Chainsaw Blade Direction: How to Put Chain on a Chainsaw

Regardless of the type, power tools are handy without any doubt, but they also require high maintenance. A small silly mistake could create a severe occurrence anytime, notably, if the chainsaw blade direction is wrong. If it somehow moves in the wrong direction, it won’t help you cut the required material; instead, it can create a dangerous situation.

Typically, it can only occur when you replace the bar or chain. While restoring, you might set the chainsaw in the wrong way by mistake. And, this little mistake can convert into significant damage.

So, why take a risk? Try and learn how to set the chainsaw blade direction so that they can move in the right direction with us. And also, know-how can check whether your chainsaw is moving forward or backward.

How to Check the Right Direction of Chainsaw Chain

We already have known what will happen if we set the chain in the wrong direction. Installing the blade in the wrong order is not a usual event, but for someone who is now on a chainsaw and will replace a suitable chainsaw chain for the first time is not easy for him. So I tried to make the process straightforward for those newbie chainsaw users so that they don’t have to face any difficulty with this chainsaw blade replacement process.

I mentioned a few steps to ensure which way to put a chain on a chainsaw and how to check that the chain is going in the correct direction. If you follow the instructions below, you will have no more worries.

Chainsaw Chain Direction

Check From the Top View

From the top view, you can notice that the top of the chain contains the blade. These blades have two edges, one of them is sharp, and another is dull. A chainsaw constantly rotates its chain clockwise.

It’s always the same, no matter what the best chainsaw model is. That’s why the blade’s sharp edges should face the clockwise direction. While watching from the top, you should notice the pointed edges facing the chainsaw body or motor’s opposite direction.

Chainsaw Teeth Direction

If it is that, then everything is OK, so don’t be worried you have done the correct direction of the chainsaw chain.

Check From the Side and Front View

While checking out from the side, suppose you’re watching the chainsaw blade on your right-hand side and the chainsaw engine on your left-hand side. If so, the blade’s direction should be from left to right, as clockwise. That would be the right direction. Otherwise, it’s going to run in the wrong direction.

Chainsaw Chain Going to the Right Way

Now check your saw from the front view. If the blade is in the right direction, you’ll see it coming from the upside to the downside. If it’s moving backward, it’s definitely in the wrong order.

Check from the Bottom View

Isn’t it evident that the view of the chainsaw blade from the bottom will be just the opposite of the top’s view? Let me make it clear. If the blade is in the right direction, then you will be able to notice from the bottom that it’s facing toward the engine or the body.

This is because of the clockwise rotation. If somehow this is not happening, there’s something fishy with your limited price’s chainsaw and its chain or blade.

Right Direction of Chainsaw Chain

How to Put the Chain on a Chainsaw?

We already know about the chain rotation direction. To be more precise or more sure, we will learn how to install a chainsaw chain correctly.

Removing the Side Plate of the Chain

How to Remove Chainsaw Chain Side Plate
Image Credit: GettingThruLife

First of all, you have to remove the side plate of the chain bar due to replace a new chain. To clear this plate, you have to open two nobs. You might also need to loosen the tension screw. The tension screw is located under plate nobs or in front of the saw’s body but near the chain bar.

Installing a New Chain

How to Put a Chain on a Chainsaw
Image Credit: GettingThruLife

If everything is done, then despatch your old chain and wear the new chain. Now, this time is essential to select the chain direction carefully. Place the chain keeping the sharp edge to the front means the right side, as we learned before.

Chainsaw Chain Side View

Properly Fitting the Blade

Here, it would help if you were sure that every chain link has to be fitted with the bar. At the outset, fit the chain with the upper and front sides bar. The downside will be fixed when you set the chain’s tension.

Chainsaw Chain with Right Tension
Image Credit: GettingThruLife

Now place the bar properly and make it tight with both nuts again. It is time to set tension with the tension screw, don’t make it too loose and too tight as well.

After checking your chainsaw, I hope there’s everything fine with it. I hope its blade is working correctly in the right direction. But, if your chain doesn’t rotate in the right direction by any chance, don’t worry. You can easily reset it.

Just follow the given chainsaw bar and chain replacement steps carefully, and there you go. Your chainsaw will be working correctly again. Let’s get started by taking apart the difference from the main body.

You can apply the same step for your lawn care pole chainsaw to change the dull chain.

Wrap Up

Two times, you need to open your chain, once if you would like to replace your chain, and another reason is when you need to sharpen your chain. Because whatever it is, after getting this lesson, hopefully, you will not make any mistake placing your chainsaw blade on the bar in the proper direction. So, have a pleasant experience with installing chains.