How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade: Two Simple Methods

How to fold a bandsaw blade

The bandsaw blade is one of the powerful and sharp edges used to cut various materials like wood, metal, lumber, etc. For storing or changing the blade, you need to coil it. Whether it can be needed a ton of space, you can do this folding process carefully until used in the next moment when required.

If you haven’t a clear idea about folding a bandsaw blade, exactly move this post.

With this post, we try to unravel your trouble as easily as possible by providing step-by-step guidelines and alternative methods.

Methods Two about how to Fold a Bandsaw Blade

Though there are different ways to fold the bandsaw blade, you can use any process. But you remember that the blade is so much sharper and harsh. Ultimately, you have to need an easy but effective direction for folding the bladeConcentrate on the below two methods to save yourself from trauma or damage.


Step 1: Take First Protection on Your Hands and Eyes

Firstly, you need to take the protection of your hands and eyes before starting work. For someone who does this risky system, he needs to wear hand gloves, which are sleeves, depth, and thick.

If the resaw blade for a bandsaw is tricky, your hand gloves help keep your hands protected from accidentally cutting yourself. Alternatively, when you wear safety reflectors or glasses for eye security, you can give your full concentration while working.

So, it is essential to fold a blade.

Step 2: Keep up/Hold the Blade

Bandsaw blade folding process 1
Image Credit: Laguna Tool

In this step, you need to hold the saw blade with your two hands. The most important thing is that you will take a little space out of your body’s front side when you hold it.

Then fix the blade’s bottom in front of your surface ground. If you feel a problem making level ground, you can use a piece of wood. Now, pick the blade down with average force on the lid of both standpoints.

Step 3: Push the Blade’s Two Sides

Now, it is the most crucial process of folding. We need to push the blade’s two standpoints in maintaining the level of the sides. Plus, try to make a joint with both sides. Working times, you need to save your arms and make sure that the blade’s corner doesn’t touch you. Your arms out from your mouth, chest, and other essential parts of the body keep the protection.

Bandsaw blade folding process 2
Image Credit: Laguna Tool

However, give a little force carefully until the thumbs touchdown. When you bring the bandsaw blade jointly, see the blade’s two sides starting to make form a circle at the lid point.

Step 4: Cross Your Hands

Bandsaw blade folding process 3
Image Credit: Laguna Tool

Before crossing your hands, set up the blade position. Step out of the saw while you are turning on the bend of the coil ahead. If you move slowly behind, see your blade can’t hop soon.

Now, you can cross your hands over one another for folding your bandsaw cutter and take the form of loops. 

So, make sure the blade onto a perfect model; you cross your one hand under another hand to bend down. Then push the lowest level carefully and make sure the constraint of your blade while coiling.

Step 5: Loops in the Blade

Finally, you just take a step to keep up your blade together. For getting more security, you need to use a hook or wire connection on the blade’s sides any three or four as your demand. Also, If your blade is thinner, you can utilize the two bonds wire or one that is dependent on your choice. It is super easy to form blades for storing but try to stick it in a dry place.

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Step-1: Wearing Hand Gloves

The importance of hand gloves is to protect against any type of accident while you are folding a bandsaw blade. On the other hand, you also need to wear glasses for your eye’s safety. Due to the blade’s sharper feature, you have kept this protection.

Step 2: Hold the Blade

Way to coil bandsaw blade one
Image Credit: Wood Magazine

This alternative method is a little different from method one. In this case, you need to clench or hold your blade with only one hand, just in front of you. Obviously, keep a space from your body parts.

Step 3: Set your Foot Position

Another necessary step to loop the blade is that need to set your foot position. It indicates fixing or putting a foot into the ring and stepping on the blade to the ground.

Way to coil bandsaw blade two
Image Credit: Wood Magazine

Step-4: Coils your Blade

Way to coil bandsaw blade three
Image Credit: Wood Magazine

At this moment, you will clench the prime of the blade using your lower hand. In this case, make sure your hand creates the three-quarters setting one uprising fully. Then slowly force on the blade, and the blade will pop into cooling. Finally, keep the blade easy to store and carry it from one place to another place if you need it. For more safety, you can use wire ties around the blade.

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Folding a blade is the most significant as well as the frightening works through your task. Ultimately, most people who want to wrinkle their blades used the above two methods. That’s why we have discussed those methods and provided you with some simple directions.

Hopefully, you can get your comfort data within various steps to fold a bandsaw blade effortlessly. You can choose any process to your own satisfaction.

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