Top 5 Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence Reviews in 2022

Most bandsaw blades do not run perfectly perpendicular to the front edge of your table. That is why it is necessary to have a bandsaw fence. Without a fence, it would be impossible to get a straight cut. Using a bandsaw fence helps eliminate drifts that may occur, which does not allow precise cuts.

Best Bandsaw Fence

The best bandsaw fence can be easily adjusted to the drift angle of the saw blade, taking the accuracy of your band saw to a new level. Fences can be mounted on most bandsaws and adapted to models that do not fit by drilling a hole in the mounting bar.

Best Bandsaw Fence We Disclosed in This List

Using a bandsaw fence will help you experience the full potential of your bandsaw. In this list, we present precious fences to help you pick the right one by giving you a Kreg bandsaw fence review and other types of fences. You may click on the individual product to read reviews on Amazon if you do not have enough time to read our detailed review. Below is a review of the top three best rigid, healthy, and durable bandsaw fences for you to check out.

Top Three Resaw Fences for Bandsaw in The Market


POWERTEC 71489 Aluminum Multi T-Track Fence with Laser Measure Left to Right, 3” High x 24" Long Multi Track

POWERTEC 71182 Multi T-Tracks

Length36 inch
Hight3 inch
Thickness3/4 inch

Best Choice

Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

Length18 inch
Hight4 1/2″ and 7″
Fit for14 inches

Overall Great

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence

Length16 inch
Hight3.5 inch
Weight3.27 pounds
Fence Lock2 Magnets

1. Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence features a precision target cursor for pinpoint accuracy when working on your wood. It has a dimension mounting rail that measures 26 inches long with a length of 18 inches. It is made of strong and rigid aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish that ensures its durability. It has drilled holes across the mounting rail for easier installation on your band saw, making it fit most 14-inch bandsaws.

The “drift” that exists with every band saw can be calibrated with this fence. It adjusts easily to the drift angle of your bandsaw blade, thus improving the level of accuracy. For other band saws with different dimensions, you can also modify the fence design to fit them by drilling a hole in the mounting rail.

Expert Opinion

I love Kreg KMS7200 for being strong and long-lasting aircraft-grade aluminum. It fits quite well on my Wen bandsaw with no problem. The good thing is that you can also modify it to fit any bandsaw model that you may have. I am able to change the fence position conveniently to all for blade guides to be closer to the workpiece.” Says Mike Marvel

Most Important Features of Kreg KMS7200

  1. Rigid construction made of aluminum
  2. Guide with T-slots for stops and accessories
  3. Precision reading magnifier
  4. Can be removed easily and without tools
  5. Adjustable in two dimensions for calibrating the drift angle
  6. Can be tilted for a flat stop
  7. Pre-drilled holes in the mounting rail
  8. Flexible in two sizes to calibrate the drift angle.
Positive Things of Kreg KMS7200
  • Easily removable
  • Provides great precision
  • Suitable for mounting on most band saws.
  • Adjustable in two directions
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Anodized and therefore easy to clean
Negative Thing of Kreg KMS7200
  • Does not fit on some saw models

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Kreg KMS7200 fit a 12″ bandsaw?

Although it fits perfectly on all 14″ bandsaws, you can make some small modifications to it by drilling and bolting it on the 12″ bandsaw.

Will this work on a Hitachi bandsaw?

It fits nicely on Hitachi bandsaws and also on other models from other brands.

Can this fence work if it is not resting on the table?

For outstanding stability and accuracy during woodwork, Kreg KMS7200 guarantees the best results only when resting on the table.

2. CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence allows, in contrast to other fences that rely on reading a measuring tape, precise control, and repeatability of the settings. Measuring 16.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches and at just 3.27 pounds can fit in most bandsaw models.

The magnetic property ensures precision with little drifts on metal top band saws. Its L shape and length of 16″ long allow the stopper to be fed in precisely. An earlier setting can be reverted to within seconds with great accuracy. The construction itself is extremely stable and torsion-resistant.

It also features multiple T-slots with two powerful magnets, which are switchable for quick, precise adjustments. If the bandsaw is 16″ long or less, the standard stop fits. For other bandsaws, you can make slight modifications to enable them to fit correctly. Perfect for use on almost all bandsaws, spindle sanders, and drill presses; nearly any tool with a ferrous metal surface.

Expert Opinion

“Carter Magfence II is a special unique, high-quality, universal fence that fits all metallic top bandsaws. This exceptional compatibility with all types of bandsaws and other equipment is because of the strong magnet on the bottom side. I have a RIKON 14 inch Bandsaw and it fits with Carter Magfence II smoothly. In addition to fitting perfectly, it is easy to square on your blade since it holds firmly on the table.” Says Jon Schick

Most Important Features of CARTER MAGFENCE II

  1. Two powerful, switchable magnets
  2. Universally fit on most ferrous metal tables
  3. It is 16″ long and 3-1/2″ tall
  4. Multiple T-slots
  5. High-grade L-shaped aluminum extrusion
  6. Compatible with all MAGFENCE II accessories
Positive Things of CARTER MAGFENCE
  • Easy to use
  • Provides professional-grade precision
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Strong construction
  • Can deliver perfect rip cut
  • Can work with multiple types of equipment
Negative Thing of CARTER MAGFENCE
  • Require modification for use in some bandsaw models

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal magnetic fence?

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal magnetic fence is 16″ long and 3-1/2″ tall

Can CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal magnetic fence be used on a 9″ band saw?

Yes, somebody can use it. The only requirement is a ferrous metal top on the bandsaw. If it does not fit perfectly on your table, you can also consider making some small modifications to fit perfectly.

Will CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal magnetic fence work on a 14-inch table?

Yes, it can be used with a 14″ table.

3. POWERTEC 71182 Multi T-Tracks For Woodworking

POWERTEC 71489 Aluminum Multi T-Track Fence with Laser Measure Left to Right, 3” High x 24" Long Multi Track

The last on our list is the 36-inch Multi T-Track Fence by POWERTEC. It is designed to make it possible for you to create and customize fences, workstations, fixtures, and jigs. The T-tracks are laser-measured for precision cuts with a thickness of ¾ inches and spaced at ¾ inches.

When attached, the tracks give you versatility in your work as you can attach sacrificial fences, production stops, and feather boards. It is made of high-quality lightweight, 2.64 pounds, and measures 36 x 0.75 x 2.25 inches.

POWERTEC has designed this fence to turn your band saw into precision equipment. This guide adapts and corrects for small deviations from the original machine components. The guides are constructed of very strong, perfectly straight structural material that is resistant to corrosion. The indicator head is perfectly square to the bar and table.

Expert Opinion

“This fence is absolutely what I was looking for. The laser-measured T-tracks are awesome when it comes to precision cuts. Through them, I am able to attach sacrificial fences, production stops, or feather boards. The other thing about this fence is that it adapts and corrects for small deviations from the original machine components. Also, the guides are constructed of very strong, perfectly straight structural material that is resistant to corrosion so I do not worry about rusting when I leave it outside.” Says Joe Hill

Most Important Features of POWERTEC Fence

  1. 36-inch Multi T Track Fence
  2. Laser measured left to right
  3. T-tracks spaced 3/4 inch apart (on center)
  4. 3/4 inch thick and 2-1/4 inches high
  5. 24 inches long
  6. Accepts accessory fasteners; 1/4” hex bolts, 5/16” T-bolts, and 1/4” T-bolts
Positive Things of POWERTEC 71182
  • Has unlimited compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality tracks
  • Can be adjusted to fit most bandsaws
  • long-term durability
  • A good match for most 24-inch bandsaws
  • Sturdy construction
Negative Things of POWERTEC 71182
  • May not fit on some bandsaw models

Frequently Asked Questions

Will POWERTEC 71182 Aluminum Multi T-Track fence fit a 14-inch bandsaw with some modifications?

With some modifications, YES. It is a 36-inch Multi-T Track Fence that can fit all bandsaws measuring less than 36 inches.

Does this fence accept bolts to attach to the base?

POWERTEC 71489 Aluminum Multi T-Track fence accepts accessory fasteners; 1/4” hex bolts, 5/16” T-bolts, and 1/4” T-bolts

Does it come with rails?

Rails are included. However, depending on some saw models, the buyer may be required to drill a few holes for mounting.

What is a fence on a bandsaw?

For every bandsaw, a right fence is paramount. Besides, a bandsaw can do a lot, not just cutting curves. If your fence is well designed, you can be sure of accuracy in resawing thinner pieces, ripping warped lumber that is rough without having to worry about the kickbacks, and cutting tenons, dovetail joints as well as half-lap joints.

Top Featured Bandsaw Fence Buying Guide

A bandsaw fence is one of the best pieces of equipment a user can have because it helps get cuts. If you don’t buy the right bandsaw, you will likely get the wrong cut straight and thus ruin your workpiece. In this regard, purchasing a suitable bandsaw for your fence is paramount. Below I will take you through all that you need to know before buying a bandsaw fence.

Building Material

The building material of the bandsaw fence is significant. For example, a table saw fence meant must be made using different materials like plastics, aluminum, and steel. Aluminum alloy is a great option to consider. Steel is a good metal but rusts very quickly. Besides, steel is hefty, and plastics should be neglected when it comes to the fence.

Lock System

In case you want precise cuts, you have to lock it down once you put it in your desired place. Many companies use their lock system. Can lock and magnetic lock are some of the most popular. Magnetic locks are quite easy to use compared to cam locks, which are a bit more complicated. That’s why many people go for a magnetic band saw fence rather than a cam lock system. However, it must be noted that a magnetic fence is compatible with saws whose table is made from ferrous metal.


Saw models come in different designs and dimensions. Therefore accessories extensions are likely to be different as well. You find that band saw fences are usually made for specific models and thus do not fit on some brands. Having said this, you must first know your saw model to ensure they are compatible. However, in the market, you can still find some very high-quality universal bandsaw fences that can fit any band saw.


Just like saws, fences are also different from each other as they are meant to be used on a certain kind of saw; each one of them tends to be unique. This is to say that nothing much can be done even if you dislike your fence’s design. In this case, a universal bend saw will be the option for you.

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