260T Blade

  • Laser-Cut Technology.
  • The accuracy of the work will remain. 
  • Ability to maintain a fast speed.
  • The blade has been made with Japanese sturdy and durable steel.
  • Competent table saw blade for dry wood cutting.
  • No sound or vibration will be generated.

Bad Features of Tomax KAS1260T Blade

  • The blade teeth are fewer. 
  • Cannot be used for any purpose other than wood cutting.

Five Best 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade Review

Here is the list of the top 10″ blades. We included five efficient blades with an in-depth study from the actual user to get the authentic tool. So check features and be sure which blade can meet your needs.

1. Makita 10-Inch Steel Plate Carbide Blade

Weight1.75 pounds
Dimensions12 x 11.8 x 0.2 inches
Quantity1 Piece
Makita 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade

Makita A-93681 is a super-quality blade. The blade is on the bestseller list on Amazon. This blade is the first choice of most customers looking for the ideal 10″ miter saw blade for trim. Because everyone is satisfied with using this, there is no bad feedback on the customer reviews list.

Trust me; this is an excellent blade. You can also get the opportunity to be satisfied using this 10-inch blade. Its ultra-thin 0.091 inches and five-degree angle blade tooth offer an extra fast cut for a professional user.

If you are looking for a worthy blade for the light-used miter saw, you can purchase it effortlessly. This blade can be considered the first choice miter blade based on its performance.

Using Makita A-93681, you can cut plywood, softwood, and hardwood. But the stability of the blade is not guaranteed.

This 10-inch Ultra-thin kerf blade has welded with a carbide-tipped design. For this, the work of the blade is fragile, but it will not waste any materials. Indeed, this blade is ideal for crosscutting.

Why does this Blade Differ from Others?

It is undoubtedly the best miter saw blade for reaping dado because it offers the highest performance.

Impressive Features of Makita A-93681

  • Provide super performance.
  • Cutting accuracy will be maintained. 
  • Supports a very fine cut on thin wood and will not waste any wood.
  • The soft, sturdy wood can be cut and allows crosscutting. 
  • Available at low prices.
  • Cannot be used for long days.

Bad Feature of Makita A-93681

  • Cannot be used for long days.
  • It is not suitable for frightening cuts due to carry more teeth.

2. IRWIN MARATHON Highly Durable Aggressive Blade

Weight1.55 pounds
Dimensions13.4 x 0.2 x 11.5 inches
Quantity1 Piece
IRWIN Carbide Miter Saw Blade

Irwin Marathon is an incredible blade among 10-inch blades. With about 900 customer reviews on Amazon, it is the best wood-cutting blade with 4.2 stars. If you are looking for a blade for long-term use, then IRWIN-14074 is ideal for you.

We recommend that you should purchase this blade. It is easy to use because it has been made with a user-friendly design. 

With 60 teeth, this China-prepared blade is a beautiful blade for the mid-budget, fulfilling all the class users’ needs.

High-carbon heavy-gauge steel has been used to prepare this blade. Although this blade has many models, we are talking about 60 teeth blades. Another blade of the same model has 180 teeth. But all of them are very strong and durable.

Overall this blade is quite famous for providing a smooth cut. There are many options to choose the best chop saw blades; this is the great one among them.

Impressive Features of IRWIN Blade

  • To maintain the balance of cutting, there are 60 teeth. 
  • Can be used for a long time.
  • Provide a clean and precise miter cut.
  • Good quality material is used to make this blade; it has been prepared in China.
  • Available at low prices.

Bad Features of IRWIN Blade

  • The blade becomes easily dull.
  • The big wood piece is hard to cut.

3. Hitachi 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

Weight1 pound
Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inches
QuantityOne piece
ColorSilver & Green
Hitachi 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

If you want to do several types of wood cutting using a blade, this is an ideal choice. This blade can work on softwood, solid wood, lumber or plywood, MDF, etc. It is also a perfect blade for operating on an oriented strand board. 

Action using this blade; you’ll get a guarantee; that there will be no mistake in doing the work. Hitachi-115435 VPR blade has been made with durable Japanese steel and micro-grain carbide. This will provide a fantastic performance in the woodworking application, and it is also an ideal blade for crosscutting. 

Due to the Laser cut expansion slots design, the blades will not create any vibration or make noise, and the blade keeps fresh while performing.

There is no difficulty in working long hours to increase the implementation speed. Besides, this blade speed will surprise you by providing 5800 RPM.

Impressive Features of this Hitachi Blade

  • It is straightforward to use
  • Some types of miter saws are useful for the use
  • No noise or vibration is created
  • Long-time to work, blades will remain in long time sharpness
  • Japanese made with sturdy steel
  • Maintains the highest accuracy of the work, and there is no mistake
  • There is a possibility of the blade fast becoming unusable

Bad Features of this Hitachi Blade

  • Comes with a very short time warranty
  • The teeth are comparatively less

4. KHCRAFT Laser-Cut Thin Kerf General Purpose Blade

Weight1.6 pounds
Dimensions13 x 13 x 0.2 inches
MaterialTungsten Carbide + Cobalt 6X
Quantity1 Piece
KHCRAFT Laser-Cut Miter Saw

You already know about KHCRAFT’s 12-inch blade; it’s also a blade rich in the same feature. It is one of the most potent blades made by KHCRAFT-KAS1040T Laser-Cut technology. It is stronger than the 12-inch blade because 12-inch blades provide 5500 RPM, and this 10-inch blade provides 5800 RPM. Besides, all other features are like 12-inch blades. 

Although this blade can resist more pressure, it is unlikely to be distorted. There will be no vibration or noise while using it. This KHCRAFT is suited for working on any wood piece.

Impressive Features of this KHCRAFT Blade

  • The most powerful blades.
  • Any kind of wood can be cut.
  • Vibration-free blades.
  • Not available yet.

Bad Features of this KHCRAFT Blade

  • Not available yet

5. Hitachi Tungsten Carbide Tipped Teeth Blade

Weight1.85 pounds
Dimensions0.4 x 11.4 x 13.4 inches
Quantity1 Piece
Hitachi 72-Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade

We consider a blade as the best when it can perform smoothly. For most blades of Hitachi brands, you will find this feature. Hitachi 725206 Carbide Blade It is one of the most popular blades in this brand. 

It is ideally suited for use with the 10-inch miter saw. 10-inch blades and a 10-inch-miter saw that’s a great combination. The blade has 72 teeth, which is enough for cutting wood smoothly. 

Using this blade, you can do the cutting job on veneer, decorative moldings, soft and substantial wood, etc. The blade can apply the maximum of its capacities.

When looking for a 10-inch blade for excellent cutting performance, we think that the Hitachi 725206 is a blade ideal for you. If you do the cutting work by using this blade once a few times a day, it will keep its sharpness for at least four months. It comes with a 30-day warranty. These are not a plus point for you.

Why does this Blade Differ from Others?

Hitachi 725206 allows you to do trimming as well as cutting or ripping.

Impressive Features of this Hitachi 725206 Blade

  • User-friendly design.
  • Advanced quality material has been used to create this, and can be used for long days.
  • There is no possibility of deforming the blades.
  • The sharpness lasts about four months.
  • Worthy for various types of workpieces.

Bad Features of this Hitachi 725206 Blade

  • Comes with a very short time warranty.
  • The teeth are comparatively fewer.

Last Word

From the analysis above, we are clear that we got the most satisfactory list of the best miter saw blades for woodworking. This review will assist you in picking a number one miter saw blade. Because with the appropriate blade, you can accomplish your tasks quickly and correctly. If you want to learn more about miter saws, well, you can click on the product page by the purchases button and read more.