Blue Max 57cc Chainsaw Review-20160 [22 inch Gas Chainsaw]

Blue Max 57cc Chainsaw Review

What we are going to present in this article is a true jewel of technology. One of the star products of Blue Max chainsaws is characterized by its high power and cutting capacity combined with a high level of stability, reduced vibration, maximum reliability, and in general ease of use and unusual lightness for a tool of this level.

We are talking about the Blue Max 20160 chainsaw cutting equipment, one of the manufacturer’s best models and therefore one of the best items available on the market. Read on to get an insight into this Blue Max 57cc chainsaw review.

Blue Max 20160 Chainsaw Review: Technical Characteristics

But let’s get into more detail to see what really makes this Blue Max chainsaw a tool worth buying and what makes it so unique. First of all, say that this is not a Blue Max electric chainsaw but a gas-powered chainsaw. Despite this, the improved and updated engine allows this model to achieve high power levels and be used for long periods, maintaining low consumption levels and also a significant reduction in the emission of exhaust gases.


Power SourceGas
Weight  21 pounds
Blade length22 inch
Max Speed10500 RPM
Horse Power3.5 hp
Engine Power57cc
Engine Type  2 stroke
Fuel Capacity23.7 oz.
Warranty1 Year

Gasoline Engine

A mighty gasoline engine powers this chainsaw to achieve the power required to cut various objects

This Blue Max 57cc stands out for its great potential, which allows the chain to rotate at high speed. This translates to higher cutting capacity with efficient gas mileage and an engine designed to be easy to start and require minimal maintenance.

Saw Power

Thanks to its aforementioned 57cc gasoline engine, this model has great power, which translates into, according to the manufacturer, 2400 watts of power, which makes its performance suitable compared to electric saws, for example.

Through the use of a high-quality gear system, the motor’s power is transferred to the chain, which is in charge of cutting. In this way, we can see that all internal combustion power looks suitable to be used, guaranteeing efficiency and capacity.

Protection Measures

In addition to having the right length blade, this strong performer stands out for the safety measures it incorporates. And here, we can find three elements that provide excellent safety to users: handle and grips, handguard, as well as brakes.

As for the handle and grips, these offer a surface that helps to precisely handle the saw without the risk of slipping, thanks to its non-slip coating. Besides, it is worth mentioning that it has protection against debris in hand and a safety brake.

Saw Chain

As we already mentioned, the chain is in charge of cutting. And it is made up of high-strength steel links and sharp blade blades; this chain combines the power of the motor with the speed of the chain, the sharpness of the blades, and its design.

One of the fundamental points when buying a chainsaw is the chain. In this case, the Blue Max chain is designed so that its blades stay sharp for longer; also, it is easy to lubricate and tense thanks to Blue Max’s technology for its design and assembly.

Chain Tensioning

Once prepared and ready for use, the chain finds its right position without the aid of tools, stretching sufficiently, and without too many external interventions.

Blue Max Chainsaw

Blade Length

Another fundamental point when looking for a chainsaw is the blade’s length because this influences the cutting capacity and the power of the chain. It also has a lot to do with the user’s safety.

In this case, the model we are talking about here has a blade length of 22 inches, a standard measurement in Blue Max gasoline chain saws. This has two advantages, an adequate cutting capacity, safety distance, and accessible and easy-to-find spare parts.

Fuel and Oil Tank

This Blue Max 57cc chainsaw is equipped with a handy oil tank that is completely built-in. The tank ensures that the chain is automatically lubricated. It’s 23.7 oz. Fuel tank capacity ensures that you can use it for a more extended period.


Gas-powered chainsaws are known to generate very deafening noise pollution. Fortunately, with this Blue Max 57cc chainsaw review, we do not risk having these significant inconveniences. Indeed, this Blue Max model has one of the lowest noise levels when it comes to a thermal chainsaw. At 113 dB (decibel), you feel almost no disturbance when you are using it or standing next to someone working with it.

Even the vibration can be felt while handling it is reduced thanks to the ingenuity of the experts who designed it. Therefore, this softly operated saw has all the qualities to make our way of working efficient and straightforward.

Soft-Touch Rubber Anti-Vibration Handle

The soft rubber texture is easy to grip and makes the product comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Blue Max Chainsaw Handle


Inside the package, there is a good blade cover, a carrying bag chain, and a scabbard. The presence of lubricating oil adds more material to the rich equipment put in place.

Ease of Maintenance

To maintain its performance and to ensure a long life, a gas chainsaw needs regular maintenance. This operation can be complicated on some models, but on this one, Blue Max has done everything to make your life easier.

The air filter is relatively easy to access and cleans up in no time. For checking and cleaning its spark plug, a key is delivered to you so that you no longer have to look elsewhere. Likewise, a screwdriver is provided for chain tension adjustment or replacement. The latter being self-lubricated, it saves you from frequently interrupting your work to do so.

Recommendations for Use

This cheap priced saw has a rather sharp and dangerous rotating chain, requiring great care in use and handling. As we have already mentioned, other notable features of this model are its lightweight and low vibration level.

This is thanks to the redesign that involved the engine and the entire structure and design of this object so that it can compete with the best products in its category. And we can say that the real strength of the model is its extreme maneuverability, thanks to a light structure that, combined with the engine’s power, gives the chainsaw ease of cutting, challenging to experiment with other instruments of the same category.

Why and Who Should Buy

Indeed, you have already noticed that the Blue Max brand always seeks to innovate with its models, creating different systems and technologies that fully satisfy users’ needs. And, of course, the Blue Max 20160 is part of that innovative group.

This model promises to carry out all the work you need with it, providing security and control when using it. Thanks to its 2 phase engine, you can feel confident that this chainsaw will not only be powerful but will also reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions, making it perfect for caring for the environment and saving money.

The Blue Max 20160 has a chain tensioning by inertia. It will be quite safe and will prolong its useful life with the centrifugal air system that will clean the filters and prevent dirt accumulation in the carburetor. Isn’t it wonderful?

Bad Things

The only point that can be considered harmful to some people is that this model is noisy, reaching a level of 113 dB, but it is something that you can avoid with the use of earplugs.

Final Thought

Briefly summarizing the many advantages of this Blue Max 20160 chainsaw model and why it is highly recommended, we can say that the ease and weight of an instrument for home use are combined with the power, precision, and performance of a professional tool.

So, if you are looking for a gasoline-powered chainsaw that has good performance, cutting capacity, quality, and an excellent cost-benefit ratio, the 20160-model is your best option. Using it is very simple and it will ensure excellent benefits to have one of these.

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  1. Whoever said it has inertial chain tensioning is full of shit there is no such. The thing you adjust the chain by loosening two nuts then set tension with a screwdriver on the adjusting screw I have one of these saws it’s ok so far I cut ten cords of firewood and also a right of way along with my property for 1800 feet this included some trees around 16_20 inches at the stump plus lots of little trees around 12 inches and smaller, as for the saw it starts good and idles very nice! PS I’ve got over twenty years to experience cutting timber this saw is good for lite work I wouldn’t recommend it for big trees say two-foot diameter, not quite enough power for bigger trees but at the price, it makes a great saw for medium-duty!


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