How to Use Chainsaw Securely without Massive Accident

How to Use Chainsaw

We can execute tough work with a chainsaw. The chainsaw cutting technique makes it easy being cut. Why do we need to know that, how to use chainsaws? Because you will never become a proper cutter if you don’t know the actual process. Proper operating knowledge will bring you off from unexpected worse occurrences.

The chainsaw is a dangerous thing for a beginner. You have to know the method of how to cut a fallen tree with a chainsaw. How to cut a large log with a chainsaw? How to cut a small tree with a chainsaw? Then you will be able to cuts very softly.

How to Cut a Fallen Tree with a Chainsaw?

At the outset, separate the fallen tree from the butt end it fell due to the storm. Now draw your attention to trimming. Cut all the branches from the beginning point one by one. If the branches are large, trim the small branches of the large ones and finally cut them down. Take care of your legs and foot because any branch might have fallen on your leg or foot.

After trimming all the branches, your time is to make a decision; do you want to keep it up to the tree, or break it off there? I am sure, at the time the chainsaw was with you. Measure the according to your requirement the log. Now, start to cut the fallen tree with a chainsaw from the narrow edge, which tree already has been changed into the trunk.

How to cut large tree with chainsaw

How to Cut a Large Log with a Chainsaw? 

When you would like to take a challenge to cut a large log with a chainsaw, you need more knowledge as to what is being happening while cutting a big trunk. Your advanced knowledge will plenty help to contribute prudence. A different person follows different law, but most performer follows two or three types of rules. 

Firstly, put the running chainsaw on the log and presser downward slightly with a little pushing and pulling. When it is cut in 1/3 portion, comes the saw out from the trunk. Now roll the log and place the opposite side being cut.

Start again, cutting with an eye to along with past cutting. At the 45-degree angle roll it back after completing cutting 1/3 portion. You will already have noticed that 2/3 of the part cuts have been completed. Now your cutting will be effortless, start again and finish cutting the whole log. 

Another tip is that you, End off cutting a large log with a powerful electric chainsaw except by rolling the log. To chop a large chock should take the most massive chainsaw, it will ease your task. As opposed, your home used chainsaw can’t cut a large tree because it has a small chain bar which is not able to perform for a big log.

There are several types of the long saw bar, it is up to 6 feet, but we don’t need such a long chain bar. To cut a log of a 3 ft radius, a 3 ft long chain bar is the best. Don’t worry, if you don’t have 3 ft or more long you can cut the log. 

Usually, seen during cat a log when it crosses 50% thick, must the chock pinches the saw as well going away will be very tough because of that we will take over a technique. When it is cut 1/3 part, a crowbar has to be inserted in the cutting point then it will make agape and not a problem even after we finish the job.

How to Cut a Small Tree with a Chainsaw?

Small tree cutting is a straightforward matter with a chainsaw. First of all, you find out the risky side; the side of the tree is most likely to cause damage. I think you got the point, yes; you have to be conscious with regard to the edge. Now choose a suitable side to fall the tree off. The tree should not be completely cut off.

The tree has to be turned towards your preferable side so to do that, in that flank cut a cross and then angle make a reverse ‘L’ shape by degrees.

With an awareness to make the appearance more significant than large at once, you will follow the tree is getting a swing, now it is your time to the tree to preferable flank. What happened? The tree is now on the ground.

Small Tree Cut with Chainsaw

Very good, make the fallen tree into a slice with relaxing. One thing for you, in case, if the tree is small like a medium branch, then you can cut the trunk with an electric stick less pole saw because it is similar to a chainsaw.

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Your question was about how to use a chainsaw securely; I hope you already have got the answer to what is the method to operate this tool. Now, you should remember the following safety tips to avoid serious injuries.

  • First of all, focus on the chainsaw bar & blade direction. Justify the knob of the chain bare, if it is untasted, a large type of accident may happen instantly.
  • Check the oil container located on the left side of the front part machine. If it is low or empty, then refill. The chain gets oil and smoothly runs fast. Fuel is not only used for the fetter but also motor. Hence, to get the best performance, use oil at the exact time.
  • Make sure that, your chainsaw’s chain brake is still working or not. The chain brake is a vital part of the saw. It will help you to roam the chain on the spot.
  • Wear your safety wears whereas a helmet, headphone, specs, long sleeve shirt, chainsaw chaps, hand gloves, and boots.
  • Be careful about kickback. While you play a chainsaw, your unconsciousness at the right moment may happen an accident on the score of kick again, while leading a chainsaw by going off the last edge of the chain bar may push you behind, it’s called kickback.
  • Know the right solution or proper reason for not starting your chainsaw.

After following those instructions let’s move to our main stuff which is to cut the trees or logs.