Best Echo Chainsaw Review for 2020: A Great Handy Tool

Echo Chainsaw Review

An echo chainsaw is a useful tool that you must have to cut wood to provide heating in winter or make outdoor barbecues. Echo chainsaw products are well known for their reliable performance and professional cut. They are commonly used for all kinds of garden maintenance and logging.

This Japanese brand is always well placed in the comparison of the best machines. Their chainsaws are of high quality, and the price-performance ratio is lovely. The brand only offers machines with robust and reliable motors, which allows it to win the favor of customer opinions in product tests. So let’s go to check the echo chainsaw review out.

Top Three Echo Chainsaws in the Market Ever

Chain Saw, Gas, 14 In. Bar, 30.5CC

Echo Two Stroke Gas Chainsaw

Warranty1 Year
Bar Size14 in.
Engine Cap.1700 kW
Fuel Cap.5.8 oz
Speed1200 rpm
Our Best Pick
ECHO 16 In Cordless Chainsaw

Echo Aggresive Cordless Chainsaw

Warranty1 Year
Bar Size16 in.
Engine Cap.4 AH
Speed22.5 MPS
ECHO 20 in. Timber Wolf Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Warranty1 Year
Bar Size20 in.
Engine Cap.3000 kW
Fuel Cap.21.8 oz
Speed13000 rpm

Our Selected Echo Chainsaw Review List

What distinguishes a smart buyer from a wasteful one is having the right information when choosing the right echo chainsaw. Whether you are a professional lumberjack working directly in the woods or just need a tool to cut the wood at home, we have prepared a list of the top 5 best echo chainsaws. You can go ahead and visit the seller directly to continue to read our researched review.

1. Echo Aggresive Cordless Chainsaw

Weight19.66 pounds
Power SourceBattery
Chain Speed22.m MPS
Bar Length16 Inch
Batter Power4 AH
File Size4.5mm
ECHO 16 In Cordless Chainsaw

We’ll start by opening this review with the Echo CCS-58V4AH chainsaw, a fantastic electric chainsaw that combines the best of professional equipment with a touch of versatility. It comes with an excellent anti-vibration system that will help you maintain control, while its powerful 16-inch bar effectively cuts everything you need.

On the other hand, the chain integrates an automatic greasing function and allows the chain to be tensioned and changed without using any tool. Also, the chain reaches a speed of up to 22.5 MPS. This model has dimensions of 21.45 x 10.62 x 10.43 inches and weighs approximately 19.66 pounds.

Expert Opinion

“It is an excellent and good battery chainsaw. The fact that it comes with a battery helps me manipulate it much easier since I do not need to connect it to a cable. I recommend it as a home use saw.” Says Michael Springer, a Craftsman from Colorado

What Makes It Different?

It is one of the chainsaws with the highest voltage in its battery, so they have significantly more power. One of the advantages of its lithium-ion battery is 4AH Pack, as this allows it to maintain a charge even in months when it is not used.

Most Impressive Features
  • Modern and light machine
  • Intuitive and practical use
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Equipped with several operating systems
  • Good value for money
  • Battery operated
Most Disappointed Features
  • Not powerful enough
  • With time the battery degraded

Top Beneficial Characteristics of Echo CCS-58V4AH

  • It comes with a brushless motor for remarkable power and durability
  • Its 16” bar ensures more aggressive woodcutting.
  • Has inertia chain brake for activation of the chain
  • A wrap-around ergonomic handle provides great user comfort.
  • It has an in-build 58-volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • It comes with a 58-volt lithium-ion charger

Probable Questions

My Echo CCS-58V4AH Chainsaw is Crooked, what should I do?

This deviation is undoubtedly due to a play between the guide and the chain. It can also be teeth that do not have the same length.

Can I carve wood with my Echo CCS-58V4AH Chainsaw?

Echo CCS-58V4AH is recommended for pruning or felling trees. There are unique models for wood carving; the blade is thinner and shorter.

2. Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Weight13.13 pounds
Power SourceGas
Chain Speed13000 RPM
Bar Length20 Inch
Engie Power3000 kw
Fuell Capacity21.8 fl oz
E.D.60 cc
ECHO 20 in. Timber Wolf 59.8 cc Gas

Are you ready to take care of the garden without any problem? Do it with this powerful Echo CS-590With its excellent ergonomic anti-vibration handle design, keep control of this equipment while making all kinds of cuts to shrubs and trees. With its power of 3.0kW, it has an easy and comfortable starting system.

This tool’s most outstanding technical data are its power of 3000 W, a chain speed of 13,000rpm that offers a fast cut, and its great 20-inch bar. The weight of the chainsaw is 13.3 pounds. Some users may find it a bit heavy when working.

Expert Opinion

“It is a great chainsaw. I use it for my DIY activities, and so far, it comes in handy. Easy to mount, unlike other much cheaper models, this allows you to tighten the chain without removing the sprocket cover, making it very practical and safer.” Says Mark from Florida

What Makes It Different?

“It is a great chainsaw. I use it for my DIY activities, and so far, it comes in handy. Easy to mount, unlike other much cheaper models, this allows you to tighten the chain without removing the sprocket cover, making it very practical and safer.” Says Mark from Florida

Most Impressive Features
  • Robust and versatile
  • Very powerful
  • Simplified chain lubrication
  • Quick replacement of the air filter
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Good chain length
Most Disappointed Features
  • The chain tends to come off easily
  • The chainsaw may be too noisy for some people

Top Beneficial Characteristics of Echo CS-590

  • It has a 59.8cc 2-stroke engine for great performance.
  • Has Dual post-chain brakes ensuring protection against kickback.
  • It comes with a large fuel tank with a capacity of 21.8fl oz.
  • It is handguard and Inertia operated.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty spring anti-vibration system
  • It comes with an air shutter for carburetor trouble prevention.

Probable Questions

How do I Sharpen the Teeth on my Echo CS-590 Chainsaw?

You can sharpen your Echo CS-590 chainsaw chain using a hand file, mounted grinding guide or jig, and electric sharpeners.

Should I Use oil on my Echo CS-590 Chainsaw?

For your chainsaw’s more extended service life, excellent care and preservation with the blade are necessary, so the frequent use of chain lubricating oil is essential.

3. Echo Two Stroke Gas Chainsaw

Weight4.10 kg
Power SourceGas
Chain Speed1200 RPM
Bar Length14 Inch
Engie Power1700kw
Fuell Capacity8.5 oz
E.D.30.5 cc
Echo 14 in. Gas Chainsaw

If you are a professional in agriculture or work in the forests, this is undoubtedly one of your options. The Echo CS-310, unlike its other sisters, this chainsaw is lighter. With a weight of 4.10kg and with a power of 1700 kW, this Echo chainsaw will give 1200 revolutions per minute to penetrate and make the cuts or prunings thanks to its 3/8 inch chain we need at any given time.

With an electronic ignition as it is powered from there, the chainsaw below has a bar length of 40cm. It has an automatic brake to guarantee the safety of those who handle the tool and those who are nearby. Many machines of this type have ES-safe ignition systems for easy and reliable starting.

Expert Opinion

“I have three months with this chainsaw, and the truth is that it has gone quite well in terms of performance. So far, I have had no complaints from her. Although it may be a bit heavy, your saw is very powerful!” Says Tracy D. Awbrey from Minnesota

What Makes It Different?

Thanks to its excellent relationship between power and weight, you can maneuver the chainsaw like a professional. The easy going chain with which this chainsaw is equipped guarantees a better grip against the material, facilitating the cutting of thick branches.

Top Beneficial Characteristics of Echo CS-310

  • Cutting length of 30 to 35cm
  • CDI Digital ignition
  • 30.5cc Power Boost Vortex® engine
  • 35.56 cm long guide bar available
  • 30% less effort at start-up
  • Digital ignition automatically adjusts timing and engine ignition
  • G-Force Engine Air Precleaner to ensure long engine life

Most Impressive Features
  • Smart oil tank
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Integrated chain brake
  • High power
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Large ergonomic handles
Most Disappointed Features
  • Autonomy: about 25 min
  • The chain gets blunt quickly when used frequently

Probable Questions

What Diameter can you Cut with the Echo CS-310 Chainsaw?

Generally, the Echo CS-310 chainsaw can cut wood with a diameter of up to 25 centimeters, while other models can go up to 45 centimeters.

How to Tighten the Chain of my Chainsaw?

To facilitate chainsaw use, Echo CS-310 is fitted with an integrated chain tensioner in the form of a small lever to wind up to tension the chain.

4. Echo CS-271T 12 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Weight10.65 pounds
Power SourceGas
Chain Speed1200 RPM
Bar Length14 Inch
Engie Power1700kw
Fuell Capacity8.5 oz
E.D.30.5 cc
ECHO CS-271T 12 In. Chainsaw

The Echo CS-271T is the perfect machine for you. It comes with a system that makes it ideal. She hardly uses fuel for such a long task, taking care of emissions. With a 12-inch bar, it is perfect to be used throughout the year, and in any weather condition you come across. The 5-point anti-vibration system will give you the stability you need to handle it correctly.

This machine is light with a weight of 10.65 pounds. Adequate to garden work, none can resist its power. You can also use it in agricultural work, and it is a perfect model for people who have never used a chainsaw.

Expert Opinion

“Perfect equipment to be able to work; I love the fact that it is a great alternative to expensive professional chainsaws; it is good value for money. You can use it in winter without fear of freezing or stopping working. This is a huge plus, in my opinion.” Says Philippe Jeanty from Texas

What Makes It Different?

This model has an automatic oil system that allows the chain to always be lubricated. It attracts everyone’s attention because of its unique light blue color. It makes you want to buy it, and it has all the compact dimensions.

Most Impressive Features
  • Adjustable oil pump
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Easy removal of the air filter
  • Maintenance-free electronic ignition
  • Integrated on / off switch
Most Disappointed Features
  • Short blade length
  • Delicate assembly
  • Low autonomy: 20 to 30 min

Top Beneficial Characteristics of Echo CS-310

  • 2-stroke single cylinder 1.5 Hp engine
  • Inertial front chain brake
  • Primer for quick cold start
  • 12-inch Echo bar
  • It comes with a side chain tensioner
  • Anti-vibration system on steel springs

Probable Questions

How Often Should an Echo CS-271T Chainsaw Be Sharpened?

Ideally, you should sharpen a chainsaw at least after every 2-3 hours of heavy cutting. However, it would help if you sharpened your chain as soon as you notice that you are using too many waits to cut a tree or trunk.

How to Adjust the Carburetor?

Echo CS-271T is delivered already adjusted. However, it is recommended for a break-in to lower the revolutions and then adjust the required parameters depending on the type of work ahead. You should also set up a carburetor if you begin to notice that fuel consumption and heating have increased.

5. ECHO Chainsaw with 18 In. Long Bar

ModelEcho 18 inch
Weight13.5 pounds
Power SourceGas
Wattage2200 Watt
Bar Length18 Inch
Engie Power1.5 hp
Fuell Capacity15.2 oz
E.D.45 cc
ECHO Chainsaw with 18 In. Bar

Last but not least, there is this ECHO Chainsaw with 18-inch Bar This beautiful professional chainsaw, with a strong magnesium alloy, allows you to cut wood for DIY projects or just do yard pruning. The bar is approximately 18 inches and comes with an automatic chain oiling system.

Unlike other models that have an electric start sometimes difficult, this chainsaw starts with an on/off button placed on the device. The power it delivers is unrivaled and allows you to overcome the heaviest and strongest materials easily. Its motor runs at over 2,200 watts and can rip a tree in seconds without needing your efforts.

Expert Opinion

“I love this professional chainsaw; it is a machine that can truly effectively work all the stubborn bushes. It also has excellent autonomy time. The amount of cuts you can make is impressive.” Says Lowell Kane from Chicago

What Makes It Different?

Echo 18 inch is delivered already adjusted. However, it is recommended for a break-in to lower the revolutions and then adjust the required parameters depending on the type of work ahead. You should also set up a carburetor if you begin to notice that fuel consumption and heating have increased.

Most Impressive Features
  • Beautiful design
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy to use
  • Operational immediately
  • Good performance
  • Integrated technology
  • Long life expectancy
Most Disappointed Features
  • Accessories not supplied
  • Not suitable for slaughter

Top Beneficial Characteristics of Echo 18 inch

  • 18-inch pointed bar with an extremely compact design
  • Internal combustion engine with a Japanese 25 cc engine and 1.5 Hp power.
  • Equipped with ES-Start for easier starting
  • G-Force Engine system with air pre-filtering
  • The side chain tensioner screw facilitates chain adjustment.

Probable Questions:

Do I need to Empty the Fuel Tank after Using the Saw?

During storage, fuel evaporates from the carburetor, and only oil remains in it. The fuel pump membrane sticks and the saw are then tricky to start. The fuel mixture and gasoline should be stored in specially designed-containers.

How long can I Leave my Chainsaw on Fuel?

The recommended maximum is 15 days, after which the fuel starts to deteriorate. Old fuel can cause damage to the engine, such as blockage of the fuel system.

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Its chainsaws are perfect for both professionals and beginners. They are full of useful features and can serve you for a long time without problems. These are very reliable tools. The Echo chainsaws are powerful enough to run big projects smoothly but still quite practical and easy to use, so anyone can efficiently operate them. Echo offers gas and electric chainsaws that are significantly cheaper than other brands without compromising on quality. Each chainsaw is built with professional quality parts to provide the best possible value for money, and there is a wide selection of accessories and useful parts.

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