Best Saw Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

Best Saw Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

If you want to lay laminate, you need a right saw blade to cut it smoothly to adapt to the room’s size. With our review of the best saw blade for cutting laminate flooring, we would like to help you find the right saw blade for you and your saw. We have compared the different types of saw blades from the leading manufacturers and listed the advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision easier.

Top Three Laminate Flooring Blades Ranked in the Market


Concord 4-3/8-Inch Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

Concord Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

Size4-3/8 inch
Kerf1.8 mm
Arbor Hole5/8 inch

Our Best Pick

Freud 12 in. Diablo Ultra Fine Saw Blade

Freud D12100X Diablo Ultra Fine Blade

Size12 inch
Thickness1/8 inch
Arbor Hole1 inch


Freud 12" Ultimate Cut-Off Blade

Freud Ultimate Cut-Off Blade (LU85R012)

Size12 inch
Kerf0.116 inch
Arbor Hole1 inch
Plate0.098 inch

List of the Best Blade to Cut Laminate Flooring

Suppose you are looking for the top blade for vinyl plank flooring and do not have time to read our detailed review; click on the following product links to read reviews from experienced buyers. All the blades that we present below have been specially designed to make cuts in laminate flooring and this type of material. If you use a circular, miter saw, or table saw to cut laminate flooring, you are in the right field. Just read a short user opinion and get the exact blade that can perform the best for your purpose.

1. Freud D12100X 100 Tooth Diablo Ultra Fine Blade

Freud 12 in. Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade

Of course, the Freud D12100X Circular Saw Blade should not be missing from the classic saw blades for laminate flooring. This red in the color blade has 100 Carbide teeth that can cut up to 12 Inches. This makes it fit in many types of saws. It weighs only 2.54 pounds and has a thickness of 1/8″. With a hook angle of 7 degrees, this blade ensures you get a superior quality finished cut.

It’s a great example of high quality and durable product. This excellent blade produces precise cuts to fit it perfectly, provides a perfectly flawless finish without requiring much physical effort from the operator. One of this blade’s exceptional properties is its sharp 100 teeth blade, anti-vibration stabilizer vents, Perma-Shield high-quality coating, and carbide tips for long service life.

This blade is perfect for making cuts in wood of all kinds. It is one of the accessories preferred by professionals who use a circular saw, table saw, and miter saw. The blade has been designed with high strength carbide; the teeth stay sharp for a long time and ensure precise finishes. This best circular saw blade for vinyl plank flooring is also compatible with the most varied brands of saws, so if you need a cutting disc for wood, this option will not disappoint you.

Expert Opinion

“I bought this saw blade, and it runs smoothly, quietly, and comfortably with little noise. The precision-ground carbide teeth are very robust and durable. This can be attributed to the extra expansion slots on the blade.” Says Mike Marvel.

What Makes Diablo 100 Teeth Blade Different?

The blade has all the specifications and quality demands. It is a reliable, professional accessory that performs very well for cutting hardwoods. Thanks to its impressive performance, the Diablo blade is recommended in shops with high workloads. You can also use it as your miter saw or table saw blade for soft and hardwood.

Most Important Features

  1. Parma-Shield nonstick coating
  2. Very sharp 100 teeth blade
  3. Anti-vibration Stabilizer vents
  4. Perma-Shield high-quality coating
  5. Carbide tips for longer service life
Additional Necessary Features
  • Excellent crosscutting
  • Convenient to use
  • Thin kerf for outstanding performance
  • Affordable price
  • Can cut all types of laminate flooring and wood composites
Unwanted Features
  • To some people, the blade may be loud
  • The blade size may not be suitable for some woods

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the sawing properties of Freud D12100X Blade?

With the different serrations, Diablo has an all-rounder for any woodcut on the market with the Freud D12100X. Overall, we can state that the saw pattern turns out good to very good in all variants and no burns to the wood.

What is the service life of the Freud D12100X Blade?

Even with more frequent use, the wear and tear of a Freud D12100X saw blade is comparatively low. The manufacturer delivers quality here that is only marginally inferior to other brands.

2. Freud 12″ x 96T Ultimate Cut-Off Blade (LU85R012)

Freud 12" Ultimate Cut-Off Blade

Freud LU85R012 is a table saw blade for vinyl plank. It is also ideal for cutting with excellent quality and precision in laminate flooring, wood, and wood composites. Made of carbon steel and 96 carbide teeth provide quick cuts with a better finish and fewer chips. This 12-inch blade weighs 3 pounds and has a thickness of 1/5-8″.

This makes the blade an ultimate cut-off blade for all your laminate flooring tasks. The teeth have a hook angle of 10°, making them also suitable for hardwood and softwood. It gives has a Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating that absorbs noise and also giving it a longer life.

The solidly welded saw teeth literally eat their way through wood – both lengthways and cross-sections. This nail-proof blade is excellent if you want to cut with laminate flooring saw, construction timber, or old furniture wood and are unsure whether there are still foreign objects such as nails or screws in it.

Expert Opinion

“For more than two months that I have been using this blade, it maintains the sharpness in the teeth and cuts all kinds of wood no matter how hard they are. It performs very well in long-term carpentry jobs, withstanding the speed of powerful tools from well-known brands.” Says Michael Kolesnik

What Makes Freud 96 Teeth Blade Different?

The 96 tooth variant, in particular, is very well suited for rough longitudinal cuts in timber due to the few but protruding teeth and the ample chip space because large shavings and lots of wood splinters are well removed in the gaps and do not unnecessarily heat the coping blade.

Most Important Features

  1. 96 tooth blade;
  2. Absorbs noise;
  3. HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting Blend
  4. Highly durable;
  5. Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating
  6. Stabilizer with a laser-cut;
Additional Necessary Features
  • Versatile in use
  • Ideal for rip and crosscuts in natural wood and wooden materials
  • Especially perfect for table saws
  • Possibility of use on almost all brands
  • Reduce splinters and offer easy cutting
Unwanted Features
  • When used for long it can overheat
  • Extra care needed on this blade

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the service life of the Freud LU85R012 Blade?

The service life is impressive. Even after intensive use, you will hardly notice any signs of wear. A Freud LU85R012 Circular Saw Blade owes these properties to its particular ground, firmly welded, and extra hard saw teeth.

Can I also use a saw blade with a larger bore?

If the hole in your circular saw blade is larger than the shaft of your table saw, you can quickly help yourself out. You can get matching insert rings, which compensate for the difference and establish a firm connection between the machine and the saw blade.

3. Concord 18HP 4-3/8-Inch 18 Teeth Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

Concord 4-3/8-Inch Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

For users of circular saws, we have this 10-Inch blade made of 80 teeth. Concord WCB1000T080HP Saw Blade is specially developed for cutting both soft and hardwood. This blade has a 1.8 mm thin kerf design, with a 15° hook angle. This saw plate thickness is just 1.62mm, giving it a lightweight of only 1.1 pounds. It is a perfect circular blade for fixed or portable saws. If you have a circular saw, the ideal blade for your machine is this high-performance piece.

This blade is designed with superior quality standards; it is ideal for making straight cuts. Besides, the carburized steel ensures the resistance that allows it to cut the hardest woods. It is a circular saw blade of incomparable quality. Its use is recommended in carpentry shops with heavy workloads, its edge does not wear quickly, and it can be used efficiently for long periods.

Expert Opinion

“This carbide circular saw blade is nail-proof making it the best I have ever used in my workshop. It is a special saw blade for cutting all wood-based materials with inclusions as well as formwork material, wood wool, and plasterboard.” Says Jon Schick

What Makes Concord 18 Teeth Blade Different?

Concord WCB1000T080HP Saw Blade fits many standard saws from Makita, Bosch, Einhell and will guarantee tear-free cutting edges. The saw blade is made from high-quality hardened steel with a Carbide tip.

Most Important Features

  1. 15-degree hook
  2. Thin 2.6 mm kerf design
  3. Low hook angle
  4. ATB Grind
  5. With carbide inserts for cutting in wood
Additional Necessary Features
  • Outstanding cutting performance!
  • Best running smoothness!
  • Good service life!
  • Resharpen easily and multiple times using a standard metal file!
  • The blade produces an exceptionally smooth finish
  • Precise cuts making perfect inserts
Unwanted Features
  • Not very durable
  • It May is not suitable for hardwood

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you sharpen a Concord WCB1000T080HP Saw Blade?

If Concord WCB1000T080HP Saw Blade has become dull, it can be worthwhile to sharpen them, but only if they have no broken teeth or cracks.

What is Concord WCB1000T080HP Saw Blade suitable for?

The Concord WCB1000T080HP Saw Blade has 80 teeth for different types of wood, wood composites, and laminate flooring.

4. Overpeak 10-Inch ATB Ultra Fine Wood Cutting Blade

Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade

This blade has all Overpeak quality in its manufacture. Its most excellent positive point is better stability when cutting softwood. Due to its 90 teeth and its expansion slits, the cut is stable and fast. This 10-inch carbide blade weighs 1.92 pounds and has a thickness of 1/8″.

Apart from being the best blade for laminate flooring, it is also suitable for crosscuts wood, ripping wood, and plywood. The rake angle is slightly negative compared to other blades, making it useful for a chop saw.

Overpeck Table Saw Blade is an all-around carefree variant with which you don’t have to worry about it. Any metal parts are sawn together. The aggressive angle of attack for quick cuts with a maximum working speed of 6000 rpm gives a nuanced and fast cut. The ATB teeth provide excellent finish and performance and an Anti-backlash system that offers more outstanding durability.

This set of discs is one of the most used by woodworking professionals, provides exceptional quality and performance for tough jobs. It is excellent for cutting rate in all traditional woodwork for interiors and a construction site. It’s a suitable version for general-purpose works on different types of materials.

Expert Opinion

“Thanks to the special alternating tooth, it is equally suitable for longitudinal cuts and cross-sections in wood processing. Using reducing rings, it is also suitable for other shaft diameters.” Says Joe Hill

What Makes Overpeak ATB Blade Different?

Featuring orange and brown color and carbon steel composition, this blade is among the most popular for cutting laminate flooring, MDF, or MDP boards. 4 Laser-cut stabilizer vents ensure that the circular saw blade runs at high speed without over-vibration.

Most Important Features

  1. The aggressive angle of attack for quick cuts
  2. Maximum working speed 6000 rpm
  3. ATB teeth providing excellent finish and performance
  4. Fine and quick-cut teeth
  5. Anti-backlash system that offers greater durability
  6. Rechargeable carbide teeth
Additional Necessary Features
  • Product description
  • For wood, plywood, and wood composites
  • Provides excellent performance in cutting operations
  • Teeth with point carbide fixed by brazing
  • Sharp teeth for smooth cuts
Unwanted Features
  • The blade is slightly wider than other brands
  • The blade requires care to avoid corrosion

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I sharpen the Overpeck Table Saw Blade myself?

The downside: if they are worn out, Overpeck Table Saw Blades are challenging to sharpen yourself. We always advise a specialist here, which entails individual maintenance costs.

Can I use Overpeak Table Saw Blade on all types of wood?

This Table Saw Blade offers quality cutting for different kinds of wood. Its body and expansion slits reduce vibrations, heat design, and even noise. The carbide teeth alternating teeth with a positive angle provide a faster cut.

5. CMT ITK Ultra Finish Saw Blade (10″ x 80 Teeth)

CMT P10080  Melamine & Ultra Finish Saw Blade

The CMT P10080 Saw Blade is superior in durability, as its technology of the Carbide tips ensures more cutting power. It has 80 teeth, 10” blade made of carbide, giving life and precise cuts with a superior finish.

This blade has an impressive design providing better balance and noise reduction, generating longer tooth life. This 10-inch blade has a thickness of 0.063mm and a 0.094 kerf thickness. With this, there is reduced material wastage and improved speed of cutting.

CMT P10080 Saw Blade is made of Non -Stick Orange Shield, Laser-cut stabilizer vents, and a 10° hook angle. Each blade comes with two reducing rings, 3/4″ and 5/8″, to be used on different machines. For total safety, do not exceed the maximum blade rotation limit. An ideal saw for stationary use in aluminum.

Expert Opinion

“This disc also has all CMT quality in its manufacture, and its greatest positive point is the better stability of the disc during cutting, due to its 80 teeth and its expansion slits being differentiated.” Says Carlos Alanis

What Makes CMT Ultra Blade Different?

Simply the best brand of circular saw blade in the world stands out for this perfect woodworking edition. As a result of the power in fast and precise cuts, this blade is often used at the beginning of work. In addition to cutting wood, this edition is also suitable for cutting fiberglass! It is an essential option when assembling solid wood or MDF ceilings and furniture.

Most Important Features

  1. 10Degree hook angle
  2. Thin kerf thickness
  3. Thin plate thickness of 0.063mm
  4. Non-Stick Orange Shield
  5. Laser-cut stabilizer vents
Additional Necessary Features
  • The precise blade for quality cutting in all types of wood
  • Expansion slots reduce vibration, noise, and heat formation
  • Ideal for fast longitudinal and crosscuts in softwoods
  • Excellent heat dissipation and maximum service life
  • Only the most modern production processes and materials are used
Unwanted Features
  • May not cut other non-wood materials
  • Not the right one for non-professionals

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can CMT P10080 Saw Blade Fit in any Saw?

It is essential to adjust your feed rate carefully and first adjust to the material and the saw blade. If you take this to heart, unsightly fraying is an absolute rarity. CMT P10080 Saw Blades are subjected to a technical and optical final inspection after production.

What do I have to Consider when Changing a CMT P10080 Saw Blade?

Always wear gloves. CMT P10080 Saw Blade teeth are sharper than you think. A saw blade can be quickly loosened and reassembled with a suitable ring spanner. But make sure to use the correct direction of rotation. An incorrectly used saw blade not only damages itself but can also pose an increased risk of injury.

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