Best Bandsaw Blades for Resawing Wood [Topnotch of 2021]

Best Band Saw Blade for Resawing

Having trouble with your band saw blade? Looking for the best bandsaw blade for resawing?

A bandsaw is quite a satisfying machine for woodworking with even complex curves. You don’t need the best bandsaws for woodworking. You need the correct one according to you and your project.

You can come up with exact cutting with the best woodworking band saw. But, the fundamental reason behind an accurate cut is the resaw blade. 

We are here to assist and guide you in choosing the right vertical band saw blade for resawing. We’re going to help you with some high performed bandsaw blade reviews and tips to buy the perfect one.

Top Three Bandsaw Blade for Resawing in Our List


Olson Saw FB23193DB Saw Blade

Olson HEFB Band 3 TPI Hook Saw Blade

Warranty3 Years
Fit For14″ Saw
Length93.5 Inch
Thickness0.025 Inch
Width0.5 Inch

Our Best Pick

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Timber Wolf Band Saw Blade-3TPI

Warranty3 Years
Kerf0.048 inch
Length93.5 Inch
Thickness0.025 Inch
Width3/4 Inch

Overall Great

POWERTEC 13117X Band Saw Blade

POWERTEC 13117X Band Saw Blade 

Warranty1 Year
Fit For14″ Saw
Length93.5 Inch
Thickness0.025 Inch
Width3/16 Inch

Best Band Saw Blade For Resawing Wood and Metal

Five blade titles are dragged here for your quick access to reach the product page directly. If you like, click on that. When it comes to choosing the perfect resawing blade, you should go for the best. But it might be a hazard for you to choose the right one. We have picked the five top-level wood-cutting bandsaw blades. You can easily compare their configurations now, select and buy the resaw blade that suits your saw the best. Let’s begin.

1. Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Timber Wolf blade is one of the best choices for the resaw bandsaw blade. The secret behind their fantastic service is only they offer their users thin-kerf bandsaw blades.

And not just that. They offer less wear on the blade’s bearing. With a fantastic and unique pattern, this resaw blade works smoother like butter.

Looking for the best blade for cutting wood with high blade speed and stunning performance? Then this is it. The Timber Wolf bandsaw blade is the perfect companion for your wood slicer.

What’s Special about this Product?

Timber Wolf bandsaw blade comes with an unusual and rare combination of high silicon and low carbide steel. This combination makes it work like an expensive blade. This is the most favourite blade for resawing bandsaw users for sawing perfectly according to its quality and price. Because of being a wider blade, it helps to slice a thick log effortlessly.

Favorable Things People Like
  • Works faster and smoother
  • It is built with metal as well as silicon and carbon steel what gives you a long last
  • This thin kerf blade contains 3TPI
Unfavorable Things People Don’t Like
  • Blades might dull fast sometimes
  • Blade tension might be a little complex for some users

Top Features of Timber Wolf Blade

  1. It offers the perfect finishing of the skip.
  2. The blade width 3/4 inch that is better for the tough stuff
  3. The low carbon steel blade’s specialty is also made with high silicon
  4. Provides 60% more speed capabilities than the hook blades.
  5. Eliminates the complexity of resawing any critical zone using the round-designed gullet.
  6. Perfect for thick stock sawing, it does more advantageous if there is a precious fence.
  7. Comes with a cooler. 
  8. Can run under low tension.
  9. Uses less horsepower.

2. Olson HEFB Band 3 TPI Hook Saw Blade

Olson Saw FB23193DB 1/2 by 0.025 by 93-1/2-Inch HEFB Band 3 TPI Hook Saw Blade

Are you looking for a low-budget saw blade? Want a blade for professional or DIY woodworking? Olson presents a HEFB 3 TPI Hook tooth blade is for your low budget.

If you expect a vertical band saw blade for professional work, don’t hesitate to buy this because of its low price. Its performance is what you should admire, including the price.

And if you’re a beginner and this is bothering you, then don’t bother. This piece of the blade is also great for beginners.

What’s Special about this Product?

This is a multi-talented blade. Not just for a specific branded bandsaw, you can use it with any wood slicer according to its size. Besides, it provides compatibility with stationary, vertical, and floor standing 2-wheel vertical band saws — ideal for soft and hardwood, non-ferrous metal, mild steel, and plastic.

Favorable Things People Like
  • Highly durable
  • Can use it as a multipurpose blade
  • Installing process is very easy and simple
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Can handle heavy-duty resawing
Unfavorable Things People Don’t Like
  • It might vibrate sometime with the thicker welded joint
  • Not for cutting heavy metal, it can be used as a nonferrous metal blade

Top Features of Olson Blade

  1. The blade size is ½”x 0.025x 93 ½”.
  2. Offers excellent performance for woodworking, DIY, industrial, professional, and craftsmen.
  3. Manufactured in China.

3. POWERTEC Band Saw Blade

POWERTEC 13117X Band Saw Blade 93-1/2-Inch x 3/16-Inch x 10 TPI x 0.025

The finest model of our band saw blade reviews is the POWERTEC 13117X band saw blade. If you’re planning to get a blade with consistent performance, you should go for this resawing blade. The speciality of this blade is its sharp teeth of Rc 64-66 hardness. Powertec 13117X has a delicate resawing capacity due to 10TPI.

What’s Special about this Product?

POWERTEC Band Saw Blade is unique because of its premium quality of the material. Its performance can exceed your expectation. Get straight cut with perfect finishing and exceptional smoothness even at higher blade speeds.

Favorable Things People Like
  • Blade tension is much lower
  • It is a condensed tooth blade for a fine cut
  • Very sharp resawing blade
  • 10TPI for the finest cut
  • The 93-1/2 inch length blade meets your needs easily
Unfavorable Things People Don’t Like
  • Welding might not satisfy all
  • Blades might not be sharp enough for all kinds of resawing project

Top Features of Powertec Blade

  1. Comes with high carbon steel constructed body. 
  2. Offers guaranteed and reliable cutting capacity.
  3. Fits with 12 inches and 14-inch band saws.
  4. Compatible with soft and hardwood, non-ferrous metal, and plastic also.

4. DEWALT TPI Portable Band Saw Blade

DEWALT Portable Band Saw Blade, 32-7/8-Inch, .020-Inch, 14/18 TPI, 3-Pack (DW3986C),Silver

Need a band saw blade for your portable or cordless bandsaw? There you go. Now we’re going to introduce DEWALT portable band saw blade model DW3986C with 14/18 TPI 3-pack. If your budget is not a factor, this can be the perfect and best choice for your wood slicer.

But the central fact is its size. Don’t want to regret ordering the wrong size, right? That’s why before ordering, make sure you are choosing the right size according to your saw. And, most importantly, its high-quality performance will make you admit that the price isn’t too high.

What’s Special about this Product?

Its exceptional quality is its high resaw capacity of fulfilling your demand. This heavy-duty band saw blade seems like a magical one. Its outstanding combination provides wear, heat, and fatigue resistance at a time. These features make this blade extraordinary.

Favorable Things People Like
  • Ideal for multipurpose
  • It makes a perfect machine for fast delivery
  • More effective for thicker cross-sections
  • Perfect for cutting EMT, PVC, IMC, all thread, etc
Unfavorable Things People Don’t Like
  • Only for portable saws
  • Not perfect for Makita tool

Top Features of Powertec Blade

  1. It comes with 8% Cobalt Content that adds wear and durability. 
  2. Provides wear and heat resistance through Matrix II High-Speed Steel Edge.
  3. Offers fatigue resistance with Alloy steel backer.
  4. Increases wear resistance through Rc 65-67 Tooth Hardness.
  5. Offers compatibility with medium metal, thick metal, and also thin gauge metal cutting.

5. MK Morse Master Cobalt Band Saw

MK Morse ZWEP441418MC Master Cobalt Portable Band Saw, Bi-metal 44-7/8-Inch X 1/2-Inch X .020-Inch Variable TPI 14/18, Pack of 3,Black

Want a premium band saw blade for resawing with high speed? MK Morse brings you its Master Cobalt Bi-Metal blade for portable band saws.

The Model ZWEP441418MC is a masterpiece of MK Morse. It never disappoints its users. If you have a portable wood slicer, this can be your great companion for resawing.

What’s Special about this Product?

MK Morse Master Cobalt Portable Band Saw Blade comes with variable pitch teeth. These teeth make it unique as they can be resistant to wear, high heat, and shock. They are also capable of cutting a lot of materials. Even they can reduce vibration while cutting.

Favorable Things People Like
  • Better cooling system
  • The key is to go slowly
  • The 44-7/8 inch blade length meets this more available model
  • It cuts smoothly, no need to push harder
  • Make the machine faster to cut
Unfavorable Things People Don’t Like
  • Only for portable band saws
  • It becomes slower for 16 gauge metal

Top Features of MK Morse Master Blade

  1. Provides with Matrix II cutting edges. 
  2. Compatible with all brands and all kinds of portable band saws.
  3. Comes with 44 7/8” length.
  4. Offers capability of cutting any metal solids and pipe tubing.
  5. Provides a flexible backer for electron beam welding.

Key Facts For Bearing in Mind While Buying Saw Blade

Want the perfect match for your band saw? There are a few things you should keep in your mind to choose the best bandsaw blade for your adorable bandsaw. Here are those tips. Could you give it a read thoroughly?

Blade Width

Wide or narrow, both blade is useful according to your requirement. Thinner blades have come with more teeth per inch. That’s why they can give you a perfect cut for tighter curves. Meanwhile, more full blades are ideal for straight cuts, veneers, thinning boards, stiffness, bending resistance, heat resistance, and more. What do you need? Think and pick.

Blade Thickness

Generally, for a 14-inch band saw like RIKON, WEN or Leguna, the blade thickness should be the highest at 0.025 inches. Otherwise, there might be a problem with tensioning and metal fatigue. For smooth cuts, narrow kerfs are better. And, thicker blades make kerf wide. If you have a wider blade, it should be considered to blade guide because a tiny blade guard than the blade width can be the reason for an accident.

Tooth Material

For both price and durability, the carbon-carbide bi-metal combination is the best for the blade. It’s the carbide that makes the blade durable. But only the carbide-tipped blade is going to cost more. If budget isn’t an issue for you, you should definitely go for a carbide-constructed blade.

Tooth Pitch

Tooth pitch depends on the number of teeth per inch or TPI. With more TPI, a blade will provide you with smoother cuts, but it’s going to slow down the speed. On the other hand, blades with low pitch will offer you faster and aggressive cuts with a rough surface. It’s better to have 3 TPI blades on a 14-inch bandsaw for resawing.

Warranty & Other Offer

Before confirming an order to buy a bandsaw blade, go through the warranty and shipment policy. Ask the seller about the replacement or damage repairing system. Don’t buy without knowing such information.


Confused about choosing the right to resaw bandsaw blade? Well, after reading our guide, you shouldn’t be confused anymore. We’re trying our best to remove your confusion and give you the required suggestion. Now, choice and decision are yours. Think twice and go for the right choice to buy the best bandsaw blade for resawing.

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