Best 4 Craftsman Chainsaw Reviews [Long Last Cordless Saw]

Craftsman Chainsaw Review

The chainsaw has long been an indispensable tool for farmers and forest users but is becoming increasingly popular with ordinary homeowners. In part, this is probably because there is now a large selection of easy-to-use and affordable chainsaws for more straightforward tasks.

Among them are Craftsman chainsaws. This Craftsman chainsaw review will give some key features of the best craftsman chainsaw. Traditionally, the Craftsman chainsaw has been powered by a gasoline engine, but today electric chainsaws are also popular, both cord-bound and battery-powered. In recent years, mainly battery-powered chainsaws have grown in popularity, as their batteries have become both more powerful and cheaper.

Craftsman Chainsaw Reviews list for Heavy Duty

It can be challenging to know which Craftsman chainsaw to invest in. Some may just seek a good and cheap chainsaw, while others simply want a durable chainsaw for the homeowner. Whatever you are looking for, we have prepared a list of top Craftsman chainsaws. If you are in a hurry, you can visit the link to read buyers’ reviews. However, it is good to read our detailed review and the different pros and cons and find out which Craftsman chainsaw is the best.

Top Three Craftsman Chainsaws in Our Selections

CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw

Warranty3 Year
Bar Length16 inch
Motor Power12 amp
Cut ThicknessUp to 14 inch
Chain Pitch3/8 inch
Our Best Pick
CRAFTSMAN 12 in Cordless Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN V20 Battery Chainsaw

Warranty3 Year
Bar Length12 inch
Motor Power4.0 Ah
Cut Thickness10 inch
Chain Pitch3/4 inch
CRAFTSMAN 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN V60 Battery Chainsaw

Warranty3 Year
Bar Length16 inch
Motor Power2.5 Ah
Cut ThicknessUp to 14 inch
Chain Pitch3/8 inch

1. CRAFTSMAN V20 Battery Powered 12″ Chainsaw

Weight14.08 pounds
Bar Length12 inch
Chain Pitch3/4 inch
Power SourceBattery
Motor Power4.0Ah
Cut ThicknessUp to 10 inch
Warranty3 Years
CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (CMCCS620M1)

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw is one of the best battery power chainsaws on the market thanks to the combination of good design, power, agility, and good battery life. It has a clear battery indicator, rubber-coated grip, obviously high build quality, and low vibration. The chain is thin and very flexible. It leaves wonderful cuts, which makes this non-electric chain saw ideal for fine work.

It suits homeowners with both small and large trees on the site. The blade is quite long, but the chainsaw manages to get through most of it without sighing despite this. The chain is sharp with a sharpener and the machine is well-built.

What Makes It Different?

The included 4.0Ah battery has a high capacity and the battery life under load is good. There is also a stop button at the end of the sword, which is primarily intended to prevent kickbacks. This means that you cannot see the part of the blade responsible for the kickback.

Also, the stop hook should serve as a support so that the cut branch does not get on the chain. Finally, according to the manufacturer, the hook simplifies handling because you can simply clamp the material to be sawn.

Expert Opinion

“I bought this chainsaw and is perfect for heavier jobs. I can recommend this to homeowners who know they need both performance and durability for a variety of jobs.” Says James G. Phinizy

Great Convenient Features

  1. The saw handles are insulated from the motor and blade unit to minimize vibration.
  2. The length of the blade plate is 12 “.
  3. The saw is equipped with a handy instruction label that guides you to start the saw correctly.
  4. Comfort is enhanced by effective vibration damping, which enables long-term work.
  5. New adjustment lever for more effortless tool-free saw chain/tension adjustment
  6. Powered by a 4.0AH lithium-ion battery to power an efficient 36v DC motor drive system
Positive Features People Like
  • It has low vibrations. Thus the hands do not get tired after work.
  • The weight of 14.08 pounds is convenient for transport and extended use.
  • Ergonomic grip on the saw handles and optimal dimensions for crawling in hard-to-reach places.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Relatively quiet.
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • The rubber coating on the handle peels off.
  • After cutting thick branches, it becomes very hot and requires a break

Frequently Asked Questions

What Runtime can I Expect with a 2 amp Hour Battery?

That depends on the strength of the material since the saw requires more power with large diameters. Craftsman V20 Cordless Chainsaw speaks of a runtime of 1 hour, whereby you can assume double the duration with 4 ampere-hours.

What Weight and Speed do the Saw Reach?

The cordless chainsaw’s weight is 14.11 lbs without the battery, and the chainsaw reaches a speed of 10 meters per second.

Where can I Get Replacement Chains?

You can ask the manufacturer or search on sales platforms. Some DIY stores also carry the required model in their range.

2. CRAFTSMAN V60 Cordless Battery Chainsaw

Weight18.74 pounds
Bar Length16 inch
Chain Pitch3/8 inch
Power SourceBattery
Motor Power2.5Ah
Warranty3 Years
CRAFTSMAN V60 Cordless Chainsaw, 16-Inch (CMCCS660E1),Red

Craftsman V60 Cordless Chainsaw is a saw that can handle a wide range of tasks at the same time as it is easy to start and easy to maintain. It features an easy-to-start button. It is a coil spring that stores energy. In practice, this means that you do not have to pull very hard or fast for it to start; it is enough with a simple jerk. It is up and running.

The function works very well and is one of the most significant advantages of this chainsaw. Craftsman CMCCS660E1 fits well as an all-around saw. It manages to cut smaller to medium-sized trees. Combined with a weight of only 18.74 lbs, you can work without fatigue for a long time.

For the chain to run smoothly, there must always be oil in the system, which reaches the sword through the automatic oil pump. For this purpose, the battery-operated Craftsman chainsaw has a tank with a capacity of 80 milliliters, whereby you can always check the oil level through the inspection window.

What Makes It Different?

It is also suitable for cutting or trimming trees, although a light battery power saw is optimal for just branching. According to the manufacturer, you can always see the battery capacity during operation by looking at the indicator lamps. The tool is also equipped with a tool-free chain and blade tension and adjustable speed and a brushless motor.

Expert Opinion

“This is an amazingly powerful tool for wireless selection and can easily withstand gas-powered saws. I bought it for larger objects and heavy work and I have never regretted it.” Says Michael Spindler

Great Convenient Features

  1. It features a battery capacity warning light
  2. Electrical chain brake
  3. Chain oil level window
  4. Ergonomic soft grip
  5. Kickback protection
  6. Overload protection
  7. Protection against overheating
Positive Features People Like
  • Environmentally friendly (no exhaust gases)
  • Uncomplicated maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy replacement of carbon brushes with special hatches
  • Smooth running of the blade, relatively quiet operation.
  • It has a long service life in the absence of overloads
  • The compact dimensions are convenient for handling in tight spaces and for transport
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • There is no electronic stabilizer – you have to wait for a set of rotations
  • There is a strong, tiring vibration for one hand
  • The number of rotations cannot be adjusted

Frequently Asked Questions

Is automatic Chain lubrication Integrated?

No. The manufacturer explicitly points out in the instructions that you have to press the pump mechanism on the oil tank cap before each cut. This is the only way to ensure that the chain comes into contact with oil and spread over the entire blade.

Can I Lock the Switch?

No, but this is not possible with a chainsaw. It is a protective measure so that you can always trigger the chain brake.

Are the Battery and Charger Included?

With the offer presented here, you also get the battery and the charger.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

This is difficult to say since the adequate running time depends on the material and the respective application. Therefore, the manufacturer does not provide any time information but only gives you the example mentioned above with the feasible cuts.

3. CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 Electric Chainsaw

Max Cut Depth14 inch
Bar Length16 inch
Chain Pitch3/8 inch
Power SourceElectric
Motor Power12 amp
Tank Size6 gal
Warranty3 Years
CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw, 16-Inch, 12-Amp (CMECS600),REd

The Craftsman CMECS600 Electric Chainsaw is more handy and reliable than the battery chainsaw. The chainsaw is well-balanced and easy to handle, while powerful about its neat size and battery chainsaw. The chain does not jump in the first place, not even during free work in a large, messy log pile. The design is exemplary.

Both the throttle control and the throttle control lock are sufficiently tightened. The Craftsman CMECS600 is a battery-powered chainsaw suitable for small to medium tasks, such as clearing small trees and cutting down smaller logs. The chainsaw can be purchased with or without a battery.

If you buy the package where the battery is included, this will go a long way, but there are more expensive batteries on the market. The chainsaw practically beeps when the power is turned on, so you don’t have to look for the button to light. But one thing, If you are a professional, a battery saw is not suitable for your job. So, it had better go to a cordless gas chainsaw

What Makes It Different?

The Craftsman CMECS600 is a real power machine and would probably fit well in a sawmill. The long sword makes it suitable for even large trees. The links keep the entire chain together, for example, while the drive links are responsible for the drive.

Expert Opinion

“This is a compact, powerful saw that can handle a larger bar and chain for larger jobs. It is perfect for regular light to medium property management, with occasionally larger tasks.” Says Dominique Dubois

Great Convenient Features

  • The 12 Amp Motor offers incredible power
  •  Low kickback bar and chain
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 16 inches Bar and Chain
  • Automatic oil system
  • Built clear oil window where no priming is needed
  • Comes with a tool-free chain tensioning

Positive Features People Like
  • Lightweight 6.19 pounds for semi-professional tools
  • The movement of the traction platform controls the cutting depth
  • The power key is comprehensive and easy to hold for a long time with a few fingers
  • Easy to replace carbon brushes without removing the entire housing
  • It can be cut along a curve and workpieces can be cut on the wall
  • The large D-shaped handle is suitable for large hands
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • Oil can run off during storage
  • May not work reliably after a few years of regular use
  • Bar and chain oil caps difficult to open

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Get Replacement Chains?

Yes. However, Craftsman assures you that you won’t need another chain so quickly. You get a 3-year guarantee, and you can even get another year if you register.

Can I Operate the Craftsman CMECS600 with one Hand?

Yes, that is possible. However, we do not recommend that you get better control and react correctly in a kickback event.

Is the Cordless Chainsaw also Available without a Battery?

No. According to the manufacturer, the Craftsman CMECS600 is currently only available with batteries and chargers.

What Oil Should I Use?

We advise you to use ordinary saw chain oil, with some foresters swearing by organic chain oil and rapeseed oil.

4. Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S Gas Powered Chainsaw

Weight17.7 pounds
Bar Length20 inch
Chain Pitch3/8 inch
Power SourceGas Powered
Motor Power46cc
Warranty2 Years
Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S 46cc 2-Cycle Full Crank 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case, 16-in, Liberty Red

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S is an easy-to-start and user-friendly gas-powered chainsaw for light to medium-sized sawmills. It is effortless to maintain and has a compact design. You can easily clean it. The solution for opening the engine cover consists of a track chisel part which you rotate 90 degrees, then the lid opens.

It makes it sit securely while there are no small parts that can break when you open it. It is suitable for beginners as it is well-balanced and comes with double throw protection. The chain saw is useful in the hand and has minimal vibration. It is easy to clean and also easy to add oil and gasoline.

Your safety is also crucial to the manufacturer so you will find kickback protection. As soon as the chain saw swings in your direction, the chain must come to a standstill using the special lever in front of the handle. There is also an immediate chain brake that should also stop the rotation in the event of other problems such as overheating.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, if the chain breaks, there is a chain catch bolt, which should pull in the chain and thus prevent contact with you.

What Makes It Different?

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S is a user-friendly chainsaw that is very flexible in size. It is light and, at the same time, quite narrow in design. The start safety button is on top, so you can access it whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The rubber-coated grip gives you reasonable control over the chainsaw despite some vibration.

Expert Opinion

“This is an excellent choice for all homeowners who need light to moderate workloads – with occasionally heavy work that needs to be done. I love it for its 50% noise reduction compared to similar products, you don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbors.” Says JOHN HARRISON

Great Convenient Features

  1. It features a 46cc 2-stroke gas engine
  2. It has an easy pull start
  3. It has a 3-point anti-vibration system that makes it more comfortable.
  4. It has a 20-Inch low kickback bar and chain
  5. Adjustable auto-oiler
  6. Tool-free access to filter and spark plug.
Positive Features People Like
  • Incredibly powerful and durable
  • Works efficiently and without overheating for long periods
  • Easy start and lightweight
  • Very powerful and compact
  • Perfect for easy portable cutting
Negative Features People don’t Like
  • The chain can slip easily and must be adjusted
  • Finding a replacement chain can be difficult
  • The chain oiler may not be dispensing enough oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Sparks Appear When Sawing?

According to the manufacturer, this is not because of the chain but because of the material. There are probably still metal fragments or other minerals in the material that could explain such a spark generation.

How Heavy is the Saw?

According to the manufacturer, it weighs 17.7 pounds. However, neither the oil nor the gas is integrated into the specification.

Why doesn’t the Chain Fit?

You will also receive a chain for the Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S, which should always fit. If problems arise, the chain tension is probably still set too high. Try to loosen them and try the chain assembly again. If it still doesn’t work, we recommend contacting the manufacturer.

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If you’ve ever wondered what the best Craftsman chainsaw is, keep in mind that the best is what works best for you and the jobs you have for it. The highest-rated Craftsman chainsaw reviews I have given illustrate the many options available to you in terms of performance and size and how the difference between corded and cordless products compares to each other.

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