Milwaukee Chainsaw Review [Special for M18 Fuel Chainsaw]

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review
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Milwaukee has numerous models of chainsaws purely designed for gardening work, as well as for cutting wood. Each has different specific functions, but all suitable for pruning branches, arranging hedges and obviously cutting trees. This Milwaukee chainsaw review shows you among the best Milwaukee chainsaws guarantees exceptional performance and will serve for many years.

This brand’s trimmer impresses with its above-average combination between blade length and engine power. Their electric chainsaws are well suited for processing firewood as well as for felling smaller trees. Their chainsaws are a reliable all-rounder for all average woodwork with their low weight and comparatively small size.

List of Best Milwaukee Chainsaw Reviews 

In this post, we are going to show you a list of the best Milwaukee chainsaws on the market, with the aim that you can have knowledge of them and therefore, it is easier for you to acquire the model that interests you the most. For this reason, in this review, you will be sure that you can easily find the model that best suits your needs, both in terms of power, design, and price.

Top Three Milwaukee Electric Jigsaw in the Market

Budget Friendly

Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL 16 in. Chainsaw

Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL Chainsaw

Warranty5 Years
Motor5.5 Amp
Power SourceBattery
Bar Size16 inch
Weight15.27 pounds

Our Best Pick

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw Kit

Milwaukee-2727-21HD Electric Chainsaw 

Warranty5 Years
Motor12 Ah
Motor Speed17.5 m/s
Power SourceBattery
Bar Size16 inch
Weight21 pounds

Overall Great

Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 Fuel 16 in. Chainsaw

Milwaukee M18 Battery Chainsaw

Warranty5 Years
Motor Power1600 W
Motor Speed17.7 m/s
Power SourceBattery
Bar Size16 inch
Weight15.02 pounds

1. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw Kit

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw Kit

Now, if you are looking for a powerful and long-lasting electric chainsaw, this Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw is the one that will best meet your expectations. It only weighs 21 pounds without the battery and oil tank filling. Milwaukee 2727-21HD has a high-performance brushless motor for unsurpassed cutting results, with Oregon 16″ chain and guide.

This model comes with a 12ah battery and a charger. Although it is not mandatory to have a battery, its Lithium-Ion battery is compatible with all DIY and garden cordless tools. The chain speed is 17.5 meters per second in the lower range. So you shouldn’t expect a performance miracle.The Milwaukee Electric 2727-21HD is particularly suitable for smaller sawing jobs in the house and garden and is straightforward to use. With this model, too, you can easily tension and change the saw chain without additional tools. This device is highly appreciated for its incredible versatility, especially for domestic use (small pruning, firewood, cutting small or medium diameter wood, etc.).

Some users have even had fun cutting down larger trees, but it remains true that gasoline is still the most efficient when the task is most important. It is also equipped with an anti-vibration system, limiting vibrations and protecting the user from fatigue when facing long cutting sessions.

Expert Opinion

When I arrived, I bought it and put the chain on, tightened it, and added the oil, all very easily. I went out to try it with some logs and it went great. I recommend it; I will have it for use in the winter. Always be aware of the length of the cable. That is the limitation”. Says Army Wagner

What Makes It Different?

To ensure safe and comfortable work, the Milwaukee Chainsaw is equipped with a safety lock, a handle with hand protection, and a chrome chain with low kickbacks. You can also change the chain quickly and easily without tools or adjust the chain tension. Combined with its light-weight, the ergonomic Soft Grip handle makes it very easy to grip, which also adds a sense of security when handling the device.

Significant Difference of Milwaukee 2727-21HD
  • Ideal for any type of pruning
  • Toolless Chain changing and tensioning
  • An electric brake that stops the cut when the trigger is released.
  • Chain brake by a lever
  • A soft start to avoid jerks
Things People don’t Like
  • Chain tensioner breaks off frequently

This Product Carries Features

  • Chain saw with powerful 18V motor
  • High chain speed (17.5 m / s)
  • Automatic chain brake
  • Uniform oil supply at all temperatures
  • Large oil tank (80 ml)
  • Viewing window for checking the oil level
  • Suitable for left-handers
  • Longitudinal engine
  • Easy change of the carbon brushes
  • Low volume compared to performance (101.8 dB (A))
  • Non-slip handles
  • This combo kit comes with a 12ah-battery and a charger.

Frequently Ask Questions

How big is the oil tank of the Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw?

The tank for the chain oil holds 80 milliliters.

Is the Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD powered by a brushless motor?

Yes, it is driven by a brushless motor with particularly long service life and virtually maintenance-free operation.

How long does the battery of the Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw have to be charged until it is completely full?

The battery charging time is around 5 hours and is therefore relatively long.

What is the cutting width of the saw chain?

The cutting width of the Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Kit model is 1.1 centimeters.

2. Milwaukee M18 16 Inch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Chainsaw

Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 Fuel 16 in. Chainsaw

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless chainsaw runs on an 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery, not included in the delivery kit. You have to purchase the battery and charger separately. The total weight of 15.02 pounds, measuring 35 x 11.3 x 9.8 inches, is relatively low, making the saw easy to use. The saw is equipped with a REDLINK PLUS intelligence for maximum performance. It also comes equipped with a high-performance POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, which can deliver 150 cuts per charge.

It has a long cutting bar measuring 16 inches. It’s Oregon long bar and total power of 2400 W helps it reach a fantastic speed of 17.7 m / s. This level can be easily comparable to many gas chainsaws on the market, but without so many vibrations and with great precision in cutting.

The manufacturer advertises that the Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless chainsaw is very quiet at only 83 decibels and therefore, you do not need hearing protection when sawing. A comparison shows that this decibel value is actually one of the lower, but there are also quieter models from 73 decibels. The user-friendliness is enhanced because the chain can be tensioned without any tools and in a few simple steps.

Expert Opinion

“The lightness of this electric saw has surprised me; it weighs very little and works as expected, it doesn’t look so solid but it behaves robustly. Without a doubt, I recommend it above all for its comfort when charging and when cutting”. Says Justin Lau

What Makes It Different?

The chain speed of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL chainsaw is a maximum of 17.7 meters per second and, in contrast to other models, offers enormous performance. It also has a potent brushless motor, which, according to the manufacturer, has a longer service life than other chainsaw motors. Besides, the engine requires less space, which makes the device more comfortable to handle. The speed is adjustable and allows you to make incredibly precise cuts. All in all, with this chainsaw, you get the right quality product that is worth the price.

Significant Difference of Milwaukee M18 FUEL
  • Kickback protection
  • Immediate chain brake
  • Chain catch bolt
  • Metal gear for excellent power transmission
  • Toolless chain tension
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Control window for the oil level
  • Cable strain relief
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Clear operating instructions
Things People don’t Like
  • Chain tensioner breaks off frequently
  • Dripping of oil

This Product Carries Features

  • Power state brushless motor
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence for optimal performance
  • Variable speed trigger for full control  
  • Compatible with all M18 REDLITHIUM battery packs
  • 16 inch Oregon bar
  • An adjustable oil pump and viewing window 
  • Electric motor brake and kickback protection
  • Battery capacity display

Frequently Ask Questions

How heavy is the Milwaukee M18 FUEL chainsaw?

The weight of the chainsaw is 15.02 pounds without the batteries. Including the batteries, you weigh more than 15.9 pounds kilograms, which is comparatively heavy.

How can I readjust the saw chain?

You can easily adjust and change the saw chain of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless chainsaw without tools. To do this, open the mechanism to the saw blade’s right and turn the rotary wheel until the chain has the desired tension. This process is explained in detail in the operating instructions.

Does the Milwaukee M18 FUEL chainsaw have automatic chain lubrication?

Yes, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL chainsaw top handle has automatic chain lubrication. All you have to do is make sure there is always enough oil in the tank.

3. Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL Chainsaw 

Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL Chainsaw

The cordless chainsaw from Milwaukee Tools is a compact saw that weighs just 15.27 pounds without a battery. Its 35 x 11.3 x 9.8 inches makes it comparatively light and easy to use. The overall very compact design also contributes to better handiness. Nevertheless, the bar length is 16 inches, which is why you do not have to shy away from tree trunks with a larger diameter. There is an automatic lubrication system with an oil level indicator.

If you want to buy a highly functional chainsaw, the Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL Chainsaw may be the right choice for you, as it is designed for semi-professional use. It is the perfect equipment for cutting bushes, sawing firewood and even cutting trees. All this due to its high cutting quality and a 2000 W motor, with a cutting speed of 13.5 m / s, which will allow you to do these tasks in less time. A lithium-ion battery provides you with sufficient power and longer service life for the chainsaw. Overall, it is mighty and, according to the manufacturer, has a high cutting performance. 

Expert Opinion

“I bought it for pruning, and I felt comfortable and easy to handle it. I already knew this brand, and I didn’t want to risk changing it. They are always good for sporadic work and are very friendly for all changes: chain, oil, nothing difficult. It is one of the best chainsaws on the market”.¬†Says Josh Brockman

What Makes It Different?

The Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL Chainsaw is equipped with all essential safety devices to reduce injury risk. It has a mechanical non-return brake, an electronic run-out brake, and a chain catch bolt. The run-out brake ensures that the running chain brakes automatically after the chainsaw has been switched off. The kickback brake is activated as soon as you accidentally touch a solid object with the tip of the saw blade. So you cannot injure yourself on the running chain. The chain catch bolt catches the beating chain end if the chain breaks.

Significant Difference of Milwaukee M18 FUEL
  • High motor power
  • Well balanced ratio of bar length and power
  • Good weight ergonomics, low weight (15.27 pounds)
  • Guarantee extension to 5 years upon registration
  • 30 cm sword optionally available
  • Toolless quick chain tensioning
  • Aluminum reinforced gear
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Sharp saw chain
  • Chain catch bolt
Things People don’t Like
  • Carbon brushes wear out quickly

This Product Carries Features

  • High-performance brushless motor
  • Oregon 16 inch chain and guide
  •  Automatic lubrication system 
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system
  •  Two-material handle for greater cutting comfort in various positions 
  • Mechanical chain brake
  •  Powered by 18V Lithium + One + battery compatible with all DIY and garden cordless tools
  • Includes guide protector

Frequently Ask Questions

Which batteries can I use for the cordless chainsaw from Milwaukee Tools?

You need the 18-volt or 24-volt batteries.

Is a battery included?

No, this is not included in the standard scope of delivery of the cordless chainsaw from Milwaukee Tools.

Does this chainsaw come with a chain guard?

No, a chain guard is not included with the cordless chainsaw from Milwaukee Tools.

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