Blue Max Chainsaw Review: Handy Gas Powered Chainsaw

Blue Max Chainsaw Review

Whether you have logs to cut for your fireplace, trees to cut, or pruning to do, a chainsaw is a must! And if possible, it is better to be equipped with an excellent chainsaw to do a neat job. Blue Max chainsaws are among the best chain saws in the market today. 

Whether you need a powerful chainsaw to cut down large trees in the forest or a light chainsaw to prune branches of small fruit trees, Blue Max will find an adequate model and intermediate model between these two extremes! Below I will give you blue max chainsaw reviews of the top three best models.

Top Three Blue Max Chainsaws in the Market Ever

Budget Friendly

Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

Blue Max-6595 Auto Oiler Gas Chainsaw

Warranty1 Year
Bar Length18 inch
E.D.45 cc
Power3.0 hp
Fuel + Oil5/8

Our Best Pick

Blue Max 20 in. 52cc Gas Chainsaw

Blue Max-53543 Eco Boost Gas Chainsaw

Warranty1 Year
Bar Length20 inch
E.D.52 cc
Power3.5 hp
Fuel + Oil5/8

Overall Great

Blue Max 20160 Chainsaw Cutting Equipment

Blue Max-20160 Gas Cutting Equipment

Warranty1 Year
Bar Length22 inch
E.D.57 cc
Power4.0 hp
Fuel + Oil5870

Blue Max Chainsaw Review List We Discovered

To get a guide and help, pick your choice according to your needs; the following Blue Max chainsaw reviews consider your budget and key features highlighting their characteristics and strengths. Here is a quick list of the three best Blue Max saws. You can visit the links to read buyers’ reviews if in a hurry or continue reading our detailed reviews.

1. Blue Max Eco Boost 52cc Chainsaw

Weight20.9 pounds
Engine3.5 HP
Power SourceGas
Max Speed1050 RPM
Bar Length20 inch
Warranty1 Year
Blue Max 20 in. 52cc Gas Chainsaw 52cc

The Blue Max Gas Chainsaw 52cc is genuinely a complete and efficient product for cutting all wood types. It has many good points and few weaknesses, and in my review, it came out as the best on the market today.

With its large cutting capacity (20″ chain guide), it is the ideal logging tool that will give you the most significant ability to work in the garden or the forest and allow you to work quietly even in the thickest and densest woods. Its chain speed (10,500 revolutions per minute) gives it a cutting dynamic that will enable you to attack any piece with serenity. Also, the engine of this chainsaw has better torque and reduces fuel consumption (-45%).

Finally, with a modest weight for its power (15.5 pounds), this chainsaw remains easy to handle and use. Designed with well-thought-out ergonomics and adequate protection, Blue Max Gas Chainsaw will be a real pleasure to use to cut logs, cut logs, or prune branches.

Expert Opinion

The saw met all my expectations. Robust, powerful, despite its weight, convenient, clean cutting results even with heavy use. Recommended. ” Says Udo Field

What Makes It Different?

Due to the low vibration, working with the Blue Max with a 20″ Bar & Chain is charming and remains optimally balanced. It’s an automatically lubricated chainsaw chain. To check the oil level, it has a transparent oil tank.

Positive Things of Blue Max 52cc
  • EASY starter system for easier starting
  • Emergency stop toggle switch
  • Sword protection, immediate STOP chain brake, etc.
  • The accredited testing center has tested this device
  • Its 20″ blade length makes it possible to use this saw in most situations encountered.
  • It is handy, efficient, and built with robust materials.
Positive Things of Blue Max 52cc
  • Requires close electrical connection
  • Tensioning the initial chain can be a bit tricky

Great Features of Blue Max 52cc

  • 52cc gas engine with enormous power
  • Upper handle for use with one hand only
  • It comes with a 20″ cutting bar & chain
  • It has an inbuilt Anti-vibration system
  • Maximum Chain speed of RPM 10,500
  • Net weight without bar and chain of 15.5 pounds

Your Probable Questions

How heavy is the Blue Max Gas Chainsaw?

The seller weighs 15.5 pounds, but the gas weight is not yet included in the calculation. Because the gas weighs 46.75 pounds per liter alone, you can expect an increase in weight.

Can I saw 18 inches Thicker Tree Trunks with the Blue Max Gas Chainsaw?

The tree trunk must not be thicker than 20″. You must observe the maximum cutting length here, which is specified by the stop hook.

Is the Chain Included?

Yes, you will receive the matching chain for the Blue Max Gas Chainsaw. This means that you can start your gardening or forestry work as soon as you receive the package.

2. Blue Max Gas Chainsaw Cutting Equipment

Weight20.9 pounds
Engine4.0 HP
Power SourceGas
Max Speed1050 RPM
Bar Length22 inch
Warranty1 Year
Blue Max 20160 Chainsaw Cutting Equipment

The Blue Max 20160 Chainsaw combines above-average overall quality at a very competitive price. This makes it the best value for money in our selection of chainsaws.

With its 22″ chain guide and chain speed of 10, 500 rpm, it is undoubtedly not the chainsaw with the largest capacity, but it will be more than enough for domestic logging jobs. It is still very efficient and has a good quality and a rather durable chain. An automatic oil pump ensures the chain’s automatic lubrication and maintains its cutting quality without any intervention.

Finally, for your safety, a mechanical chain brake activated by the left hand and an electronic chain brake ensure a quick stop of the cutting chain in case of a problem. Also, a large ergonomic micro-cellular handle and a vibration-absorbing system provide optimal comfort of use for this rather pleasant and relatively light machine (20.9 pounds in total).

Expert Opinion

“The saw has never shown a weakness. The performance is just enough for 22″ trunks. All parts are robust and suitable for everyday use. I can fully recommend the small saw.” Says Johnathan O.

What Makes It Different?

Blue Max attaches great importance to safety when it comes to the product, which is why the Blue Max 20160 Chainsaw is equipped with some protective mechanisms:

  • Kickback protection
  • Protection against overheating

According to the manufacturer, all mechanisms react to the respective danger within a split second and always lead to the chain coming to a standstill. In the case of complications, this immediate stop leads to a reduced risk of injury.

Positive Things of Blue Max 20160
  • EasyStart for overcoming compression resistance
  • The motor stops by tapping the lever
  • Quick and easy chain assembly thanks to the external sprocket
  • Easy-to-open gas cap with a large fill opening
  • Kickback protection and stable metal claw stop for high security
  • Optimal power transmission through the durable metal gear
  • Cable strain relief for the protection of the supply line
Positive Things of Blue Max 20160
  • It consumes a lot of oil
  • Not recommended for intensive use

Great Features of Blue Max 20160

  • Equipped with a balanced 1.4-liter 57cc 2-stroke petrol engine
  • The automatic and adjustable oil pump provides constant lubrication to the bar and chain.
  • Stability and comfort are guaranteed thanks to the anti-vibration system
  • The recoil-free chain brake immediately stops the saw when it detects a recoil and ensures maximum safety.
  • Easy-Start is easy and reliable, with cold start assistance.
  • With silent blocks that reduce user fatigue
  • An ergonomic handlebar and excellent weight distribution offer an optimal balance.

Your Probable Questions

Can I also Cut hedges with the Blue Max 20160 Chainsaw?

Yes, this should be possible. Depending on the type of hedge, you could damage it because the chainsaw does not make straight cuts like hedge trimmers. We recommend that you first find out whether your specific hedge is suitable.

Why doesn’t the Chain Fit?

You will also receive a chain for the saw, which should always fit. If problems arise, the chain tension is probably still too tight. Try to loosen them and try the chain assembly again. If it still doesn’t work, we recommend contacting the manufacturer.

Is the Saw Suitable for Cutting a 22″ Tree?

According to the manufacturer, the branch diameter should not be more than two-thirds of the chain length. This would make a maximum diameter of 15 millimeters possible. Blue Max nevertheless confirms that your project is possible with a little patience.

Do I Get the Oil for the Saw?

No. However, you can purchase the required chain oil from the hardware store. The brand doesn’t matter much as long as the oil is meant for chainsaws.

3. Blue Max Auto Oiler 45cc Gas Chainsaw

Weight17.64 pounds
Engine3.0 HP
Power SourceGas
Max Speed1050 RPM
Bar Length18 inch
Warranty1 Year
Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

The Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc is a rather well-designed, pleasant-to-use gardening machine. It will offer you real working comfort for your wood cutting with optimal efficiency.

The Blue Max 6595 with an 18″ blade impresses with its excellent performance, despite its low weight. The price is also okay, so this Blue Max 6595 can have a good price-performance ratio.

The elegant design ensures that the Blue Max 6595 lies comfortably in hand, allowing easy and quick work.

This also enables precise sawing performance with thicker materials than usual. The Blue Max 6595 arrives at the customer in a compact and securely packaged condition.

The housing, which is mostly made of metal, gives the device stability and ensures safety at work. The chainsaw with a battery drive is ideal for the handyman but less suitable for construction professionals.

A spring is preloaded and automatically released by the average reverse start, making the chainsaw much more comfortable. With the Easy-Start system, the effort required is reduced by up to 60%.

Expert Opinion

“The Blue Max 6595 chainsaw has many advantages if you are looking for a versatile machine. Its performance is good, as is its comfort of use, and its equipment provides the essential elements for an occasional user. Add to that the price is very affordable, and you get a chainsaw with unbeatable value for money!” Says katshanie.

What Makes It Different?

It is an easy-to-use, robust tool that allows many cutting jobs to be carried out with ease. The 45cc engine offers great autonomy and recharges in one hour and only tries minutes.

Positive Things of Blue Max 6595
  • With realistic saw noise when pressing the blade on a surface
  • The automatic lubrication system makes the chain always lubricated.
  • It stands out for offering constant and efficient power thanks to the 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered engine.
  • The oil level window allows you to check the oil level
  • Equipped with cutting teeth for wood, light (17.64 pounds), and portable, which reduces the burden on the job
  • Safe and straightforward, mechanical brake (< 0.2s) and double safety switch
  • Rubber handle for comfortable operation
  • Easy start system for easy start
  • Uniform oil film on the rail thanks to automatic oil supply
Positive Things of Blue Max 6595
  • Small fuel tank
  • A little heavy
  • There are recurring complaints about the effectiveness of chain lubrication

Great Features of Blue Max 6595

  • Tool-free adjustment of the chain tension
  • Anti-Vibration Function
  • An automatic Chain Brake for security
  • Auto chain lubrication
  • 45cc petrol engine with a power of 0, 7 kW
  • 18″ cutting bar and a chain speed of 10,500 RPM
  • Net weight without bar and chain of 17.64 pounds
  • External carbon brush that is easy to replace ensuring longer life
  • Low kickback, vibration reduction system, which can reduce fatigue in a long working day

Your Probable Questions

How Heavy is the Blue Max 6595 Chain Saw?

According to the manufacturer, it weighs 17.64 pounds. However, neither the gas nor the guide rail or chain is integrated into the specification.

Is there a Chain in the Package?

Yes. You will receive a 21 bp chain.

Can I Operate the Blue Max 6595 Chain Saw with One Hand?

Basically, yes, but you should avoid such an operation. On the one hand, you achieve greater control with two hands; on the other hand, you can react better to a setback.

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