American Made Chainsaws: Best Chainsaw for the Latest Time

The Made in America chainsaws are known for quality, excellent performance, and durability. If you are specifically searching for an American-made chainsaw, you can pick from any given below. Each of them offers outstanding features and is an excellent pick.

Let’s see below the USA-made chainsaws.

American Made Chainsaws

What Chainsaws are Made in America?

Who makes the best chainsaw in the world? It is not difficult to say because we know that America is the only country that makes the world’s best chainsaw, but if you say what brands are the best for a chainsaw, I have to say follow this “The best chainsaw manufacturers ever.” Now coming to our main topic is the American chainsaw brand. I made a list of a few genuine chainsaw brands in the USA. As a matter of fact, the world’s best chainsaw brands are in made America. Seeing the brand’s list, you will definitely be surprised that you didn’t know. Just look down.

Husqvarna Brand

The Husqvarna group has been in existence since 1689. With its headquarters in Sweden. It’s a famous brand of chainsaw made in the USA. The company also has other branches in countries like China, Brazil, and France. Though made in America, some parts are outsourced from other countries for Husqvarna chainsaw and other equipment. The models produced in the USA include:

  • 235
  • 235e
  • 240
  • 240e
  • 435
  • 440
  • 440e
  • 445
  • 450e
  • 455
  • 455e
  • 460
Robust Husqvarna Chainsaw

Features of Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna chainsaw is designed for multi-purpose. You can use this for lawn or DIY or farm or any professional purpose.

There are three types of Husqvarna chainsaw in the market, they are Gasoline, Electric, and Battery Powered.

It is an easy-to-use, lightweight chainsaw with a comfortable handle and compact size. The chain tensioning device ensures even tension across the entire cutting area. The blade is sharpened on both sides and the angle of the cutting edge is 20 degrees. It has a non-slip grip and a textured surface that provides excellent hold.

It also comes with a kickstart guard, oil reservoir cover, and a carrying case. The chainsaw comes with three cutting capacities, which are 18 inches, 21 inches, and 24 inches. Anyone can operate this tool from novice to expert.

Echo Brand

We will start with this question: who makes echo chainsaws because? People look for the answer to be sure where the chainsaw is made, that is, they are using. Echo is also a renowned company as a USA chainsaw manufacturer. Though Echo’s headquarter is in Ome, Tokyo, Japan, its essential parts are made in Illinois, USA. It also has several manufacturing plants in China, Japan, as well as Illinois. Not all the parts are made in America, though. The Echo is a famous brand among chainsaws made in America.

Handy Echo Chainsaw

Why Echo Chainsaw is a Great Choice?

The main drawbacks of echo chainsaws are that they are rather costly (about $300 more than a comparable conventional chainsaw), have a shorter life span (about 12 to 18 months instead of 2 to 3 years), and produce considerably more hazardous trash. However, if you are willing to take these drawbacks in stride, then an echo chainsaw is a worthy addition to your tool chest.

How should you use this information? Think about how you would use a Swiss Army knife if you were on a remote island and had to create your own tools. What do you suppose the main uses would be for such a versatile little device? Hmm? I know what one of my first uses for it would be. And so can you!

Poulan Brand

A regular chainsaw user knows that Poulan is a USA-made chainsaw. This brand is a part of the Husqvarna group. Husqvarna saws, Poulan saws are also outsourced from the different countries where their manufacturing plants are located worldwide. Some Poulan chainsaws made in the USA are:

  • P3314
  • P3314WSA
  • P3416
  • P3816
  • P4018
  • P4018WT
Poulan Fuel Chainsaw

Why Poulan Chainsaw is a Great Choice?

Forever Free Service Agreement gives you access to Poulan’s own repair facility, if needed, for free. The Poulan Anti-Vibration Grips are comfortable and provide maximum control while still allowing you to make accurate cuts. One thing that I love about the Poulan chainsaw is the fact it has been designed with a left-hand bar. it means, if you are right-handed, you can actually use this chainsaw as a left-hand bar chainsaw.

The anti-vibration handle on the chainsaw makes it easy and comfortable to use. One of the most important things about a chainsaw is the chain. In most cases, you will be using a replaceable carbide-tipped chain.

Jonsered Brand

It is also part of the Husqvarna group. Some models are similarly manufactured in America, just like Echo and Husqvarna chain saws. The models made in America are:

  • CS2166
  • CS2234
  • CS2238
  • CS2240
  • CS2255

Why Jonsered Chainsaw is a Reliable Choice?

The Jonsered chainsaw is made with huge features, including an ergonomic handle, an on/off safety switch, a wire cutter on the trigger guard, and a rear anti-vibration bar. This chainsaw is also lightweight and is perfect for felling and pruning trees or cutting large amounts of firewood. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and handle.

This chainsaw is also powered by our patented Clean Power engine technology, which reduces harmful exhaust emissions up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency up to 20%. It also features a unique turbo intake air cleaning technology that separates and removes up to 97% of sawdust and other dust particles from air before it reaches the air filter, providing optimal performance with less frequent filter cleaning.

Remington Brand

Headquarters is in Valley City, Ohio. It also has other manufacturing plants in Mexico, China, and Europe.

Remington chainsaw has a unique wrap-around handle that makes operation safer for you and allows you to reach any angle, and keeps large debris away from your hands during operation. This machine features an automatic oiler which means your chain remains lubricated while you are busy working.

Beautiful Remington Chainsaw

MacCulloch Brand

It originally started in Milwaukee but is now owned by the Husqvarna group. Manufactured in the USA and other countries where Husqvarna saws are made. The models manufactured in the USA are:

  • CS340
  • CS380
  • MC4218AV

Why MacCulloch is a Popular Chainaw?

MacCulloch claims their product will outlast over 99% of all the other chainsaws on the market! And, it comes with a one-year warranty, which is pretty darn good, right?

Remember how I told you earlier that MacCulloch has more than 1 million customers worldwide? Well, that means MacCulloch has given away more than 1 million warranty claims. Which means they have actually had to repair or replace the chainsaws of those customers.

So, what MacCulloch is saying is, not only will your chainsaw be made in America, it will be made by people who really care about their products. It will be well-built and will give you many, many years of service.

MacCulloch chainsaw is a safe and very reliable choice.

Stihl Brand

I get this question frequently every day, where are Stihl chainsaws made. This chain saw started up in Germany and still runs manufacturing from there till date. However, it now has a production plant in America. Aside from the MS201 chain saw and the large Stihl MS441 chainsaw, all other Stihl models are manufactured in the USA.

High Performed Stihl Chainsaw

Blue Max Brand

Before Sears Roebuck & Company and the American department store chain Wanamaker’s ever existed, it was in business! The first Blue Max chainsaw was manufactured in the 1920s. It was designed by a machinist named Carl Palmer, who worked for John Deere. After buying an English Blue Max chainsaw from Sears, Roebuck & Company, he was inspired to develop the tool. Blue Max chainsaws are no longer made by the original manufacturer, North America Tool Industries.

However, a new company has acquired the Blue Max name, the assets of the original company, and the rights to manufacture and sell new products under that name. This new company is called “Blue Max Chainsaw Co.” The principal owners of Blue Max Chainsaw Co. are brothers Ed and Dennis Haslinger.

Blue Max 57cc Chainsaw Review

Top Features of Blue Max Chainsaw

  • Powerful 2-stroke, 2-cycle engine with anti-vibration technology for maximum performance in any condition.
  • Lightweight yet strong steel frame for all-day comfort and maximum power.
  • Patented “Clean Power” technology reduces harmful exhaust emissions up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency up to 20%.
  • Unique turbo intake air cleaning technology removes up to 97% of sawdust and other dust particles from the air before it reaches the air filter, providing optimal performance with less frequent filter cleaning.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner for fast, easy chain tensioning and quick-release snap-lock cylinder covers for easy access to the air filter and spark plug.


We wrap it up because All American Chainsaws are not strictly “Made in America.” While some parts are sourced internally, i.e., inside the country, other factors are gotten overseas, but basically, all the chainsaw parts are coupled in America.

We discovered the history of other American chainsaw brands just disclose:

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