The Best Guideline and Chainsaw Tips for Beginners

In this modern and intelligent age, you need an intelligent tool. Which tool can comfortably solve your task? What type of job chainsaw can accomplish? You can’t find out a tool like a chainsaw go by performance. A chainsaw is a dragon saw. There is no satisfactory tool without a chainsaw in a short time to get a better implementation.

Chainsaw Tips for Beginner

I think you are here for chainsaw tips and tricks, and I expect that. To operate this saw, we have to learn the process and know a little thing about the chainsaw; on account of that, I will briefly discuss chainsaw tips for beginners.

We know that this great saw is helpful for hard labor. There are many saw in the saw market, but none of them works like a chainsaw. So we should know nicely about this tool to operate correctly.

Chainsaw Tips for Beginners

You have to have some contacts on chainsaw parts; if you would like to have vital instructions about the chainsaw, this piece will be instrumental for you. Below is a brief introduction to some essential parts of the chainsaw.

Important Parts of Chainsaw

Throttle Lock and Control

The throttle lock is located at the top of the rear handle that’s means the main stem. By pushing the throttle lock, you can save yourself from the upcoming accident but press on the throttle lock; you must minimize the mechanical power by pressing the throttle control. Those switch control machine acceleration instantly. The throttle control trigger is located inside the rear handle. The throttle is also called back or top handle, and you have to manage this part firmly.

Stop Control

This is an essential part of this tool. The stop control switch superintends the machine’s power system. Stopping chain roaming, first of all, needed to stop the motor and, for the sake of the step, shut down the machine with “stop control.”

In other ways, you will lose a lot of fuel but more important than that; you can be injured somehow by the saw — this switch is located on the brink of a throttle lock.

Fuel Reservoir Cap

You can see the fuel cap on the left side and on the point of starting edge of the throttle. There is a big hole under the cape to reserve sufficient fuel. You need fuel to operate chainsaws because it is a portable chainsaw; it has no process to connect electricity. But when you go to an electric chainsaw for home or out-door, then the saw oil tank would not be there.

​Or, if it is a gas pole saw, it should have a gas tank. If you need to exclude medium trees 

Since there is no option to use electricity, it must need fuel. Besides, you will have an electric chainsaw in the market that is not portable and not fuel-driven, so you can efficiently conduct the chainsaw machine with electricity. We will describe in detail in another article about the electric chainsaw.

Oil Reservoir Cap

It’s an integral part of the chainsaw. If there is no oil in that oil hole, you can’t run the machine. The oil keeps the engine healthy and puts into effect that. The oil reservoir cap is located on the front left side and the fuel reservoir cap is. If it is empty, your green chainsaw will call out just after starting the tool, or it may not be turned on.

Starter Cord Handle

This is the most necessary element of the chainsaw. You will find it on top of the fuel reservoir cap and just beside the choke. Everything is OK, but you can’t start your tool without this option.

A starter handle includes a rope, which is another edge apprehended with the main motor. Whenever you intend to turn on the chainsaw, just hold it firmly and pull mightily. You may need to pull once and again but be careful don’t haul at random.

Front Handle

I think you should neck and crop draw attention here because this part controls the full balance of the saw. This part is called the front handle; yes, the front grip remained on the front of the main machine at the beginning point of the guide bar.

It is gripped with the left hand and hung up in total machine weight. If you don’t strictly grip the front handle, the saw falls on the ground, and you may fall into a severe accident. So don’t overlook in respect of this part.

Power Cord

There are several types of power systems the chainsaw. Some are gas-powered, some are oil-powered, and some are corded that’s means an electric powered pole saw and chainsaw. Which is electrically powered, you must get an attached cable with the saw that is used to supply electricity.

Chain Catcher

This area is essential for a chain bar. It holds the chain bare strictly and saves you from happening casualty. The chain catcher stayed on the right side of the chainsaw and at the bottom of the chain bar.

If ever turned aside saw’s chain or broken, it may occur dangerous condition, but you can feel free somewhat anxiety in this regard because the chain catcher tries to capture going chain off when it is broken and loosed.

Chain Brake

Now we are on the most critical point. If you want to know how to use a chainsaw machine, you must focus on the chainsaw chain brake. While working, something unexpected may happen to you as chain-breaking, standing aside throttle, falling on the ground oneself, or something like this.

Chainsaw Diagram

First of all, pull the chainsaw chain brake, then chain roaming will be stopped at once, and you will be removed from danger. I think this part is the most remarkable issue in the chainsaw tips and tricks.

Cutting Chain

On the bar, a chain remained. If you allow the chain bar, it will commence roaming around the bar, and when you touch it on the log or something like this, it will be cut. The delicate chainsaw chain fitted on something like a circular blade’s teeth.

Whenever the chain rotates, then on the super speed score, it touches it being cut. Even after setting the blade direction properly, it may be needed to sharpen. No problem, it has a sharpening process, and when you feel; it doesn’t work correctly, then you can sharpen chain blades.

Guide Bar

It leads to cutting performance. The guide bar works as a chain holder. The chain roams around this bar and cuts your object. One side of the guide bar is fixed with the machine firmly with two or more knobs at the point of a chain catcher.


I am discussing the regard of kickback on the ground of mentioning most importance. Kickback is a serious matter of all issues. If you don’t know about kickbacks, something dangerous can happen, and occasionally, such incidents are heard.

When you cut a substance, the last edge of the bar may go off. Going chain-bar off from being cut occurs an accident in most cases. In the chainsaw tips for beginners issue, it is essential to be careful concerning kickback.

Safety Tools

To move a chainsaw, firstly, we needed some required elements for safety from any unexpected occurrence. Below, I am recommending them.

  • Specs- When you cut wood, plenty of wood pulses will fly off if one of them goes into your eyes, you may affect, may happen an abrupt incident, so you should wear specs.
  • Helmet- It is another part and-parcel safety tool. Always try to save your head because of being the most critical portion of the body. When kickback, the most possibility happens is hitting on the head. Therefore, take a helmet before running the saw and save your life.
  • Headphones– You also need a headphone. When the machine turns on, it makes a lot of noise loudly; it will damage your hearing ability. Headphones can save your ear.
  • Gloves- This safety tool must need. When you move the chainsaw, your hands may dampen for that reason might fall then an accident will kiss you. If you wear gloves in hand, the throttle and front handle can gripe perfectly.
  • Long-Sleeved Shirt- Long-sleeved shirt is required for covering your hands. Splinter or wood pulse may stroke your grips, and you might be injured.
  • Chainsaw Chaps- You can use chainsaw chaps or protective trousers. Chainsaw chaps will try to save the lower part of the waist if the chap is thickened.
  • Boots- Be careful; don’t go to cut anything without wearing heavy-duty, waterproof, cut-resistant, minimum 8-inch high-laced boots with nonskid soles. I don’t do it; you know better than me what will be.