Ryobi TS1143L Review: Compound Miter with Laser

Ryobi TS1143L Review

This Ryobi TS1143L features a powerful 9-amperage motor that bestows clear, flat, and accurate cutting with a space-saving design. The 5,800 RPM, no-load speed of the saw offers fast cuts through various materials. Combined with a laser alignment system and D-handle system, it is a surefire thing to impress you, whether you are a professional or a novice.

Get the advantages from the Ryobi TS1143L review that meets you.

Technical Feature of Ryobi TS1143L Review


  • Model               : TS1143L
  • Power Source  : Electric
  • Weight              : 17.9 pounds
  • Bevel                  : Single
  • Miter Cut          : 45 deg. (both side)
  • Max Cut Depth: 4 Inch
  • Crosscut            : 2″ x 4.25″
  • Blade Spin        : 5800 rpm
  • Motor                 : 9 amp
  • Dust Port           : 1-1/4 Inch
  • Warranty           : 1 Year

Plastic is a material that is strong while reducing weight in transportation. Constructed with plastic, Ryobi TS1143L is also no exception. They weigh only 60 pounds for easy carrying to feel fatigued when working with them. Similarly encased in a 20.5 x 13.4 x 12.6 inches compact body, it is easy to store as well.

Expert Reviews

The Ryobi TS1143L intends to impress users not only with its precise and accurate cuts but with the powerful motor and the rapidness of cutting through the material quickly. Using them are straightforward, and having them can make you a brilliant craftsman. With the extra features and durability, and included accessories, you can call it your favorite tools.


Accuracy is the first thing that we consider when working with a miter saw. The main reason you’re going to buy this model is to guarantee cutting accuracy. Obviously, without an accurate cut, you can’t expect a precious piece out of it.

This is why, to achieve the main purpose of using a miter saw, go for Ryobi TS1143L. They are designed and built as a complete package to ensure proper cutting. Looking for a powerful motor that can cut your workpieces in one go? Get your hands on this model with confidence since they are capable of pushing over 5,800 RPM. So, it can make your weekend projects a breeze.

Cutting materials accurately in the absence of an exact line is quite severe at a time. This model from Ryobi keeps this fact in mind and adjusts an exact line laser alignment system to help you follow cut marks. It keeps the saw and the cut aligned to offer outstanding performances.

Blade Quality

Whether you are a professional woodworker or a DIYer, your miter saw requires a good blade to cut a wide range of materials. But a good one always comes at a rich price. This time you don’t need to invest a fortune on blades; Ryobi TS1143L comes with the capability to cut up to 2×4.25 and 3-1/2 inch while cross-cutting.

Miter and Bevel

Ryobi TS1143L offers the advantage of crosscutting boards and can handle up to 3-1/2 inches in one action. Therefore, this Ryobi miter saw is ideal for a variety of small cuts in wood.

The adjustment of the miter is also very versatile. You can make miter adjustments up to 45° angles. It goes up to 45 °, which means it is excellent due to its explicit cut.

The miter angle stops to allow perfect cuts no matter the angle. They come with the ability to stop at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45°, enabling you to make accurate miter cuts.


Having great functionality, Ryobi TS1143L also comes with a durable structure without sacrificing an extended life. They are built with heavy-duty plastic materials to last for decades. It promises you to give service for years without losing its quality. Since they have been inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers, you can rest assured that they will not disappoint you.

Additional Features of Ryobi TS1143L

A D-handle is arranged for this machine so that you can use it with ultimate comfort without facing any fatigue. The manufacturers didn’t fail to add a dust bag to keep the cleaning space clean. By preventing dust from running all over the board, it allows the user to see the area of cutting for better performance.

Ryobi Safety

Want to know the best part? The 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee backs Ryobi TS1143L. Also, they are inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers.

Why and Who Should Buy?

With powerful 9 amps and an impressive 5800 rpm, this machine can tackle anything put under it. What sets it apart is how it maintains accurate cutting using exact line laser alignment.

They add more perfection keeping dust away and providing the best clean and consistent cut. The cutting process with this saw is straightforward and smooth with no rough motion, which alone is worth your penny. They are indeed the best choice for job sites and even for DIYers on the weekend.

Bad Things of this Ryobi Miter Saw

They are a little ‘mushy,’ and the miter lock knob needs sure locked in. You will notice that often, other saws ‘click’ firmly into the detents. But when it’s time for this Ryobi model, It requires tweaking the miter angle. Similarly, they also demand the ability to adjust and lock in the miter from detent angles. On the other hand, they are not ideal for cutting extensive wood and have the minimum capacity to cut only smaller workpieces.

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