Craftsman Pole Saw Review [20V Battery Powered Saw]

Craftsman Pole Saw Review

Working with tall trees brings the added issue of having to reach top heights while sawing. Pole saws are an innovation from the regular chainsaws, having pole attachments and pole extensions making it easier for users to reach extended heights. Craftsman has produced one such, the V.20 Pole saw, and in this Craftsman, pole saw review, I critically analyze what this saw offers users and would-be users.

Craftsman Brand Value

Craftsman, presently having affiliation with Black and Decker, with Sears, is one tool company that has been in the market as far back as 1927 and has built a name for itself. They are known for producing quality tools. The craftsman V.20 Pole saw it as another of their many innovations. It is durable and has a brand name of excellence.

Craftsman V20 14 inch Pole Saw 

CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw, 14-Foot (CMCCSP20M1)

Pole Saw Specifications:

Power SourceBattery
Weight6.8 lbs
Reach Length14 Feet
Tool Length10 Feet
Bar Length8 Inches
Motor Power4.0 Ah
Battery TypeV20 lith.-ion
Max Cut Dia6 Inch
Cut Limits325 cuts
Warranty3 Years

Now, uncovering Craftsman CMCCSP20M1 pole saw. This saw is designed as a complete package, with features that almost any user will look out for. This provides users with an extended height of 14 Ft, the saw runs powerfully (its V.20 engine ensures this), and runs with a battery. Who doesn’t love battery-powered or cordless gas powered saws these days? Apart from the fact that they are eco-friendly, the problem of distance is eliminated. Users can reach a reasonable range with this saw.

This craftsman 20v pole saw review is bound to help you look critically at what this saw has to offer and if it suits your need or not.


We can say that craftsman has produced yet again another robust tool. We notice an issue, though. The pole extension on this saw is not as solid as the other parts.

The saw has an impressive height of 14 Ft, such that users can reach a reasonable distance. However, the saw is massive when fully assembled, and it can be shaky if you have not mastered it. Users may also grapple with balance with the first few uses, mostly when the saw is fully assembled.

Ergonomic Design

The design is pretty simple and basic, just like other regular Pole saws. The angled head makes cutting more comfortable, giving precise cuts. Another added feature that offers the saw an edge in the market is the branch hook that aids in removing leaves and loose branches.

Bar Chain

This saw has a robust and sturdy 6″ blade made of hardened steel and teeth that come Sharp and allow you to slice limbs away easily. It can efficiently deal with sturdy woods in a 4 to 6-inch range. Another sweet thing is that the saw’s head is angled so the blade can rotate in different directions and, of course, makes cutting more comfortable and faster.

Comfortable Handle

With its soft and super comfy grip, this saw handle allows users a comfortable and firm grasp, ensuring maximum maneuverability. Its handle is also a form of ant vibration, limiting users’ waves while the saw is running.

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Yes!!! Warranty is another Big thing anyone will look for in any product before making a purchase. We are glad to inform you that this show has a whole three years span of limited warranty. Craftsman has built a name of excellence over the years, so when we tell you it is three years, it’s three years. You can experience three years of full-field lawn work, maintenance, home-keeping, and even professional jobs with this saw. If it does develop any faults, you can get a replacement.

Effortless Maintenance

You would not need any complicated methods to maintain this saw. The regular maintenance process of constant oiling, tensioning, and cleaning should do as this saw is pretty basic and easy to maintain.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling the saw is like a breeze. Any ‘saw newbie” can quickly put each part in place using the manual, with little or no supervision.

What People Like of Craftsman CMCCSP20M1

  • Saw has an impressive 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery that ensures maximum use before run-down
  • Saw’s engine runs powerfully. Cutting won’t be too slow or drag
  • The Head and blade are angled, allowing cutting from different directions
  • Height with Pole extension is an impressive 14 ft
  • Saw’s pole and its extension come with comfy grips that make handling easier
  • There is an added feature, which is the branch hook
  • This tool is easy to assemble, disassemble, and use
  • The price is great
  • Limited warranty of 3 years

What People don’t Like about Craftsman CMCCSP20M1

  • Pole extension might make it quite heavy during use
  • No automatic chain oiler
  • Pole extension rods and not so durable
  • Pole is not easily adjusted. It is either too low or too high, with no in-between
  • An Anti-vibration system is not present

Reasons to Buy This Saw

Looking critically at all the points we have highlighted here; we can say that what the craftsman V.20 pole saw has to offer outs run any of its limitations. Many users have attested that this saw gives value for the money and gets the job done with no stress. Of course, anything tool that can provide value for your money is a go-for, and this one is.

Final Verdict

This tool will give you maximum cuts, extended heights, and longer run times at a great price. Doesn’t this cover almost anyone’s carpentry need, be it a pro or a homeowner? Well, I think it does.

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