Chainsaw Blade Direction: How to Put Chain on a Chainsaw

Chainsaw Blade Direction

Regardless of the type, power tools are handy without any doubt, but they also require high maintenance. A small silly mistake could create a serious occurrence anytime, Notably, the chainsaw blade direction. If it somehow moves it in the wrong direction, it won’t help you cut the required material, but it can accidentally cut something else.

Typically, it doesn’t happen. It can only occur when you replaced the bar, blade, or chain. While restoring, you might set the chainsaw in the wrong way by mistake. And, this little mistake can convert into significant damage.

So, why take a risk? Try and learn how to set the chainsaw chain direction so that it can move in the right direction with us. And also, know-how can you check whether your chainsaw is moving forward or backward.

Chainsaw Chain Direction

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Awareness of Chainsaw Blades Direction?

Your chainsaw needs to run in the right direction. Otherwise, it would be ineffective and risky also. What’s the point of using such a chainsaw that runs in the wrong direction?

So, it’s better that you check the chainsaw blade direction before using it. Here are some tips to find out if it will run in the correct direction.

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Check From the Top View

From the top view, you can notice that the top of the chain contains the blade. These blades have two edges, one of them is sharp, and another one is dull. A chainsaw always rotates its chain clockwise.

No matter what the best chainsaw model is, it’s always the same. That’s why the sharp edges of the blade should face the clockwise direction. While watching from the top, you should notice the sharp edges facing the chainsaw body or motor’s opposite direction.

That’s the right position and direction of the blade from the top view.

Check From the Side and Front View

While checking out from the side, suppose you’re watching the chainsaw blade on your right-hand side and the chainsaw engine on your left-hand side. If so, then the blade’s direction should be from left to right, as in clockwise.That would be the right direction. Otherwise, it’s going to run in the wrong direction.

Now check your saw from the front view. If the blade is in the right direction, you’ll see it coming from the upside to the downside. If it’s moving backward, it’s definitely in the wrong direction.

Check from the Bottom View

Isn’t it evident that the view of the chainsaw blade from the bottom will be just the opposite of the top’s view? Let me make it clear. If the blade is in the right direction, then you will be able to notice from the bottom that it’s facing towards the engine or the body.

This is because of the clockwise rotation. If somehow this is not happening, there’s something fishy with your limited price’s chainsaw and its chain or blade.

How to Put the Chain on a Chainsaw?

After checking your chainsaw, I hope there’s everything fine with it. I hope its blade is working properly in the right direction. But, if by any chance, it’s not in the right direction, don’t worry. You can easily reset it up.

Just follow the given simple chainsaw bar and chain replacement steps carefully, and there you go. Your chainsaw will be working correctly again. Let’s get started with taking apart the difference from the main body.

Chainsaw Chain Side View

Fix the Bar

The first step to set or reset a chainsaw or long stick pole saw for your lawn will start with the chain bar reattaching to the chainsaw body. Attach it carefully to the exact place. After attaching take care of the bar adjustment, the bar should get the perfect length according to chain fitting requirements.

Adjust the bar in such a way so that you can spontaneously put it on the chain and make it fit perfectly. Then put on the chain on the bar. The fitting of the chain shouldn’t be tight. Loose chain fitting will be perfect.

Check Again Chainsaw Chain Direction

Now, it’s time for the central part. Remember that you’re resetting or replacing your chainsaw mainly because of its faulty blade direction, right? So, this time, pay more attention and make sure you’re mounting the chain properly.

Hence, it’ll be able to run in the right direction again without any disruption. Don’t make yourself replace or reset the chainsaw again and again because of the same wrong blade direction.

As you already know how to check the right direction, so just follow those procedures and make sure you’re doing it right.

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Tighten the Blade up

Bar attaching, chain mounting, checking chain blade direction; all done. Now, it’s time for the last procedure. And the last one is to tighten up the chain so that it can frequently run without any disturbance.

Be careful while tightening up the chain. Don’t make it too loose or too tight. Either of the situations will hamper working the chainsaw properly.

Chainsaw Chain Tight

Wrap Up

It can sometimes happen that everything with your chainsaw is excellent and working correctly. Still, it’s failing to cut the cutting material. The reason behind the failure might be that your chain blades have become dull. Don’t forget about regular chainsaw blade sharpening.