Festool Kapex Review: KS 120 Sliding Miter Saw

Festool has become famous for making accurate and reliable tools. They provide unrivaled usefulness, dust collection, and kick-ass accessories. We recently had the chance to review and use Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 and Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120REB both independently on the worksite.

Festool Kapex Review

Both machines, I can say, were truly unique and remarkable. And as a carpenter, I can advise any person who plans to buy a miter saw to read the following Festool Kapex review and select the best miter saws.

Festool Kapex Review for Metal Cutting (Dual Laser)

Festool Kapex for Metal Cutting


  • Model                : 561287
  • Power Source   : Electric
  • Weight               : 47 Pounds
  • Bevel                  : Dual
  • Miter Range     : 50/60 deg. (L/R)
  • Max High Cut   : 4 5/8 in.
  • Crown Shape    : 6 5/8 in.
  • Fence Height    : 3/4 in.
  • Blade Size         : 12 in.
  • Blade Spin        : 3400 rpm
  • Motor                : 13 amp
  • Dust Port          : 1 Inch
  • Warranty          : 3 Years

The first model we need to review is Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120. It’s one of the most amazing 12 in. miter saws you can purchase today. This miter saw is a carpenter’s dream. The minute you see this specific saw, you’ll understand how mind-blowing it is. It has all that could be needed in a miter saw to handle any task gracefully.

This Festool Kapex review provides a full list of features that the machine comes with, and more importantly, focuses on the design and make of the tool.

Expert Opinion for Festool 561287

“This is the best saw I have bought so far,” says Mirza Okanovic, a famous carpenter from the USA. It is light and simple to carry around. The saw has incredible accuracy and gives 90 degrees cuts. His most preferred part about this tool is the dust collection system and simple clamp. He advises people to buy this type of machine anytime they are in the market and when they have some cash to spare.

Impressive Technical Features

Positive of Things of Kapex KS 120
  • The miter saw comes with a double laser system installed in the machine, which ensures precise and fast cuts and defines the number of objects to be confined from your workpiece.
  • The miter saw is exceptionally ingenious, and just as adaptable since it is consolidated with exact precise miter scale, angle move, and miter lock for the most extreme cutting experience.
  • The miter saw a smooth bevel adjustment, alongside a safe angle lock, notwithstanding an added clasp and a compact rail forward design.
Positive of Things of Kapex KS 120
  • The probability is that the double laser may fail to work after some time of use.

Rail Forward Design

It’s one of the best features a carpenter or DIYer will find in the machine. The Rail forward design helps control any head play, increase precision, and create a minimized footprint. The rails are strong at 30 millimeters in the distance across and are separated wide.

 Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120

This forestalls head play to guarantee smooth, precise cuts without fail. The rail forward design also enables the Kapex to be set against a wall while utilized, which spares significant workspace. The compact structure likewise makes transport and storage simpler. Because of being lightweight and compact, the design can be used by a homeowner miter saw user without worried.

Is the Dust Collection the Best?

I am not a major fanatic of those dust bags that a lot of miter saws accompany. A lot of them are futile. But the KS 120 comes with a dust collection system that genuinely beats the numerous miter saws available in the market.

It wipes out a great 91% of all the dust that you create. The market’s remarkable miter saws, for the most part, guarantee they can gather around 75%, but in actuality, a lot fail to come anywhere near that percentage.

When it comes to this miter saw, the dust is always pointed away from the area you are working on, and this is possible due to the swiveling dust port accessible. There is an incorporated dust hood too that carries dust straightforwardly from the blade and directs it to the dust collection system as you cut.

It is conceivable to utilize both 36 mm and 27 mm hoses with the miter saw’s included port. But the 36 mm hoses are the best as it works effectively. To make the whole 91% saw dust collection work on this machine, it is important to utilize it with the Festool CT extractor. This will make your workplace cleaner and more secure to work in.

Cutting Capacity

The Kapex fuses an extraordinary cutting position, which, when used, offers an incredible cutting capacity by using the back part of the blade more successfully. The Kapex is secured in a superior cutting position with the flip of a switch.

It has a cut crown shape of up to 6-5/8 inches in the horizontal position, giving a trimming capacity equivalent to some 12-inch miter saws. Additionally, it cuts materials vertically up to a range of 4-3/4 inch x 3/4 inch.

Festool Kapex Miter Saw

The Precision is Doubled by the Dual Lasers

This is another remarkable feature that the machine comes with. It is equipped with two lasers, which makes the cutting to be more accurate and fast. The double lasers help one to adjust cuts from the two sides of the saw’s blade. It is simple to tweak the lasers by utilizing the three-axl alteration controls.

Likewise, a button can be utilized for switching the lasers off and on without specifically switching them off and on, which is a decent security feature. The last thing you don’t want to happen is when cutting and then the battery suddenly goes off. Therefore, there are numerous benefits to having your laser system operated by electricity rather than the battery.

How Precisely does it Cut?

The miter saw likewise accompanies an extremely accurate miter scale, notwithstanding the double lasers that help you make exact cuts. There are precise angles on the miter scale that make it simple to set and peruse. Angles can be positioned precisely, to within a small fraction of one degree.

After your ideal point has been set, you can utilize the miter lock to secure it to offer you a firm hold that will keep the angle from moving and destroying your cuts.

Variable Speed Motor

The Kapex highlights a variable-speed motor fueled by Festool’s special multi-material control hardware. MMC gives consistent blade speed while still under load, offers variable speed control to coordinate the blade speed with the object being trimmed, and shields the engine from over-use and harm. As can be seen, it can trim to any angle through any kind of object without any issue.

Finely Tuned Bevel Changes

The machine has a micro-adjustable bevel angle that ensures the user to make right and left slants. It is equipped with an up-front rotary button that features three settings that permit the user to control each cut’s angles within particular parts of a degree. The handle turns and connects with a rack and pinion to adjust the head.

Furthermore, the head is counter-spring adjusted, which implies that it won’t move once you configure a slant angle before you secure it. The bevel angle is exceptionally enormous and simple to read and the distance from the axis of rotation gives maximum precision.

Safety is at the Highest Level

The safety components are incredible. The blade guard is clear and straightforward to utilize. The handle hold isn’t padded and does not vibrate as much as one would expect because it has an extraordinarily structured thin blade. Thanks to the technological structure, every component is within your scope while the miter saw is under burden implying that you can respond rapidly if something turns out badly.

The Best thing about this Type of Miter Saw

This instrument gives you a bevel system that ensures you create and make accurate cuts that you like and enjoy.  Aside from being compact, the miter saw is likewise light and helpful for various experience levels. Therefore, the tool is suggested for individuals who are attached to do-it-yourself wood jobs.

Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120REB

Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120REB

Let’s be honest! Regardless of whether you are an enthusiastic carpenter or homeowner. Your project may require valuable cutting, right? In such a case, you can’t disregard the significance of miter saws. Without a doubt, it is vital to read this Festool Kapex review and pick the best miter saw for the carpenter to get the work done effectively.

All things considered, Festool has done it again, and regardless of their present index of predominant power tools and gear, Festool is shocking the industry again with the arrival of their recent and completely developed Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120REB.

Expert Opinion for Kapex KS 120REB

Carpenters never get enough with this miter saw; for instance, Omer M. says that this machine is the best by a wide margin compared with other miter saws in the market. It has an incredible dust collection system, and it’s worth every penny.

Impressive Technical Features

Positive of Things of Kapex KS 120REB
  • It has a remarkable cutting capacity
  • Easy to carry around since it’s lightweight and convenient
  • A robust and reliable motor
  • Excellent trenching accommodation
Positive of Thing of Kapex KS 120REB
  • It’s comparatively expensive but worth the money

An Excellent Dust Collection Port

The Kapex highlights a swiveling dust collection port that acknowledges a 36mm hose port. The company has rated this machine to be 91% effective in removing and extracting sawdust. Moreover, the dust port comes with a swivel configuration to ensure that the dust extraction hose is well-positioned.

The Cutting Capacity

The Festool 575306 KS 120REB consolidates a unique cutting position that, when utilized, gives more noteworthy than regular cutting capacity by using the back part of the blade more viably. This miter saw is secured into the unique cutting position with the flip of a switch. It has a horizontal Slice crown molding of 6-5/8″ giving a cutting capacity equivalent to 12″ miter saws. Furthermore, it has a vertical cutting capacity of 4-3/4″ x 3/4″.

Rail Forward Design

It is one of the best features I have seen in this miter saw. The tool has a rail-forward design that enhances accurate cuts and generates a compact footprint. More essential, the rails are strong at 30mm in width and are widely separated.

This forestalls head play to guarantee smooth, precise cuts without fail. Similarly, this feature enables the carpenter to place the machine against the wall during execution to save significant workspace. Finally, the compact footprint helps the user to carry and transport the miter saw.

FastFix Blade Changes

The miter saw highlights Festool’s protected FastFix cutting-edge change framework. Rotating the FastFix handle will lock the arbor, automatically bolt out the trigger and enable the blade to be changed with a solitary hand. Changing the blades couldn’t be easy and fast! A measured steel arbor nut forestalls incidental over-torquing and harm to the saw and cutting edge.

Miter Scale

DIYer and woodworkers like the stainless steel carved miter scale installed in the tool; why? Because it’s large and gives the carpenters an easy time reading the miter scale. The miter scale is also situated at a far distance from the axis rotation, and this allows the user to make quick settings and accurate cuts.

Moreover, this miter scale gives positive detents at basic angles for speedy reference. It usually reads up to 60 degrees to the right-hand side and 50 degrees to the left-hand side.

Bevel Fine-Adjustment Knob

DIYers are recommended to utilize the fine-alteration handle to control the cut’s slant to divisions of a degree with outrageous accuracy. The handle turns and connects with a rack and pinion to turn the head.

More importantly, the head is counter-spring adjusted, which implies that once the user configures the bevel angle, it will change before he/she bolts it. The bevel angle is exceptionally vast and simple to peruse, and the interval from the axis of rotation gives maximum precision.

Ergonomic Handle Position

A middle-situated knob is helpful too, for it helps you make cuts by using the hand, making it more straightforward to see the cut. You are recommended to consolidate the Kapex with the MFT/3-Kapex multipurpose table to put the saw at the ideal work height for a more prominent solace. A two-stage trigger forestalls inadvertent activating. You know it’s an expensive tool than a budget-friendly non slide Hitachi miter saw.

Double Lasers

Effectively adjust cuts from the left or right half of the Kapex utilizing the double lasers. The lasers characterize the material which will be expelled during the cut. Using the three-axis modification controls, you have full oversight to adjust the lasers. A strategically located button can be utilized to switch on the laser without controlling the saw. More vital, the lasers are electrically controlled and need no batteries.

MMC Electronics

The Kapex highlights Festool’s remarkable multi-material control hardware. MMC gives a steady, sharp blade while under the burden, gives variable speed control to coordinate the blade speed with the object being cut, and shields the engine from over-burden and harm. A chart on the Kapex head gives a brisk reference to the proper blade speed dependent on the application. A dial simply over the trigger controls the speed configuration.

Additional Accessories

Cord and Tool Storage

Secure your investment. The company incorporates storage for the power cord plus the arbor device. A practical and superior method of covering the cord around the miter saw amid transport. This specific element shields your cord from harm and forestalls stumbling. The arbor instrument is often convenient for brisk blade changes utilizing the FastFix system.

Why and who should Buy

The miter saw is highly recommended for carpenters and enthusiasts. The individuals who purchase this saw will experience the various preferences that accompany it, for example, its high exactness and smooth performance. This tool is likewise multipurpose, with numerous valuable features.

Specifically, its adaptability highlights. You can utilize this for different applications without agonizing over compatibility. The dust port is linked with standard dust collection systems to decrease the number of waste particles that stay after a cut, making cleaning more straightforward.


This Festool Kapex review highlights the best two models that are found in the market today. In a craftsman’s hands, these saws will make cuts that rival the best trim work being done today. They are gaining popularity with time because of their adaptable nature and usability.

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