Poulan Chainsaw Won’t Start: What’s the Reason?

Paulan Chainsaw Wont Start
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Poulan chainsaws are among the best chainsaws in the market. It is improbable that your Poulan chainsaw will malfunction without Reason. However, If the Poulan chainsaw won’t start, here is what to do!

You have to check the fuel, engine, sparkplug, carburetor, spark arrestor, ignition coil, and recoil starter.

Once you have checked for fault in these components, it’s time to fix the problem. Read on to learn exactly what you have to do to improve your Poulan Chainsaw.

Why Your Poulan Chainsaw Won’t Start?- Ultimate Direction

If you are in a situation where your Poulan chainsaw won’t stay running, relax. Next, identify the problem. After a proper diagnosis, you can move forth and fix the problem. Do not get anxious because almost all possible issues have a solution. So if your saw doesn’t get a start, check out the following potential complications. I am pretty sure that one of the following causes of malfunction will be what you are dealing with.

Fuel is not Good

What would cause a chainsaw not to start? The first Poulan chainsaw troubleshooting protocol is checking fuel quality. The fuel is a crucial component that contributes to the fluent functioning of your saw. For this reason, you should make a note of using premium fuel all the time.

Paulan Chainsaw Fuelling
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You might be prone to the temptation of tampering with the fuel. For instance, some people mix other fluids with fuel for cost-effectiveness. This is a horrible idea that you should disregard and discourage. Even, it is a bad practice; however, your employees may not be as wise.

Cheap fuel, in the short run, costs you a great deal in the long run. Discarding your saw and buying a new one might be necessary if the motor’s wrong fuel extensively damages the engine.


I recommend that you use pure fuel fresh from the store. However, many experts will tell you to mix a bit of oil with it. Other than that, you should replace the fuel in your chainsaw frequently. This means you have to dump old fuel and refill it. I recommend changing your fuel every month. Every other month is fine, but you are bordering the danger zone.

The final recommendation about the fuel is that you should not run the cutter with a full tank. This is not a healthy practice, even if the chainsaw can hold excess fuel. Just like a human being, work is optimum with a tank half full.

Attacked Engine

If it’s not the fuel that you use, what could it be? You might be asking yourself, Why did my Poulan chainsaw stop working?”. Well, the machine motor has too much on its plate. In other words, if you use your saw in a hardcore fashion, then the engine will fail.


Everything has its limits, regardless of how durable the design and material are. To avoid irreparable attacks on your lovely trimmer, you have to use it according to professional guidelines.

You can’t just dig into the meat of hard material head-on. Instead, you have to slice into it gently with a to and fro motion, going deeper with every stroke.

If your cutter is not working due to a severe attack on the engine, what is next? Well, consider yourself lucky if your warranty is still valid. If this is the case, you can take it back to the shop and get a replacement or appropriate repair.

However, if your warranty is out of date, then it’s your bad luck. You have to either seek professional help or buy a new chainsaw. Professional repairs can be costly for the operator of the machine. I recommend that you get a new Poulan chainsaw that is new to the market. Poulan continuously updates technology making its machines lighter, more powerful, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective.

Spark Plug

How do you fix a Poulan chainsaw if the engine is fair and the fuel is of high quality? Don’t worry; you are slowly eliminating all possible complications. The next thing that you have to check is your machine’s spark plug.


Paulan Chainsaw Spark Plug
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Consider yourself lucky if your chainsaw’s problem is a dud spark plug. A dead spark plug is not a significant complication at all. All you need to do is replace the spark plug and presto! Your chainsaw is back in action and ready to sever.

There are a few things that cause a faulty spark plug. Firstly, it could be a lousy insulator. If it is not that, then it is the electrode. Regardless of the cause, just change the spark plug with a brand new one. Your Poulan chainsaw will be up and running in no time.

Plugged Carburetor

The Poulan electric saw won’t start even after all the prior measures you took meticulously? There are still more possible culprits that you have to eliminate before you get a solution. The next possible problem that needs your attention is potential damage to the carburetor of your chainsaw.

The carburetor can stop functioning if there is vaporization within it due to the build-up of heat. If that is the case, the fuel’s moisture will result in a malfunction in the engine. As a result, your Poulan will not start up like it usually does.


To resolve this complication, you need to clean up the carburetor using a suitable cleaner. Remember not to be stingy when you are buying a cleanser for your carburetor. It should be of the topmost quality, or else you might end up doing more damage than repair. For this reason, you should go to a professional to clear up the carburetor for you.

Carburetor Repair kit

Paulan Chainsaw Carburetor
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The carburetor is a complex component that often requires professional attention. The reason behind this is that cleaning a carburetor is not that easy. Furthermore, just cleaning a carburetor may not fix the problem. You might have to unclog the carburetor manually. To do so, you need a DIY carburetor repair kit.


The kit has a Poulan chainsaw repair manual that includes illustrations of the carburetor. The language of the instruction manual is easy for the layman reader. Follow the instructions step by step and resolve your carburetor complication. The DIY carburetor kit saves a lot of money as you won’t have to seek professional help.

Spark Arrestor

Even after the elimination of all the possible complications, the Poulan won’t run after running! How do you fix a chainsaw that won’t start regardless of all efforts? Well, you still have a few more possible culprits that might be responsible.

The following diagnosis is that of the spark arrester. A lot of people don’t even know that a chainsaw has a spark arrester. The reason behind this is that the spark arrester and stoves with roaring flames are synonymous.

You see, a spark arrester stops spitting flames from burning the chainsaw handler. And if the spark arrester is not working correctly, then the entire machine can stop working. In other words, ignition will halt.


If you are confident that your spark arrester is faulty, act now. It is preventing the startup of your chainsaw, so seek help. A professional can sort the situation out and get your machine ready to use. He will charge you money, but the cost of repair is relatively cheap.

Ignition Coil

So it is not the spark arrester either! What can it possibly be then? How do you fix a Poulan chainsaw that won’t start? The answer is narrowing down to just a few possibilities. The ignition coil is the next factor that could cause a mechanical surrender. The ignition coil gives a jolt of electricity to the spark plug, which starts the engine.


So, if the ignition coil is faulty, it is only natural that the Poulan will not startup. Luckily, the solution to this problem does not require professional help. All you have to do is replace the ignition coil. The chainsaw should start up after the swap.

Recoil Starter

There is only one last thing that you need to check if your chainsaw is still not working. Check if the recoil starter is working correctly.


Paulan Chainsaw Recoil Starter
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If it is not working right, go ahead and replace it. This should fix your chainsaw as there is no other possible problem that you have to inspect.

The recoil starter is not expensive; however, the installation of it is a bit difficult. There is no shame in seeking professional help if the whole ordeal is too tricky for you.

Since you are a Poulan saw lover so you should know about their branding history, now let’s go for the Poulan chainsaw company’s journey

Why Does My Poulan Chainsaw Die When I Give It Gas?

This is a problem that can happen to any chainsaw, whether new or old. It depends on the heat and humidity of the weather. Situations like this usually occur during summer. The problem is the thickening of fuel.

When you see that your chainsaw is dying every time you give it gas, act fast. The fuel filter is not working right because of the weather. As heat affects fuel, evaporation occurs, and as a result, the fuel gets thick. This thick fuel jams the fuel filter up. In turn, the chainsaw fails to startup as you hope for it to do.

Why is my Poulan Chainsaw Smoking?

This is a reasonably easy problem to fix and does not require a maintenance specialist. You don’t have to pay anything to resolve this problem.

All you have to do is adjust the chainsaw’s engine idle speed. A high-speed setting results in the smoke you see, and I can imagine how alarming this scenario can be. However, as you see, the solution is more comfortable than starting up a vehicle or opening a lock with a key.

Why is my Poulan Chainsaw Bogging Down?

Just like any being, overdoing it results in complications. Your chainsaw is bogging down because it was running for an unbearable duration for the humble machine. You have to let it rest because the chainsaw’s carburetor is gasping for air. If the machine were living, it would be in unbearable pain.

There is a solution to this problem that will give relief to your mechanical friend. All you have to do is pass high-density air through the carburetor jet funnels. Once the pipes are clear, you should have a healthy and fully functioning chainsaw back in business.

Final Verdict

Now that your chainsaw is working again, here is what I advise you to do from now on. First, use premium fuel and replace it regularly. Next, do not use your chainsaw for long durations.

After that, make sure that you saw by stroking your chainsaw and not by stabbing it. Finally, regularly check all the components of the chainsaw and clean them as necessary. If you follow these simple rules, then you will have a chainsaw that works beyond its years. The next time if someone asks why their Poulan chainsaw won’t start, you can guide them well.

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