Best Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring [Expert Reviews]

Whoever you are, a homeowner or professional needs a handy flooring saw to install laminate. That’s a precision cutter that you need first to follow the measurements. But the thing is how to be determined this is the best saw for cutting laminate flooring if you aren’t an actual user of that tool.

The Best Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring

I think you should pursue lots of compliments about a tool; then, it will be facile to take a high-performed flooring cutter. Finding a proper laminate cutting tool won’t be challenging if you have a moment to read the piece. Today, we will introduce you to the five best vinyl plank cutters with the buying guide. So, let’s get started.

Needs to Consider For Buying Vinyl Flooring Cutter

You will have agreed the blade is a crucial part of a saw. So, never underestimate and compromise with the flooring cutting blade. A top-class laminate flooring cutter has to contain the best blade.

Always remember that quality comes first. It’s possible that sometimes you have to assemble the complete tool for getting it ready to cut the laminate flooring plank. There might also be possibilities that your chosen cutter is entirely willing to use without any further assembling. Don’t make any wrong decision just because of the price. Suppose you choose a cutter because of its lower cost. But that doesn’t give you the performance you have been expecting. So, that’s not saving your money. That’s wasting it.

At a Glance! Top Three Flooring Saws in the Market


SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade

Skil Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade

Warranty3 years
Max Angle45 Deg
Crosscut Capacity12 Inch
Motor Power7 Amp
Blade Size4.375”

Our Best Pick

EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch  Laminate Flooring Cutter

EAB  9 Inches Laminate Board Cutter

Warranty1 year
Max Angle45 Deg
Crosscut Capacity9 Inch
Cut Hight15 mm
Arbor Hole5/8
Overall Great
Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

EZ Shear- 9 Inches Laminate Flooring Cutter

Warranty1 year
Max Angle45 Deg
Crosscut Capacity9 Inch
Thickness14 mm

List of the Best Tool to Cut Laminate Flooring

Some flooring saw is easy to use, and some are complicated. We listed the top-rated flooring cutter for those searchers who love effortless use and the most efficient laminating saw. You can directly follow the links to the product page if you don’t interest in reading our short brief. But our recommendation is, just to flow your eyes over the key sections for a while. You will be more benefited.

1. EAB 9″ Exchangeable Blade Laminate Flooring Cutter

Weight11.99 pounds
Dimensions21 x 10 x 3.5 inches
Max Thickness15 mm
Power SourceManual
Blade Length9 Inches
Warranty1 Year
ColorGray and Silver
EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch  Laminate Flooring Cutter

Want a hassle-free and dust-free versatile laminate flooring cutter on a limited budget? EAB Flooring Cutter can be your first choice. A highly recommended vinyl plunk cutter with such characteristics is EAB 2100005 laminate floor saw. It’s a suitable and affordable laminate flooring tool, especially for homeowners.

Even its long handle makes this fantastic tool more capable of cutting laminate flooring planks more precisely, smoothly, and effortlessly. You don’t also need to bother about handling and storing this excellent laminate board cutter.

Don’t want to waste more time on cutting laminate flooring? It is a tool that can help you save valuable time. Just grab this tool.

What Makes EAB 2100005 Different?

Solid wood, engineered flooring, laminate plank, whatever you need to cut, you can cut with this fantastic flooring cutter. That’s not all. The best part comes now.

Vinyl tile and fiber cement siding like Hardi plank is also not a problem for this EAB cutter for a smooth cut. And, of course, you can experience all those flooring cuts without any chipping or splintering.

Mostly Asked Questions about EAB Vinyl Saw

Is this Tool Suitable for a 0.5″ Cut?

I must say, it is possible because my friend cut 12 mm without any difficulty, so 1/2″ cutting is not supposed to be tough.

Can EAB Saw Cut Conveyor Belting?

This tool is made to intend of cutting laminate flooring. The manufacturer has no other purpose than using an EAB cutter, so you should definitely pick this cutter for planning vinyl cutting. But you can cut anything else without damaging the blade you can use for that.

Can I Change the Blade When It has Been Blunt?

Sure, you can replace the running blade if it is blunt. When you buy a blade for your tool, make sure of the size.

2. EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Flooring Cutter

Weight17.39 pounds
Dimensions29 x 12 x 18 inches
Max Thickness14 mm
Power SourceManual
Blade Length9 Inches
Warranty1-year warranty
Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

In my view, EZ Shear can be your second choice, but not a lower grade compared to EAB Flooring saw. If you agree to spend a little more, EZ Shear is your best choice. You can go for the 9 inches EZ-ES00-0009 Shear Laminate Floor Cutter. The flooring saw can cut different types of flooring, more as luxury vinyl tile or plank, engineered wood, and other floorings with only this high-quality and affordable laminate woodcutter.

You can cut flooring of up to 1/2 inch thickness and 9 inches width very fast and smoothly. With high-quality standard bullet tools, the bullet laminate flooring cutter will provide you with outstanding performance.

What Makes EZ Shear ES00-0009 Different?

The high-density polyethylene and aircraft-grade aluminum-made construction make this EZ Shear laminate plank blade stand out from the crowd. The incredible feature you’re going to get with this durable flooring cutter is this is one of the original shears. There are a lot of replicas you might find out there in the market. But don’t get confused between the original and the fake shears.

Mostly Asked Questions about Bullet Tool

Does this Saw Allow you to Cut a 10 mm Thicker Board?

Don’t worry; EZ Shear Tool can cut thicker than your mentioned size. It allows you to 15 mm or a little more, but the company always declares a 15 mm cutting capacity.

Is this Capable of Cut 45 Degree Angle?

Yes, It will cut whenever you choose smaller than 7 or 6-inch comprehensive staff. Because this tool is basically designed for a straight cut, the tool needs space at both sides of your board when you want an angle cut.

What Can Materials Bullet EZ Shear Cut?

Because of is a versatile saw, you can slice different types of materials like fiber cement siding, vinyl plank flooring, Hardie plank, laminate flooring, and so on.

3. SKIL Flooring Saw for Multi Direction Cut

Weight0.16 ounces
Dimensions28.9 x 20.1 x 13 inches
Max Thickness3/4 inch
Power SourceCorded Electric
Voltage120 volts
Blade Diameter4.375 Inches
SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade

Are you looking for the best tool for laminate flooring to cut them way more comfortably than other instruments? Check out this model. The SKIL 3601-02 flooring saw can be the perfect match for your laminate plank.

If you’re a DIY lover, this tool will undoubtedly be the best choice for you, without any doubt. The SKIL saw provides you needed advantage because it can quickly and smoothly cut the vinyl plank flooring, which is more necessary for a flooring professional.

What Makes SKIL 3601-02 Different?

The SKIL 3601-02 electric saw for laminate flooring is not just a regular laminate floor cutting saw. It contains the capability of both a table saw and a standard miter saw together. That’s why you don’t need to cut the flooring outside.

Days of running back and forth to install the flooring after cutting it are bygone. With this excellent saw, now you can cut the flooring right to the place exactly where you’re going to fix them.

4. Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor Cutter

Weight33.3 pounds
Dimensions25.8 x 19.1 x 37 inches
Max Thickness16 mm
Power SourceManual
Blade Length13 Inches
Movable45 degrees
Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor Cutter, 13-inch

Now, let’s talk about another model to cut laminate flooring: the Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor cutter.

It’s a guillotine-style cutter that can cut more flooring types, including laminate ones. Including the engineered and laminate flooring plank, it’s also capable of cutting MDF baseboards, LVT flooring, foam or rubber tile, and even VCT tiles.

This powerful and robust vinyl plank flooring cutter comes with a 13 inches blade that is replaceable and re-sharpenable.

What Makes Roberts 10-94 Different?

Amazingly, this laminate plank cutter comes with a large and influential cutting table. This table makes the longer planks easily fit and stabilizes to cut them entirely. Its cutting guide makes the angle cuts perfectly accurate by swiveling and locking into the exact place.

This is why this craft laminate cutter is extraordinary and different from most other flooring cutters. And not just the angle cuts, with this superb flooring cutter square cuts, are even effortless to be perfect.

5. Norske 13 inch Laminate Flooring Siding Cutter

Model NMAP001
Weight13 lbs
Dimensions25″ x 18″ x 14″
MaterialPlastic, Aluminum, Steel
Power SourceManual
Cutting Width13 Inches
Cutting Thickness19/32 inch

Norske Tools Newly Improved NMAP001 13 inch Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter with Heavy Duty Fixed Aluminum Fence and Built-in Precision Angled Miter Settings

It is the last model we have chosen to review for your help. The NIMAP001 is a pro flooring cutter that comes with 13 inches or a 330-mm-long sharp blade. You can cut 4000-5000 times with each blade that is durable enough.

This pro flooring cutting tool provides you with a maximum of 0.594 inches or 15 mm deep cutting. You can cut the flooring anywhere you want without any trouble and dust. Even you can use it to cut laminate wood at the place where you want to install them.

What Makes NIMAP001 Different?

Engineered wood, vinyl plank flooring, bamboo flooring, solid wood, rubber cove base, MSF boards, rubber tiles, fiber cement siding, parquet, deck floorboards, PVC, LP, RVP, SPC, WPC, Vinyl flooring, VCT tiles, soft plastic, leather, pressboard lap siding, carpet tiles; whatever you want to cut, you can cut them all just using only this one flooring cutter. That’s the unique feature of this all-rounder flooring cutting tool.

  1. Comes with a tungsten steel blade of 19/32 inch thickness.
  2. Includes a 600 Grit oilstone to sharpen the blade.
  3. Allows straight cuts and angle cuts up to 45 degrees on a 9 inches wide plank.
  4. Weighs 13 lbs.
  5. Provides electric connection-free cutting.

Essential Facts Before Selecting a Flooring Cutter

Choosing and buying a top-notch laminate floor cutter can be a hazard for you. Don’t just randomly pick anything you get. Go through its details carefully. Some basic facts are essential to consider while choosing your laminate floor saw tools.

You can ignore the following saws and then what cutting tool you should pick to have the most delicate angle cut or straight cut. It depends on what type of saw you would like to use; is it a Jigsaw, Miter saw, Circular saw, or Table saw? Now, if you want something lightweight as a cutting tool, I recommend taking a jigsaw with a laminate cutting blade. Again come, what type of jigsaw? You can definitely pick an electric jigsaw if it’s indoor work because an electric saw is more durable than a battery-powered jigsaw.

It would help if you supported the saw to complete your flooring task, and that is a jigsaw for cure cutting and a table saw for rip cutting.

Blade Strength

No matter which laminate saw you choose to buy, it’s nothing without the blade. The blade is the central part of this tool. Ensure that the blade is made of such flooring materials that last long. And also, its sharpness doesn’t dull fast.

Keep in mind that it’s better to choose such a laminate floor cutter with a replaceable blade. That will be easy to use the cutter for years just by merely changing the blade.

Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

Teeth of the Blade

Isn’t it evident that the better the teeth, the better the blade? And of course, the better the blade, the more the teeth. According to the cutter and the blade’s size, make sure there are more than 100 teeth if it is a circular saw blade and a dense tooth is suitable for a jigsaw blade.

That’s how the cutter will provide better cutting performance with a clean and smooth edge. Choose the top laminate flooring cutting saw whose blade contains thin kerf carbide-tipped teeth.

Teeth Spacing

A blade will cut well with more perfection only when its teeth have as little space as possible among them. The distance between the two teeth should be closer enough so that the blade cut the flooring saw smoothly with a significant finished edge. So you should focus on the blade’s teeth seriously.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of the cutter depends on the blade mostly. The sharpness, durability, size, teeth number, teeth spacing, everything matters when it comes to cutting efficiency.

If a laminate blade can cut through wider and longer flooring smoothly, that means it has higher cutting efficiency. So, find out the cutting range in width, length, and angle when searching for excellent laminate flooring tools.

13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter,For Laminate, Engineered Wood,Parquet,Deck-Floor-Boards, fiber-cement siding, VCT, LVT, RVP, SPC, LVP, WPC, Vinyl Tile Flooring and more.MC-330

If the cutter can’t cut according to your flooring width and length, it’s not worth it. And also, you should know the types of flooring a cutter can cut.

Brand Popularity and Consideration

If you think brand doesn’t matter, let me tell you that you’re absolutely wrong. In the case of a laminate saw, the brand actually matters. A branded company will always be conscious of its name and fame.

And that’s the reason they will never compromise their product, its quality, and its service. Only a well-branded company is trustworthy for such tools. If you don’t waste your money on some laminate flooring saws of poor quality, make sure you’re choosing a well-branded cutter. Yes, of course, it might cost you more than your budget. That won’t be a waste but an investment.

Shipping & Packaging

Before confirming any transaction, figure out the packaging and shipping procedure with details, without making sure that if the seller delivers products to your area, never make any deal.

And you should also know about the packaging if it comes with an offer or any accessories. It’s your right to know everything related to the product before buying it. Don’t hesitate to ask.


Usually, companies offer a warranty with such types of tools. But the warranty time might vary. That’s why ask properly about the time when the warranty offer will be no longer available.

Verdict Line

Well, that’s it. Now, you know the buying tips about the best saw for cutting laminate flooring. We described the products here with their specifications, pros, and cons. Every single thing in this world has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s your call to compare which one will suit your requirements the most.