How to Go Through Electric Chainsaw Maintenance Properly?

Every single thing requires proper maintenance for longer life. Power tools, especially electric chainsaws, should get regular maintenance for a long time and better performance. If you’re an owner of an electric chainsaw, you should pay attention to electrical chainsaw maintenance without any hesitation.


Want your chainsaw to provide you with high-quality performance for a longer time? Then you have to take good care of your chainsaw. It’s sensitive and fragile. Without proper maintenance, it won’t work correctly or last longer. Any idea about maintaining your electric chainsaw? Let us help you out with the appropriate guidance on such chainsaw maintenance. Let’s get started.

How to Maintain an Electric Chainsaw and Its Parts?

Maintaining a chainsaw means defending all its parts. And with a corded chainsaw, you have to be even more careful. That’s because they require more maintenance than other regular chainsaws. So, here are the basic guidelines for chainsaw maintenance, and if the chainsaw doesn’t get a start. Have a look.

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Chain Blade

While operating, the chainsaw lubricates its chain blade automatically. Those blades become oily and clogged because of oil lubrication, sawdust, and other rubbish. It clogs the discharge holes for oil lubrication along the chain bar. Set the chain in the correct blade direction when you depart all parts.

Any idea how to clean a chainsaw chain? A can of compressed air can help you clean these holes. Carefully wipe off the chain and bar using a soft and clean piece of cloth.

Chainsaw Blade

Extension Cord

An extension cord is a must when you’re about to use an electric chainsaw. It would help maintain different extension cords for indoor and outdoor jobs. Outdoor extension cords are more robust and durable and come with a W or W-A suffix mark. 

To avoid unwanted overheating or any other damages, maintain and check your extension cord whether there’s any wiring exposure or worn-out point. If so, just remove it and use a new one.

Chainsaw Bar

A pipe cleaner or a wire can be helpful to clean the chainsaw bar and its groove. For chainsaw bar maintenance, regularly check its edges, whether it’s dull or not. Also, check if there’s any debris or dust in the bar’s groove. It would help if you never had mercy on a badly worn-out, bent, or cracked bar. Just forget about the old one and replace it with a fresh one.

Oil Reservoir

To run the chainsaw smoothly, it’s vital to lubricate the chain bar continuously and adequately. But chips, wood dust, or any other debris can clog the oil reservoir, which will hamper the continuous automatic lubricating process. 

That’s why to check if the oil reservoir is working correctly, hold your saw up over an area with bright color and press the throttle. Across the chain edge, there should be an oil splatter. 

Otherwise, it’s time to replace the oil reservoir with a new one. And also, use clean oil with less thickness. If you want to use your chainsaw securely, you should be careful of this part. 

Your Heading Here

It would be very reasonable if the wind makes sawdust blow and creep into your electric saw machine. When this situation occurs, you should check inside the armature cover by removing it.

In such maintenance, compressed air will be a great help. It can easily blow the dust away from the motor brushes and the armature. Keep maintaining them regularly.

Wiping Off the Whole Body

Chainsaw Wiping

Is your favorite chainsaw necessary to mention cleaning the body with all-over wiping off? It would help if you never let grime or grease build-up, especially on the plastic body. Reduce chances for dust or debris to make the saw clogged by clean and clear regular maintenance.

How to Follow a Routine Chainsaw Maintenance?

Low budget Electric chainsaws are sensitive, and that’s why they require routine maintenance for a better life and performance. Let’s see how you can keep going with the regular maintenance of your electric chainsaw.


Daily maintenance will certainly help you with the sudden use of your chainsaw. It does not matter for what purpose you use this saw for regular maintenance; you should check and clean all the parts if there’s any dust or debris inside. Check if all the nuts and screws are tight entirely. Don’t forget to check the switches and throttle if they’re working instantly and adequately. As it’s an electric chainsaw, a broken switch can cause serious harm. You should also look at the oil bar and check if it’s lubricating the bar smoothly.


Some significant parts in the chainsaw require weekly maintenance. Parts like the recoil spring, spark arrester, starter, cooling fins, engine block, muffler, and spark plug highly demands weekly maintenance. Check them, clean them, and if required, replace them.


This is the time when you go through the chainsaw maintenance with in-depth detail. Pay more attention to every single part and operation of your chainsaw. Don’t leave any single part unchecked. Find out carefully if all of its components are working correctly. Verify if there’s even a tiny damaged or worn-out part inside the saw.

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Final Words

It’s always better to keep maintaining the electric chainsaw before it’s too late and you have to go for a completely new saw. Don’t just leave your chainsaw alone for a very long time. If you want it to provide good service, you must give it proper care. If you are a beginner user of a chainsaw, all tips will help you nicely.