American Made Chainsaws: Good Chainsaw for Latest Time

American Made Chainsaws

The Made in America chainsaws are known for quality, excellent performance and durability. If you are specifically searching for an American made chainsaw, you can pick from any given below. Each of them offers outstanding features and is an excellent pick.

Let’s see below the American made chainsaws.

The Different Chainsaws Made In America:

Husqvarna Brand

The Husqvarna group has been in existence since 1689. With its headquarters in Sweden. It’s a famous brand of American chainsaw made in the USA. The company also has other branches in countries like China, Brazil, and France. Though made in America, some parts are outsourced from other countries for Husqvarna chainsaw and other equipment. The models produced in the USA include:

  • 235
  • 235e
  • 240
  • 240e
  • 435
  • 440
  • 440e
  • 445
  • 450e
  • 455
  • 455e
  • 460

Echo Brand

It is made in America. It also has several manufacturing plants in China, Japan, and Illinois. Not all the parts are made in America, though. Echo is a famous brand among American Chainsaw.

Poulan Brand

Poulan is a part of the Husqvarna group. It is manufactured in the USA. Like Husqvarna saws, Poulan saws are also outsourced from the different countries where their manufacturing plants are located worldwide. Some models made in America are:

  • P3314
  • P3314WSA
  • P3416
  • P3816
  • P4018
  • P4018WT

Jonsered Brand

It is also part of the Husqvarna group. Some models are similarly manufactured in America, just like Echo and Husqvarna chain saws. The models made in America are:

  • CS2166
  • CS2234
  • CS2238
  • CS2240
  • CS2255

Remington Brand

Headquarters is in Valley City, Ohio. It also has other manufacturing plants in Mexico, China and Europe.

MacCulloch Brand

It originally started in Milwaukee but is now owned by the Husqvarna group. Manufactured in the USA and other countries where Husqvarna saws are made. The models manufactured in the USA are:

  • CS340
  • CS380
  • MC4218AV

Stihl Brand

This chain saw started up from Germany and still runs manufacturing from there till date. However, it now has a production plant in America. Aside from the MS201 chain saw and the large Stihl MS441 chainsaw, all other Stihl models are manufactured in the USA.


We wrap it up because All American Chainsaws are not strictly “Made in America.” While some parts are sourced internally, i.e., inside the country, other factors are gotten overseas, but basically, all the chainsaw parts are coupled in America.

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