Chainsaw Chain Types: Find the Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain

Chainsaw Chain Types

The chain is the crucial element of any chainsaw. Depending on the cutting purpose different types of chainsaw chains are available in the market. They mainly cut several kinds of wood pulp, timber, firewood, hardwoods, or tree possessing. Separate chains are used for fast and slow cutting.

After using the chainsaw for some days, the chain can become extremely worn. That needs to replace for the saw’s safety. Chain shifting is a little tough task if you don’t know how. Besides, all chains don’t keep balance with chainsaws. That’s why you have to find out which chainsaw is the best choice for your one.

In this article, we will represent several chainsaw chain types and the necessary knowledge about this issue to make sure you know the worth chain.

What are the Different Types of Chainsaw Chains?

The specifications of chainsaw chain types depend on the types of cutting teeth and chain arrangements. Go over for details.

Types of Cutting Teeth

The cutting teeth indicate the shape of a chainsaw chain. It is also related to the chain’s cutter edge. We get three types of cutting teeth.

1. Full-Chisel Cutters

Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain

Find square corner-cutting teeth; full-chisel cutters are as well. Yes, this type of cutter comes to provide higher and faster cut features. They are suitable for cutting hardwood, firewood, and down trees. Due to its square shape, you can easily handle challenging cuts.

You can have a look to know the purpose of using a chainsaw and its chains.

Though full-chisel cutters can work at high speeds and powerfully, they have some weaknesses such as as-less durability, and are not suitable for smooth cuts, dry woods, or soft woodcuts. Ultimately, they are the best chain for cutting down trees and hardwoods. You can use them to cut quickly and easily.

Before working, make sure of your wood types and necessary things to control any risky situation.

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2. Semi-Chisel Cutters

Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain

The Semi-chisel cutter is excellent for cutting frozen, dirty, or dry wood. It has rounded blades. Cut’s capability is a little slower than others. Just because of its rounded mood supports deducting the kickback risks. You can use these types of cutter chains professionally or personally. Also, they are equipped to handle softwoods smoothly. The higher stability and lower kickback make the semi-chisel chains perfect for cutting all types of wood.

3. Low Profile Cutters

Low-profile cutter’s chainsaw chains are similar to the semi-chisel cutter’s shape, just like around. People can use these cutters continually, especially home users. Though they don’t have a fast cutting speed, they allow cutting several types of wood. Also, it offers safe working. Those who have no cutting experience can use law profile cutters. But its durability is not high as semi-chisel cutters. So, you can cut your wood slowly but sharply.

Low Profile Chainsaw Chain

Types of Chain Configurations

1. Standard Chain

The Standard chain or full house chain has top teeth; make sure to cut smoothly.

Its arrangement features a bar of up to 24-inches suitable for larger chainsaws. The capability of cutting through metal or wood is fast and quick. But the cutting speed doesn’t have higher than other configurations of chainsaw chains. Standard chain teeth’ space is also suitable for cutting wood with force. If you need to cut high-volume woods like firewood or timber, this type of chain works hugely.

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2. Full-Skip

A full-skip chain comes to provide a high-speed cutting feature. This chain configuration is great for cutting wood quickly because they have the smallest quantity of teeth in the chain. But not suitable for smooth cuts. You can cut firewood or large trees using this chainsaw chain. However, this full-skip chainsaw chain allows over 24″ or larger bars. So, you sure use the chain for home use or professional purposes.

3. Semi-Skip

The Semi-skip chainsaw chain configuration has mixed features and one or two links of this chain cutter teeth. Though it is not fast like full-skip, chains must be robust for cutting down wood. Are you a professional cutter? It would help if you cut particular types of metal. You can maintain your balance while working but not so quickly. So, using this semi-skip chain, cut smoothly.

What is the most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain?

You may have a question what is the fastest-cutting chainsaw chain? The answer is an aggressive chain can super fast cut your object. The brand Stihl is the most aggressive chainsaw chain brand. Aggressive chains feature long-lasting, high-cutting speed, and better blades. The Husqvarna is also a well-known brand for its 18-inch H30-72, 20-inch H80-72, and H4 684 0.050-inch aggressive chainsaw chains.

Alternatively, Oregon is the best brand that has provided 18-inch, 20-inch, L81 20″, D72 20″, S62 18″, S62T, and more aggressive chains for cutting quickly. These types of chains offer high performance but low vibration and noise benefits at an acceptable price. Another aggressive chain is the Tallox 3 pack. So, you can easily find the right one.

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What do Chainsaw Chain Numbers Mean?

The chainsaw chain numbers mean the measurement of the gauge and pitch. Manufacturers make their ID codes using these. These essential measurements gauge and pitch control chainsaw chains. How?

Because pitch is used to measure the duration or length of any straight rivulets on the chain, ⅜” or 0.325″ are the standard pitches chains. And, gauge specifies the size of the chain’s bar hole that’s important to fit into. Most of the gauges are 0.063, 0.058, and 0.050, which are best for quarter fits, penny fits, and dime fits.

Pitch and gauge recommend the numbers of chainsaw chains, so make sure these before choosing.

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Different Categories of Chainsaw Chains Use Multiple Purposes

There different categories of chains are used for multiple purposes—the most important is to ensure the using purpose and confirm the fits of the chain. Already discussing the different kinds of cutting teeth and arrangements helps secure the selected one.

Final Words

One of the most powerful tools is the chainsaw. It is used to cut wood or other metal quickly and smoothly. The faster-cutting chainsaw chain is the best option so you should ensure the right species of chain. Our post has expressed all basic configurations, cutting types, and much more to support you. Hopefully, you can choose the right chainsaw chain as getting the safest cutting feature. Besides, it would help if you had more practice before starting cuts.

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  1. I have used semi-chisel and full chisel on hardwoods, even with some dirt, and even dry hardwoods. My chain lasts 2-3 saw tank loads, or about 1.5-2 hours cutting time, between sharpenings. It takes me about 5 minutes to do a good hand-sharpening job with the Pferd tool. Since the full chisel cuts 30-50% faster than a semi-chisel, the faster cutting speed easily makes up for slightly more frequent sharpening requirements. No way will I ever use semi-chisel again!


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