Important Things You Need to Know About Scroll Saw Wood

Scroll Saw Wood

The scroll saw is one of the most useful tools as it allows your users to make the most precise, clean cuts in wood. However, choosing the right wood for the scroll saw project helps you save time and materials.

In this post, we will take you through the best scroll saw wood. We will also tell you why you should choose the various woods we propose depending on the project’s specifics. You will also find tips on how to find the best scroll saw for wood.

When to Use a Scroll Saw on Soft Woods?

In most cases, it is not recommended to use softwood for scroll saw projects. The softness of the wood makes it too brittle to use. Common softwoods such as basswood and pine are too fragile for use, especially in more exceptional work and they are also a bit difficult to finish or stain.

But you can use softwood to practice how to use a scroll. It is because they offer very little resistance to the bland. Some of the best softwoods to practice with are alder and poplar. Keep in mind that the goal of using a scroll saw is to be able to make tight, intricate cuts on wood. The type of wood you choose is critical because some woods will not allow you to make close cuts and turns.

The downside of softwood is that it can break easily when cutting tighter turns. If you are learning how to make cuts on wood, then scrap softwood will do the job. The cause of it, it requires little effort to cut off, and it will not dull your blade. Beyond that, you should use harder wood.

When to Use a Scroll Saw on Hard Wood?

A scroll saw is the best equipment to use when you want to make precise cuts. You have to use durable wood that can be able to hold the cuts together.Hardwood is the best type of wood to use for scroll saw projects because it involves curved and tight designs. Unlike softwood, hardwood will stick together when making the cuts, and you will have the final product as compact and firm as you want it to be.

Let us review the best scroll saw timper. These woods will give you better and long-lasting products.

The Best Wood to Use a Scroll Saw on

We are going to talk about hardwoods that you can use the scroll saw to cut. You must know the characteristics of the different woods.


One of the main advantages of using cherry trees is that they have even grain that’s easy to cut. Most importantly, it holds up perfectly to intricate fretwork. Many woodworkers love cherry because it has a rich and beautiful coloring.It darkens a bit over time when exposed to light. But cherries can also warp as they dry.

Cherry Trees


Walnut can be rich brown or have that purplish hue. It has straight and even grain and produces burls with swirling grain patterns. It is the only hardwood tree in North America, and when you think of this wood, you should think of the high contrast created by sapwood vs. heartwood.

Walnut is a bit harder than cherry, but you should use it for pieces that will not require a lot of weight. You should consider evaluating walnut vs. cherry and choose the right wood depending on your coloring.


Ash is a firm but lightweight hardwood. Its hardness can be compared to that of oak and birch. It is the best option for anyone looking for a lot of grain patterns that will stand out.The heartwood of this type of wood has dark brown sections, but the outlying sapwood is lighter. As such, this creates a high contrast appearance.


This wood is not only plentiful but also cheap. It also has the highest strength to weight ratios when compared to other types of wood. It is also the most durable hardwood, which makes it a bit difficult to cut and it can comfortably wear out the blades. One of the main advantages of this type of wood is that it stains very well.

How to Choose the Best Scroll Saw for Wood?

Here are a few tips to consideration when looking for the best scroll saw for wood:

Keep in Mind Your Budget

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when looking for the best scroll saw is considering your budget. Buy a scroll saw that is within your price range. You can start with a small saw and then proceed to a more expensive and advanced saw.

Choose the Right Speed

It would help if you also thought about the speed of the scroll saw you are buying. Its strokes per minute usually determine the speed of the scroll saw. Speed is also vital depending on the material you are cutting through, but it may also come down to your individual preference. But also you can buy a scroll that has adjustable speeds. However, that is not a must. You can just find a saw that meets your needs.

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Consider Throat Size

It is another crucial point that you need to consider. Basically, it implies the length between the back of the scroll saw and the back of the blade. This is important because you can cut wood to double the throat’s size. That means with a more extended throat, you will be able to work with a more prominent material.

It would help if you considered starting with a saw that is 16 inches. This way, you will be able to work with smaller pieces and focus all your attention to create a good piece. As you continue using the scroll saw, you will start using more extended throat size for your projects.


Knowing the best scroll saw wood and choosing the top scroll saw can go a long way in ensuring that you work efficiently and effectively. It is also crucial in ensuring your own safety.

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