Dragon Scroll Saw Pattern Making: 100% Effective Lesson

An eye-catchy DIY work draws all attention like a magnet. Wooden-designed people like pity much, and if it is more exceptional, then no need to say anything; you will get plenty of appreciation beyond reproach. If you can learn to make one pattern, all tasks are done. From then, you will be able to make all types of exclusive designs that people love.

Dragon Scroll Saw Pattern

Today, we will evoke a lesson of making dragon scroll saw patterns A to Z step by step. In this package lesson, we will have tips on how to search patterns on google. How to make it a pattern with photoshop? And how to come by as a final product?

So, dear, no more talk, let’s do the job in jolly.

How to Search Patterns on Google?

We will start this task by making a dragon pattern. So we should find out a dragon image on google by searching dragon pattern. You will get a lot of paint on there. Just pick one act according to your liking. Click on the picture; you will get a substantial similar portrait on the right side and choose from them.

Now hit the right baton on the photograph and select the option of “Save Image As.” It will suggest to you where you would like to save the choice. Set the destination as you prefer and hit on the save option.

Remember one thing; if the image is gray-scale or multi-color, it is comfortable to convert to liner mode; otherwise, it can confuse the liner view. Apparently, you can do it but should not get the fresh line. So be careful to take your target. I choose this photo for the lesson from google by searching for dragon patterns.

Dragon Image

How to Make it Pattern with Photoshop?

To finish the lesson, I took this image. It’s really an impressive dragon view. You will have some idea about photoshop because I will try to explain this issue in photoshop. There is a lot of software that can do this type of job, but I prefer photoshop, and I know most people know Photoshop, so it is the best option to discover the tusk. Now let’s take action in photoshop step by step slowly.

Step-1: First of all, open the dragon portrait in photoshop. Copy the primary layer for it can press (Ctrl+J) in case of selecting the layer. We will drive operation on your newly created layer.

Dragon Outline Pattern

Step 2: Select the new layer, go to the menu bar, and hit on the image option under the Adjustment it’s your place. Put the cursor on the adjustment and drag the cursor to the right side will find a long list. Now follow the bottom of the list there you will find out “Desaturate” click on that. (Image+Adjustment+Desaturate).

Step 3: Once again, go to Image, then “Adjustment,” then “Invert” and hit the invert option. (Image+Adjustment+Invert) Choose “subtract” and copy it by pressing (Ctrl+J) to make the Screen mode of this layer for this layer.

Step 4: Go to “image” again and convert into Grayscale (Image+Mode+Grayscale). The last layer that you have created finally makes that invert again following the above instructions. Now merge all layers by pressing (Alt+L+F) must have to hold on Alt to finish “L” and “F.”

Step 5: Again copy your only one layer and get it in “Linear Light” mode. Now press “Control” and “M” (Ctrl+M) and move the curve line up, you will come across an input box below the curve line; input 20 in there gets out by clicking OK.

Dragon Pattern Outline

Yes, this is your scroll saw dragon pattern. You did it at last.

Bottom line, I hope now you are happy doing this. For a Photoshop beginner, it is tough for the first time, but frequently practicing the job will be very easy. Since then, you can make any portrait into a liner pattern and, in this way, get the best design for your scroll saw. If you feel the instruction is challenging, don’t worry, next time, I will make it easier; just keep it with me.