How to Cut Laminate Flooring [Right Tools for flooring]

Are you thinking of installing laminate flooring on your own? Great idea, indeed. But do you have any idea how to cut laminate flooring? Have you ever gone through this procedure? If you have previous experience, then get going again. Otherwise, first, go through a proper guide for laminate floor installation tips and tricks.

How to Cut Laminate Flooring

The most critical and challenging part of installing laminate flooring is cutting them into proper shape. Not just that, it could also be hazardous for beginners. One single mistake can turn into a bad experience. If you couldn’t cut the laminate flooring properly, all your struggle would be just a waste. You have to restart from the beginning by spending more materials and money. So, let me guide you through the laminate floor-cutting procedure step-by-step.

How to Cut Laminate Flooring Properly?

Installing laminate flooring for beginners might be a hazard. Here are the step-by-step processes you should follow to have a perfect laminate flooring cut. Check them out.

Choose The Right Tool

You already know that cutting is an essential part of installing laminate flooring. Now, let me inform you that the most valuable part of cutting laminate flooring is choosing the perfect tool to get the job done correctly.

Want to have a high budget and a plan to get professional laminate flooring work for the whole house? You can choose a Jigsaw or Floor laminate saw with specialty blades with your closed eyes. That’s because specialty blades offer an impressive performance but are too expensive. 

You shouldn’t go with the specialty blades if it’s only for a single room. There are plenty of other standard options for a high laminate floor cutter.

Row Measurement

Now, let’s talk about measurement. Well, of course, you’re going to need an accurate size of the distance between the first row and the last one. That’s how you’ll get to know the measurement for cutting laminate flooring.

It’s far better to go through a proper measurement too often instead of cutting more than once. We all will agree on this point. Now, it’s nothing. You just need to set the laminate boards on every side of the room along the wall with the spacer.

It’s best to set them parallel to room length. Now, you’ll get the last board that doesn’t fit. It’s time to mark on the board where exactly you need to cut to make it fit in the row. Measure the other sides of the room close to the flooring transition, just in the same way.

Go Through Cutting

Now it’s cutting time! It must always be kept in mind that you have to follow the proper process of “how to cut laminate flooring without chipping” its coating and be careful about vinyl flooring direction while it is being cut. The chipped laminate flooring will be less durable and also look sloppy. Without any second thought, just use blades with 18 teeth per inch. While cutting, don’t try to force it. Cut normally.

Ripping & Shaping

Sometimes, cutting is not enough. In that case, you have to go for ripping. Use a steel yardstick or a T-square to mark the ripping edge. Tape straight the edge along its length and cut slowly with the saw. You can use a resawing table saw to rip wood accurately or something similar. That’s how you’re going to get a perfect rip.

How to Complete the Cut of Laminate Flooring With a Circular Saw?

  • The saw should have eight teeth per inch.
  • Use a pencil or chalk to mark and draw lines on the laminate flooring according to your measurement.
  • Let the laminate face right-side-up.
  • Now cut it off.
Laminate Floor Cutting

What Are The Moves for Cutting Laminate Flooring with Jigsaw?

  • Select a Jigsaw, including a blade that has beautiful teeth. Hence, you’ll be able to cut the laminate flooring without chipping. 
  • For curved cuts without wasting laminate flooring, make a pattern with paper.
  • Trace around the objects by holding the paper piece around the pipes or pillar.
  • Shape your paper pattern exactly what you desire the laminate to be.
  • Now, place it on the laminate flooring to draw the shape where you want to cut.
  • Flip the laminate plank upside down using the Jigsaw blade. Then flip the paper pattern upside down too and place it on the laminate backside.
  • To make the blade run from one edge to the other of the laminate smoothly, vertically hold the Jigsaw.
  • On the laminate plank, place the painter’s tape along with the pattern to avoid chipping while cutting it face up.
  • Draw lines on the top of the tape to mark the laminate cutting shape, then cut it following the lines.

What Saw do You Use to Cut Laminate Flooring?

When it comes to cutting laminate flooring, don’t get confused about choosing the right tool. The perfect tool for cutting laminate flooring varies with different sizes and shapes of the cuts. You can accept or use one of the following tools according to your cutting requirements.


I hope now the thing is clear that’s how to cut laminate flooring. There are different types of cutting tools available in the market. Every tool is excellent with its cutting features. It’s up to you which one you need to choose according to your requirement. Be careful and have patience while cutting or ripping — no need to hurry up.