How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut Curves Simply

Who uses a saw? They know how many kinds of saws are utilized for multiple purposes. Jigsaw is one of the best saws I ever saw. It can offer us a versatile performance. Straight cut, curve cut, and circle cut in many ways we can use this valuable tool for our wishful thoughts. However, do we know how to use a jigsaw to cut curves? Now coming to the point. 

How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut Curves

First of all, we should think, why is referring jigsaw to cut curve? Has it additional facilities to chop the curve? Is it easier to cut the curve? Will jigsaw save your time? Can jigsaw accomplish your task without hard labor? Dear, I will try to uncover all the questions that are thrusting you constantly. And along the side, I want to give you a great source of what purpose you can use a jigsaw for.

Has it Extra Facilities to Cut Curves?

Your answer is yes. Honestly, there are many opportunities to cut with a jigsaw without any other saw. For roughly using this tool is a perfect selection — there is no risk, where there are many obstacles in using other saws. A lightweight jigsaw tool is really a handy tool for being low weight (4 to 6 or 7 lbs). You can accept the jigsaw tool in several cutting sectors like If you want to make straight cutting, then it will be a great hand tool.

Woodworking Jigsaw Tool

For being a compact design, you can carry it to a remote place. There are two types of jigsaw according to the power source a corded jigsaw and cordless jigsaw.

A corded jigsaw is basically collected power from electricity, so it’s called an electric jigsaw. Typically, the electric jigsaw has become a powerful instrument for cutting works, and it can provide long-time performance as long as there is electricity. But some difficulties are leading it in remote areas with no electricity.

On the other hand, If I want to say something about the cordless jigsaw, many things are knocking on my tongue, but telling you briefly, It’s a really convenient cutting tool in the sawing world. Why is it most preferable? It is a lightweight machine that can make up for your demands anywhere.

It has a power bank that contains a 20-volt lithium-ion battery. I have already mentioned the advantages of the jigsaw tool, so I think you noticed this equipment how effective and I am sure that you have got an answer of “has it extra facilities to cut curve?

How to Cut Curve with Jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a perfect tool as your liked tool that cuts curve cuts or circular cuts. Several saws are used to cut curves as a scroll saw, reciprocating saw, coping saw, band saw, and so on, but the jigsaw is the best of them. Now we will follow the instructions step by step, so let’s do that:

Choosing Workpiece

At the outset, elect the workpiece on whether you want to do curved cuts or want to experiment. If it is poly-board, metal, or wood that can be hard or soft, there is a matter of choosing stuff type because of your object’s thickness or hardest. Somewhat wooden objects are, and some are stiff, so you have to make a plan that needs your purpose.

Which Blade Should Choose?

Now come to blade type because it is essential to curved cuts with a jigsaw. There are two kinds of blades to use in the jigsaw: the U-shank jigsaw blade and the T-shank jigsaw blade. Working with both types of jigsaw blades can be done, but if you ask me which is my favorite, my opinion is throwing all blades off without T-shank; it can deliver maximum performance.

Some blades in the T-shank blade category hamper work; they are not better to cut. To cut curve shape always will choose thin and flexible blade otherwise will not be able to turn the blade along with the mark. So be careful to pick the right blade.

Stuff Locking Step

It is the step to lock the object with the table. It would help if you used a clamp to clamp the workpiece securely. When you play this jigsaw tool on the board, doesn’t it move? If the cuts are needed inside, you must drill inside the mark to insert a jigsaw blade through the hole to smooth blemishes.

Doing the Main Task

Finally, we are on the final part to cut a curve, Now place the jigsaw tool on the board (that you want to cut) and insert the blade through the stuff’s hole. It is time to run the machine. Just turn on the power switch.

Gripe the jigsaw’s handle softly and give a slight push forward.


Keep in mind that if you hold the handle firmly, then there is a possibility of damaging your cuts, so clutch it softly. Now go forward along with marked line slowly, but if you are a beginner user. If it is an intricate shape that is difficult to follow strictly, be calm, grow the machine, speed up, and gradually move it in cold blood.

If it gets destroyed, there is nothing to be anxious about. Try it again, in this step; you can rotate the object keeping the machine fixed, then you don’t need to lock the stuff. Release the workpiece from the leash. There is one thing to follow in this process. Because of that, it is difficult for a beginner, so if you feel it is a hard drawback, the process. I think the first method is excellent to implement.

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