What is the Best Chainsaw Chain for Hardwood [Final Edition]

Why do you use a chainsaw? You use the chainsaw to maintain the quickness and accuracy of your woodcutting. However, it would help to use separate chainsaw softwood and hardwood cutting. Yes, you also have to use different chainsaw chains for this purpose.

Best Chainsaw Chain for Hardwood

With the help of a sharp chain of a chainsaw, you can easily cut hardwood. There are many chainsaw chains in the market for cutting hardwood, but how can you find the best chainsaw chain for hardwood? This article will help you find out the best one.

Is It Essential to Use a Separate Chain for Hardwood Cutting?

Yes, you have to use a separate chain for hardwood. Because of the standard chain, it cannot cut the hardwood. But there is a possibility of chain breaks.

It would help if you remembered that your chainsaw chain would have to be aggressive for cutting hardwood, and the chain’s teeth will have to be very hard. ‍Then you will get the perfect cutting performance as your requirement.

Top Three Chainsaw Chains for Cutting Hardwood

Budget Friendly

Oregon S52 14 Robust Chain

Oregon Eco, Homelite Chainsaw Chain

Length14 Inches
Gauge0. 050 Inch
Pitch3/8 Inch

Our Best Pick

Husqvarna 18 in Chainsaw Chain

Husqvarna H30-72 Pixel Saw Chain

Length18 Inches
Gauge0.050 Inch
Drive Links72

Overall Great

Stihl 18 in Chainsaw Chain

Stihl 18 in. Aggressive Chainsaw Chain

Length18 Inches
Gauge0.063 Inch
Pitch0.325 Inch
Drive Links68

Top Five Best Chainsaw Chains for Hardwood

Choosing the best product from many products may be time-consuming and difficult for you. However, we consider the five best chains based on company reputations, customer feedback, and product features. You can use our favorite products undoubtedly; I hope you will be satisfied using them. So let’s see our top pick.

1. Oregon Eco, Homelite Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S52 14 Chain

If a homeowner has reliable and robust cutting tools at hand reach, he can tackle any problem in his outdoors or patio. The Oregon S52 chain is such a chain that can be used for your powerful chainsaw to make complex tasks effortless.

Even this great chain allows you to cut down storm-damaged trees. So most homeowners prefer this chain because it is robust and reliable.

Does it make any vibration? You will never be a lucky user if you buy this one because it does not generate any vibration. Not only that, it works very smoothly because it comes with a LubriTec Oiling System design. So the chain can easily be lubricated. If you keep lubricating after using this chain regularly, it will last longer. Besides, Chrome-Plated Cutters retain sharpness over the long chains, and Chrome delivers a more rigid surface and better wear resistance.

Most Favorite Features of Oregon

  1. Low Vibration
  2. Chrome-Plated Cutters
  3. LubriTec Oiling System
  4. Hardened Rivets
  5. Smooth cutting performance
  6. Designed for safety

2. Husqvarna H30-72 Pixel Saw Chain

Husqvarna 18 in Chainsaw Chain

You probably know that Husqvarna is a reputed brand. They produce several outdoor tools, and they are well-known to homeowners due to their quality products. Husqvarna 531300439 is a suitable chain for your 18-inch chainsaw. Definitely, you can use this equipment as the best chainsaw chain for cutting hardwood or firewood. It offers impressive performance, and it has long stability.

H30-72 is designed with a 0.325″pitch and 0.050″ gauge, which is suited for working on any project type. You can easily use this top chainsaw chain for cutting a storm-damaged tree. Hopefully, it will keep its sharpness after providing high performance for a long time.

This chain can usually provide a smooth cut even if your wood piece is rough. The chain will not be compressed or stretched despite being particularly rough wood. There is also no possibility of any vibration and kickback in the chain while working.

If you are a homeowner and need a suitable chainsaw chain to work on your big outdoors, it is ideal. It works very well with Husqvarna Pixel Saw. However, be careful while using this chain; if it is contacted with the surface, bricks, ice, and stone, surely it will lose its sharpness.

Most Favorite Features of Husqvarna

  1. Impressive performance
  2. Perfect for soft & hardwood
  3. 0.325-Inch Pitch
  4. 0.050-Inch Gauge
  5. No vibration
  6. Kickback free chain

3. Stihl Chainsaw Chain- 26RS68

Stihl 18 in Chainsaw Chain

It is another extraordinary chain that is used for accurate and smooth hardwood cutting. If it does not fit with any brand’s chainsaw or long stick pole saw, you can get customer care services. Stihl customer care will provide you with full support in this case. 

Using this chain of unique designs, you can get an aggressive and smooth cut. As a result, it is possible to work faster by maintaining the accuracy of the work.

The Stihl Chainsaw Chain- 26RS68- 18 Inch is built firmly. You can cut hard and rough wood using chains, and the chains remain sharp even after working long hours.

Most Favorite Features of Stihl Chain

  1. Hard-chromed cutter chain
  2. Safe
  3. Smooth and fast performance
  4. Kickback free
  5. No vibration

4. Husqvarna H80-72 Saw Chain

Husqvarna 20 inch Chainsaw Chain

This 20-inch chain is an extraordinary chain from Husqvarna. This can be an excellent product for you because it’s the best product on the Amazon choice list. You can purchase it without any hesitation.

This chain is built with a 0.050-Inch Gauge and 3/8-Inch Pitch, which is good enough for longevity. If you are a professional woodworker, then you can expect to get maximum performance from this chain.

When using the chain, ensure that it does not generate any vibration; rather, it guarantees high-quality performance. Almost all of Husqvarna’s products come with the same quality, in which case if you purchase some of Husqvarna’s gardening tools, then your gardening will quickly be successful.

Most Favorite Features of Husqvarna

  1. Chain: 20-inch
  2. 3/8-Inch Pitch
  3. .050-Inch Gauge
  4. Fits with: 55 Ranchers, 257, 261, 262 XP, 359, 455 Ranchers, 460, and 460 Ranchers
  5. No vibration

5. PoulanPro Poulan Pro-051338 Replacement Chain

Poulan Pro Chainsaw chain

This replacement chain allows you to use it with many PoulanPro chainsaw models. Not only with the Poulan chainsaw brand, but you can also use this chain with other bands’ chainsaws if you want.

If you can match this chain with the proper chainsaw, it will remain sharp for a long time. And be sure you will get the best performance from this chain. PoulanPro is a standard chain for working on any project. You will be surprised, how is it possible to get such an outstanding performance by an affordable chain? And not only does the best performance, but it also does not make any vibration.

Besides, one of the other features is that it does not have the risk of kickbacks, and it comes in a color match system, so with the help of color, you can be sure that the chains are well-matched with your chainsaw.

Most Favorite Features of PoulanPro

  1. Smooth operation
  2. Color match operation
  3. Kickback free
  4. It doesn’t generate any vibration
  5. Good chip flow

Buying Guide of Chainsaw Chain for Hardwood

We are sure that the chainsaw is a potent and effective tool. Well, then, these robust tools require a versatile chain. You must purchase a good chain for properly cutting trees, branches, and hardwood.

But this thing is somewhat confusing to you because there are many types of chains in the market. Picking the best chain from this is not so easy. 

However, we will give you a proper guidance about the chainsaw chain. 

There are many chains in the market; first, you need to know about various chains. Quickly you’ll be able to purchase a high-quality chain for your work if you have some idea about the chain.

Types of Chainsaw Chains

Low-Profile Cutters

Low-profile chains are pretty popular in the market today. Because these chains exactly match many models’ chainsaws. There are also several advantages of this chain, it is easy to use and install, and the chain can keep its sharpness for a long time.

But there is a problem with this; low-profile chains are relatively slow. Anyway, you will get absolutely perfect and expected performance from this chain.

Semi Chisels Cutters

This chain is almost like a low-profile chain. This chain can be the ideal choice for medium-sized trees or woodcutting.

Full Chisels Cutters

This chain plays a vital role for professional woodworkers. This chain is quite famous for maintaining the cutting speed with accuracy. You can use these chains for cutting extensive and hardwood. It can work very deeply, even on rough wood. These chains come with round grind profiles, and it needs good maintenance.

Other Considerations for You

Bar Length

When you decide to buy a chain, firstly, you have to consider bar length. Ideally, you cannot use the chain if it doesn’t fit with the chainsaw’s bar. There are a few chains, the minimum size would be 10 inches, and the maximum size is 24 inches.

Purchase the chain according to your chainsaw bar’s size, then the chain will adequately fit with the bar, and it will be easy to work.


The gauge is an essential factor for fitting the chain with a chainsaw. Both the chain gauge and the chainsaw bar’s dimensions must be equal for settings. Otherwise, it may fail to perform correctly and may be disconnected. Therefore, keeping an eye on this matter will need you to do work.


If the chain is free from vibration, you can work quickly and easily. The machine will lose extra power due to the vibration, so your chain should be free of vibration.


If you want to cut sturdy wood by the chain, then the chain must be kickback-free. This is also a safety issue. Because of the kickback, you can face an accident. And it does significantly reduce the work speed. Besides, if the chain has a kickback, it cannot cut hardwood.

Final Word

Now it’s time to decide about purchasing the best chainsaw chain. After reading this article, now you can buy a chain. 

Anyway, we have a recommendation for you; Oregon Advance Cut Chainsaw Chain is the perfect chain for your handy chainsaw. I hope you will get a superb working experience with this chain—best of Luck.

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