This is the Best Tool for Cutting Nails, Screw and Bolt Effortlessly

Best Tool for Cutting Nails

Have you ever got so pissed off when trying to remove nails and thought,” damn, I wish I got a tool to do that? Well, I also share your frustrations. The chances are that you’ll ultimately come across a nail or similar pin that needs to be cut. From what I have learned, this mostly happens when a nail head gets bent and you are unable to drive it in or remove it. Instead of straining to remove it, I find it easier and time-efficient just to cut it down.

However, cutting through nails can seem challenging to those doing it for the first time. One needs to have the right tool and know how to do it smoothly. Having used a different top power tool to cut nails, my initial experience with DeWalt power tools got me safely hooked. The brand is among the few where you only get a fantastic tool for cutting nails at an affordable price.

That said, below is a guide on our best tool for cutting nails flush:

Short Touch of the Best 3 Tool to Cut Nail

Budget Friendly
DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

DEWALT-DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool

Warranty3 Years
Power SourceElectric
Motor Power11 Amp
Motor Speed1100 RPM
Voltage120 Volt
Blade4-1/2 inch
Our Best Pick
DEWALT 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Warranty3 Years
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power2.0 Ah
Motor Speed20K RPM
Voltage20 Volt
Weight2.33 pounds
DEWALT 20V Reciprocating Saw, Compact

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw

Warranty3 Years
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power6.0 Ah
Motor Speed2900 SPM
Voltage20 Volt
Weight5 pounds

Review list of the Best Tool to Cut Nail and Screw

You are here to find the right machine to pick up a nail that is strained with woods. I listed a direct product page link to reach the product quickly. If you feel you don’t need to read the review, you can go to the product page straight, but I recommend reading because it will help you pick the right tool.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

DEWALT 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR is an excellent choice for cutting nails due to its toughness, better resistance, and long-lasting power if it features a 3-speed selector allowing one to adjust the speed depending on a specific application.

A powerful brushless motor delivers more than 57% run time over similar standard tools. Changing blades is quick and easy, thanks to the quick-change accessory system. This way, you can set or remove blades into the pins positioned a full 360°. This 20V max* cordless is also simple to use. The LED light system allows for accurate cutting while a trigger switch powers on the motor. The DCS356 oscillating multi-tool kit consists of a charger, two blades for cutting wood, a 2.0Ah battery, 28 standard cutting and sanding attachments, and more.

Expert Opinion

“The DCS355 works well. While it powerful enough for my cutting needs, I also find it extremely lighter than my corded version. A single battery charge seems to last for a while. I will choose it over and over again,” Says Jeffrey

What Makes it Different?

The tool is compatible with many oscillating tool accessories due to its unique universal accessory adaptor. Besides, it has a position on both sides of the base to mount a belt clip.

Needed Technical Features

  • 3-speed selector.
  • Dual-grip variable speed
  • Brushless motor
  • A quick-change accessory system with seven stops
  • Universal accessory adapter
Positive Features People Like
  • Surprisingly great lock/unlock
  • Great battery life.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smart rubber placement
  • Fairly quiet
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • Slots and holes for a belt clip aren’t threaded

Frequently Asked Questions on this Tool

Can you cut tiles straight?

It’s nearly impossible to get straight cuts on a freehand without a fence.

Can it manage rough sanding?

Yes, the tool comes with 28 popular sanding attachments to help in numerous applications.

What’s the difference between the DeWalt XR and non XR?

XR means Extreme Runtime. These oscillating tools feature brushless motors with more significant capacity battery packs.

What is it made of?

The DCS356D1 is made up of rigid, durable plastic and metal.

Does the tool require an air compressor

The tool is battery-powered.

Will my 3-12V Max Li-Ion batteries fit?

The tool only works with similar 20V Dewalt batteries.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT 20V Reciprocating Saw, Compact

Professionals doing rough construction and demolition would want to get the DCS367B reciprocating saw. The tool comes in handy when cutting nail points, removing damaged heads, or even getting rid of nails that keeps protruding during construction. It features a compact and lightweight design that allows poking their oscillating blades into tight space, anchors the base, and cuts through the shank virtually. The saw has a powerful motor that delivers a maximum of 0-2900 SPM. A pivoting shoe allows you to stabilize while cutting.

Expert Opinion

“There are many reasons I love this bare tool. I recently purchased one to help with my new renovation project. I use a 20v 5ah battery with this and it’s able to last for a longer time. I love this saw!

What Makes it Different?

The DCS367B batteries comprise three banks of five-cell clusters that function in matching “20v mode”. This helps minimize the voltage drop while under high load.

Needed Technical Features

  1. Variable speed trigger with 0-2900 SPM
  2. The saw produces a 1-1/8″ stroke length
  3. Up to 2.5x more runtime
  4. Pivoting Shoe
  5. Keyless 4-Position Blade Clamp
Positive Features People Like
  • Truly versatile design
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Double grip for extra control
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • Batteries sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions on this Tool

Is brushless version really good than regular type?

Meaningfully, so especially if you’re a professional. Healthy and the battery lasts longer.

Which will run longer between the dcs367 compact and dcs380 full size?

The dcs380 runs longer. However, it offers lower amperage than the dcs367.

How does this compare to the Flexvolt saw?

They are both powerful bare tools. The only difference is the DCS367B 20V MAX XR is lighter.

Will this work for everyone?

Yes, if you understand what you’re doing.

Is this an easy change blade?

Simple, just squeeze the lever, slide the blade in, and close the lever.

3. DEWALT-DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

The DeWalt angle grinder is the most powerful of all metal cutting tools. It effortlessly cuts through nails bolt and can be fixed to rotary cutters of any size. The grinder comes with a high-performance mechanism that produces 2.1 joules of impact energy. It also features an 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 motor that offers the ideal power to size ratio. A single touch guard allows for 360-degree rotation, while the spindle lock button makes the best use of the depth of cut without compromising stability.

Expert Opinion

“I purchased this when my Milwaukee 4 1/2″ broke down. Despite its small size, the grinder has enough power and easy to use. The Large Allen wrench comes in handy to tighten/loosen the wheel nut. It’s my favorite grinder!” Says Paul Denyer

What Makes it Different?

The grinder features a 5/8″ arbor, while the locking flange offers a 7/8 shoulder to use standard accessories. Do you think that how to cut old bolt? Don’t worry, this is the best tool for cutting off bolts. So whatever you need to cut off in materials feel free to take it.

Needed Technical Features

  • 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor
  • Quick-Change ™ Wheel
  • Spindle Size-5/8″-11”
  • Dust Ejection System
  • One-Touch Guard
Positive Features People Like
  • Smooth and low in vibration.
  • Lengthy runtime and durability
  • Optimized ergonomic design
  • Minimal torque reactions
  • Superior productivity
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • The guard is way too big
  • Then the spindle is too long

Frequently Asked Questions on this Tool

Which ideal wheels do I purchase?

It all depends on what you are grinding. To get it right, don’t purchase a wheel rated for less than 11000 rpm.

What’s the difference between the angle and grounded grinder?

Angle comes with a two-prong plug, while the other has a three-prong plug.

What is the depth of cut for cement?

About 1.7 inches for a new disc.

Is here any trick to removing the backing flange?

Very simple! First, remove the grinding disk and lock the nut. Next, thrust the silver pin next to the shaft. That is it!

Is a wrench needed to change wheels on the dwe402?

Yes, the grinder comes with an Allen wrench.

4. Rockwell AW400 F80 Sonicrafter 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell AW400 F80 Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool

The fourth product on the list comes from Rockwell Company, which also has a good reputation. It is famous for its high-quality tools and accessories. It comes with nine accessories but doesn’t be upset with the multiple accessories.

Besides, its speed ranges from 10000-19000 OPM so, and you will find it easy to choose and control the rate based on the type of your project. If you want to buy a powerful corded oscillating machine, the Rockwell AW400 F80 Sonicrafte is the best. Its features are extraordinary that you could expect to get from the so-called premium tools.

Expert Opinion

“The machine allows you to choose the maximum oscillation angle through its dual oscillation mechanism. These options are a 5-degree angle wood setting for aggressive, fast cuts and a 3.4-degree angle metal setting for continuous control and precision. Therefore, you will have the freedom to choose speed, depending on the material you are working on.” says Frank Chordas, a highly trained woodworker in the United States.

What Makes it Different?

The most exciting fact about this screw cutter is its versatility. You can use it to work on short work like cross-cutting, screw cutting, nail cutting, plunge cuts, trimming door jambs, or ripping. Since this tool is heavy-duty, you can use it to effectively remove adhesives, caulk, and paint and cut metal pipes.

Needed Technical Features

  1. It has a powerful motor of 4.2 amp
  2. Dual-oscillation technology
  3. 1-ton holding force
  4. Universal fit technology
  5. Measures 11.6 x 3.5 x 4 inches
Positive Features People Like
  • It is versatile
  • Powerful
  • Compatible with standard accessories from topmost brands
  • Carrying case
  • Comes with nine accessories
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • Produce a lot of vibration

Frequently Asked Questions on this Tool

Is this tool heavy-duty?

Yes, it has a powerful motor with 10000-19000 OPM

What is the number of its accessories?

Comes with nine essential accessories

Can I use a blade from a different brand?

Yes, it features a universal fit technology to accommodate standard accessories from famous companies.

5. WORX (WX550L) 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw

WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

Your multitasking tool list will be incomplete without this device from WORX Company. Its versatility will save you money and time. Its compactness will save your storage space and fatigue that might result from working with a massive tool. The nail cutter weighs only around 4.2 lbs. these features also allow you to use the device in hard-to-reach spaces comfortably.

Additionally, the tool comes with useful accessories like a 20v battery and a charger. Save money, space, and time with WORX Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw. Without forgetting, the nail cutter features a LED headlamp for illuminating your workspace.

Expert Opinion

“In an interview, Paul Watabe said this device works as specified. It has a good battery that is more powerful and can withstand a lot of work for a long time. In addition, the tool-less saw blade replacement system makes the tool compatible with typical and professional jigsaws and saw blades. You don’t need to buy reciprocating saws and jigsaws separately, but this fighter is there for you.”

What Makes it Different?

WORX Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw features a superior vibration-absorbing ergonomic grip handle that minimizes unpleasant motion. It produces a ¾ stroke length running at 3000 RPMs, which is excellent in cutting a two-inch wood. More so, this feature makes the tool ideal in cutting PVC pipes.

Needed Technical Features

  1. Features a compact design
  2. Has a comfortable vibration-absorbing grip handle
  3. LED headlamp
  4. Auto-off switch lock
  5. Has a tool-free blade replace system for compatibility
Positive Features People Like
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • It is powerful
  • Comes in a complete kit
  • Vibration is minimized
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • Quite expensive

Frequently Asked Questions on this Tool

Can I use this device to cut PVC pipes?

Yes, it is powerful with 3000 RPMs

Do I need to buy a charger separately?

No, the tool comes in a complete kit

What is the weight of the tool?

The machine is lightweight, weighing only 4.2 lbs.

Bottom Line

Here we are! After a lengthy decision-making journey. We can agree that making a decision is tricky, especially if you have shoddy information. Hopefully, this report on the best tool for cutting nails flush helps you get the best tool based on your project. The article gives you enough options to bring home with you. They are multitasking tools that you can use to handle other DIY woodworking applications.

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