Excalibur Scroll Saw Review of 16 inch & 21 inch Size

Are you enthusiastic woodworking professional? If you’re into making curve cuts and want an experience like a pro, the Excalibur brand of power tools can be an excellent choice. Why? To know the answer, you are in this Excalibur scroll saw review. OK, let’s go to solve the puzzle – you’ll find plenty of scroll saws in the market, but very few serve their purpose, unlike the Excalibur brand.

Excalibur Scroll Saw

It’s always tough to get the right one if one feature meets the demand, and the other mismatches. Well, today, I will talk about an exception in this case. Innovative design and functionality make the Excalibur flagships, Excalibur Ex-16 for 16 inches and Excalibur Ex-21 for 21 inches, two of the best scroll saws in the market.

To make sure you don’t spend a fortune on the wrong products, I’ll guide you to two Excalibur saws that have been running hot in the market. If you buy these two, you have the perfect scroll saw experience.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the review of the Excalibur saw series.

Excalibur Scroll Saw Review

Now I will focus on the advantages of both size scroll saw one by one made by Excalibur. Why did the Excalibur scroll see 16 inches and the Excalibur scroll saw 21 inches meet your max needs? Just pay attention to their features.

Excalibur Ex-16 Inch Scroll Saw

Weight54 pounds
Dimensions27″ x 15″ x 17″
Power SourceCorded Electric
Tilt Angle30 & 45 = L & R
Blade Stroke1400 SPM
Warranty2 Years
Excalibur EX-16 16

If you buy another mainstream scroll saw, you can do it. But, do remember, these scroll saws can actually cause you harm. If you do a little bit of research or ask your neighbors, you’ll find most of them had accidents while using scroll saws. I’m pretty sure most people will say that getting the hand in contact with the blade and getting hurt is a common issue. Why? Because they face it almost every time, they use the saw.

Don’t be like most people; rather, experience the uniqueness with the new Excalibur Ex-16 16” scroll saw. It has a fantastic structure that boasts an upper and lower blade guard assembly. It makes sure your hands do not get any contact with the blade.

Tired of getting your scroll saw to start up by itself? If you haven’t experienced this problem, you may want to ask your neighbors about it. I’m pretty sure if they’ve used a scroll saw, they’ve already experienced this problem.

Sometimes your hand or body may touch the start-up switch and turn the machine on. It usually happens as the saws do not come with a switch protection system. Why would you go through this hassle? Rather, go with the Excalibur Ex-16 16” instead. There’s a switch protection device that will ensure there’s no unintentional start-up.

The purpose of a good scroll saw is to provide you with accurate cuts. Unfortunately, most scroll saws in the marketplace fail to fulfill this purpose. How? The mainstream ones do not come with proper head tilting. Moreover, the ones that do come with the wrong measurement for tilting. As a result, the machine loses its balance while giving you non-accurate cuts.

Well, there’s no room for stress anymore as you have the Excalibur Ex-16 16” scroll saw probably right at your corners. With a unique head tilting at 30° left and 45° right, the Excalibur Ex-16 16” makes sure you have the perfect cuts while having better control and leveling balance. It offers up to 2 inches, cutting depth at maximum.

Getting a good number of strokes is a must for curving useful art and having good cuts. The more the number of strokes your scroll saw can provide, the better the quality you’ll get while bending things. Furthermore, it also makes your task faster and easier. While other scroll saws provide lesser strokes, you can entirely depend on the Excalibur Ex-16″. Make unique curves easily and quickly as it comes with 400-1400 strokes per minute.

You can increase and decrease the speed quickly as it has tension controls with a constant torque permanent magnet motor. While curving, you’ll see you’re getting dust extractions. To save you from the hassle of dust, the Excalibur Ex-16 16” arrives with an onboard dust blower, which you can use for dust extraction hook-up.

Highlighted Features

  • The product comes with an upper and lower guard assembly. It will protect you from any accidental hand contact with the blade.
  • You can tilt the head 30° left and 45° right. It will keep the machine leveled and balanced so that you can have accurate cuts.
  • You’ll get about 400-1400 strokes per minute. With this feature, you can make curves and cuts fast and easily.
  • The onboard dust blower helps you to get dust extractions.

Excalibur Ex-21K Inch Scroll Saw

Weight111 pounds
Dimensions32 x 15 x 48.5
Power SourceCorded Electric
Tilt Angle30 & 45 = L & R
Blade Stroke1400 SPM
Warranty2 Years
Size21 inch
Excalibur EX-21K 21

Hey! this is the second option in Excalibur scroll saw reviews. This tool is for those who want to have the best scroll saw with the best throat capacity. If you use saws that have wider throats, you’ll be able to make more extensive straight cuts very conveniently. Without any obstruction from the frame, you can quickly scroll larger pieces.

If you want all these facilities, you can get your hands on the Excalibur Ex-21k 21”. It has got 21 inches of throat capacity as the maximum depth it cuts is 2 inches. It will surely give you broader cuts according to your desire.

Durability is a must, and I know how much everyone craves it. You don’t want to change your scroll saw once in a while, do you? Well, if you’re going to save your time and your money, I prefer the Excalibur Ex-21k 21”. Excalibur is built heavily with thick folded steel fabrications; this excellent scroll saw ensures the ultimate durability you need. The blade arm is solidly built, so there’s no room for doubting this product’s longevity.

If you had an early experience with a scroll saw, you’d know how risky it is to operate. Sometimes, while working, your hands may come in contact with the blade of the scroll saw. As a result, you may end up getting hurt or cutting your finger or hand.

As a good wisher, I want to make sure you always remain risk-free. That’s why I recommend you take the Excalibur Ex-21k 21”. It comes with the upper and lower blade guard assembly, preventing accidental contact between your hands and the blade.

You’ll find scroll saws that do not come with a switching protection device most of the time. I don’t know why the manufacturers of those scroll saws do not consider people often switch the start button accidentally and unintentionally. It can be a very stressful problem that can ruin your mood.

Well, let your solution start with the Excalibur Ex-21k 21”. The scroll saw has a switch protection feature that will prevent you from turning the scroll saw on accidentally with your hands or with a sudden push by your body.

Excalibur EX-21K 21

Ever faced those days when you tilt the head or the blade of the saw, and it doesn’t remain balanced? Sometimes, you’ll find people complaining that they tried to tilt their blade, but the table ended up being tilted along with the blade instead.

It destroys the chance of getting accurate cuts and curves. Why don’t you try the Excalibur Ex-21k” then? You can tilt the blade 30° left and 45° right while the table stands still in its position. It makes your job easy to create the perfect cut and curves. One of the best features of the Excalibur Ex-21k is changing the blade using the finger-operated blade clamps. There’s no need for any assistance with extra tools. On the base, you’ll find that there are organized blade storage as well.

Highlighted Features

  • The upper and lower blade guard assembly prevents your hands from getting in contact with the blade. Plus, there’s a switching protection device that prevents unintentional start-ups.
  • It is constructed with thick folded steel fabrications that ensure durability and longevity.
  • The combination of throat capacity and head tilting at 30° left and 45° makes sure you get the best curves and cuts faster.
  • The blades can be changed using finger-operated blade clamps.

Similarity The Two Excalibur Saws

Both the Excalibur saws have the following highlighted features as standard. Let’s have a look at them briefly.

The limited lifetime warranty enables you to get your device fixed for free if anything happens.

Comparing Between Excalibur 21″ and 16″

The scroll saws have an innovative design combined with quality construction; their feature ensures long durability. Though both products have similarities, there are a few differences between these tools. The Excalibur 16 inches is actually meant for hobbyist carpenters. Compared to the Excalibur 21 inches, the Excalibur 16 inches are more compact, allowing you to transport yourself between job sites with ease and convenience.

It indeed is an ideal choice if you’re talking about mobile workshops. When it’s about heavy-duty use in workshops and commercial applications, this is where the Excalibur 21 inches serves excellent. You should buy an adjustable steel stand if you want superior operating performance. You’ll get extra added support because of the stand, along with vibration dampening as well. Besides, you’ll be able to set your machine up anywhere in your workshop very easily.

Things to Consider Before Buying These Saws

I personally think Excalibur scroll saws have almost everything you need. There’s no chance that they’ll miss anything. Plus, there’s no chance of getting a copy version of getting the Excalibur saws. However, just in case you don’t face any problems, I’ve prepared a list of things you need to consider before buying the Excalibur Ex-16 and Excalibur Ex-21k. Give it a read, and you’ll know the dos and don’ts.

Work Table:

The first thing you need to think about is getting an excellent quality work table. Make sure you buy a work table that is large enough. If you have a large worktable, it will help you with larger projects. Also, make sure the platform is sturdy. You can face problems if there’s too much vibration, although the Excalibur Ex-21k comes with fewer vibrating features. That’s why you won’t face much of a problem.

Throat Size:

The higher the throat size or throat capacity, the broader cuts you’ll be able to make. To complete large projects, the importance of having a bigger throat size knows no bounds. Well, in such cases, you won’t have a single problem with this scroll saw. Take the Excalibur Ex-21k, for instance. It has got 21 inches of throat capacity that can cut up to 2 inches deep. It is more than enough for you to have the perfect extensive cuts.


There are basically two types of blades when you’re talking about scroll saws: Pinned blades and unpinned or plain end blades. Unpinned blades will give you beautiful and more detailed cuts compared to pinned ones. Luckily, the scroll saws of the Excalibur series have unpinned blades.

It would help if you also looked for a blade with or without tools. Always look for those who don’t need any tools to change the blade. Otherwise, you’ll get an extra hassle while earning tools each time you want to change the blades. Luckily, the Excalibur Ex-21k has got finger-operated blade clamps. You can change your blade with your finger anytime you want, without using any tool at all.

Variable Speed Control:

Getting a scroll saw with variable control speed is a must. Switch between your desired speed to make better cuts. Usually, you’ll need to slow the saw down’s pace to make the precise cuts without rushing. Sometimes, you’ll need to increase the speed as well. If you don’t have variable speed control, there’s a chance you’ll end up ruining your cuts. Surprisingly, both the Excalibur Ex-16 and Excalibur Ex-21k have got variable speed controls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of blades does the Excalibur team use in these products?

The Excalibur uses plain end blades.

Where is it made?

It is made in China.

Where can I get the parts of these scroll saws from?

You can get the parts any time you want simply by contacting Seyco from Seyco.com.

Wrapping Up

The Excalibur saw series offers you the best form of features and feedback for any DIY scrolling application. If you want the taste of advanced design technology teamed up with a limited warranty, then this product is the one you need.
Don’t think about the price; instead, think about the quality. Think about how easy and convenient your life will be with this fantastic scroll saw. Once you’ve decided, get your hands on this amazing product.