Stihl Chainsaw Chain Replacement: Easy Direction

Stihl Chainsaw Chain Replacement

Stihl chainsaw chain is the sharper, durable, and powerful for cutting through woods or other metals. It is also easy to handle & use. When need to replace your chain? Sometimes the chain can be damaged. Then, you need to replace it.

Are you worried about the Stihl chainsaw chain replacement?

Don't take any stress. It is extremely easy to do within a sudden time.

Now, we are moving to provide you some easy & effective steps to how to properly replace the Stihl chain along with more essential data. Read the post carefully.

What are Necessary to Replace the Stihl Chainsaw Chain?

The well-regarded brand Stihl comes to provide high-performance chainsaw chains. After a few days, your Stihl chain can dull and don't cut materials properly. In that case, users can sharp the blade with a proper sharpener or can select the new chain to replace.

Before changing your chain, users should maintain manual teachings and things to consider the necessary elements. Another highlighted thing is the fitting system that helps you properly replace it.

This change process is not hard just including the below tools:

How to Replace your Stihl Chainsaw Chain?

We present here six steps that are really easy to understand and significant to change your chainsaw chain. Whatever if you are a newcomer or professional woodworker, you have to need your chain replacement.

Step-1: Wipe out the Old Chainsaw Chain

To remove the old chainsaw chain, you have to remove the side plate by reducing its two nuts. Use the socket wrench for the unscrew nuts. Then, remove your side plate easily.

Sometimes a chainsaw's brake is attached to the side plate. That's why you need to unlock your brake to remove the plate. If your brake is locked in moods, you can't reinstall it suitably.

Chainsaw bar Nuts

Step-2: Disclose the Chainsaw's Tension

Now, the previous chainsaw chain is prepared to remove from the side plate. You need to pull the nose of the bar away from your chainsaw. The chain comes to be slack so that you are able to reduce it and disclose the chainsaw's tension.

Step-3: Loosen the Tensioning Screw

In this step, uncover the tensioning screw that is found on the inner side of the guide bar. Then, loosen it just using a flat head screwdriver. That supports installing the next chain without any problem.

Chainsaw Chain Tensioning

Step-4: To Thread the Recent Chain onto the Saw

In the fourth step, thread the current sharpened chainsaw chain onto the saw's grip drum. It is important to ensure that all drive links connect into the sprocket. When completing the chain threaded appropriately, you need to thread the guide bar & clutch drum by assigning some tension. You do it easily by pulling on the nose away from your chainsaw.

Step-5: Replace the Side Plate Back on

At this moment, your plate is prepared to go back to the guide bar. Rebuild the side plate and the nuts as early as possible and make sure the right position. Remember that you can't fix the nuts down. If you expect to change positions a little, you can do it in the tightening moments.

Chainsaw Side Plate Replacing

Step-6: Tightening the Chain and others

To pull the chainsaw chain to the exact tension, users can use a screw to the standpoint of the guide bar.

Finally, check all of the nuts and the side plates. If you find any problem, you need to tighten everything to get a good cutting service.

Will any Chain Fit a Stihl Chain?

The Stihl chain is high-quality and adjustable than others. The manufacturer recommends using its own producing chains for the replacement.

In today's market, there are available branded chains that are similar to the Stihl chain. Manufacturers produce multiple numbers and sizes on replacement chain packaging. They provide the same matching and fittings characteristics like the Stihl chain.

How do you Identify your Stihl Chain?

To identify the Stihl chain, you need to find the meter by uncovering the number of the chain stamped on the drive link. It is straightforward to count.

A 1 means the chain has a 0.043-inch gauge, three equivalents a 0.050-inch gauge, and five corresponds to a 0.058-inch gauge. On the other hand, six equals a 0.063-inch gauge and A 0 equals the chain has a 0.080-inch gauge, but you don't find this size gauge available in the market. Only the Harvester chain offers a 0.080-inch gauge.

Why does my Chainsaw Chain Dull so Quickly?

By using a long time, any chainsaw chain damage or dull. This is a very common and natural thing. But, if the chain dulls as early as possible, it may not be good for users.

 From our research, we find the two main reasons why dull so quickly.
  • The first reason, you perhaps don't check the manual chain size which is perfect for your saw. Without using the right sized file for your chain, your chain can dull so quickly.
  • The second reason, if you apply too much pressure while the file, the chainsaw chain will dull.

For this reason, you have to be careful about your chain and always maintain the manual directions.

Final Thoughts

Replacing a chainsaw chain is an important work that supports getting a new and sharper one. But, if you don't alert while removing an older chain, the accident can happen unconsciously.

So, before starting this task, you must use the hand gloves and sunglasses to protect trauma when handling it. Remember that its teeth may be rather sharp.

However, we have already confirmed all the necessary information about the Stihl chainsaw chain replacement. Be confident you got a clear indication of our writing.

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