What is a Bandsaw Used for [7 Exclusive Uses]

A band saw is reliable and the most used woodworking equipment. As a woodworker, if you aren’t used to it till now, you must use it sooner or later, primarily in your life. We are sure you’ll love it to use for its uniqueness. It has a variety of applications to use woodworking.

What is a Bandsaw Used-for

But before going for a band saw, you need to know what a bandsaw is used for. The band saw is a fantastic machine for cutting curves and correctly straight lines using its narrow and sharp blade. A band saw is an ideal tool to cut so much thicker saw. It also comes to make various types of irregular cuts.

However, today we will give some vital information about the band saw and its use in this post. From here, you will get a clear concept of the band saw.

Read this piece of writing and know the uses of band saw.

What is Bandsaw?

A band saw is a power saw with a lengthy and strong and sharp resaw blade with a simple definition. This saw is composed of a permanent band of teeth metal and extended between two wheels to cut the workpiece. These types are used mainly for woodworking, metalworking, and also for lumbering.

Most of the band saw contains two wheels that rotate continuously in a similar plane. And the blade is available in a range of sizes and tooth pitches. The tooth enables the saw machine to be highly resourceful, and it can cut a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and so on.

 A band saw needs to use a motor to power it. Most models of the bandsaw contain a few adjustments that are essential for a bigger workpiece and adjust the machine’s speed. It allows you for miter or angle cutting depending on the saw’s table features and surface.

Common uses of the band saw

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Common Uses of the Bandsaw

A band saw may use to complete numerous different woodworking projects. It is a versatile machine and is an excellent addition together with any woodworking shop. There is a few difference between a band saw and a portable band saw’s purpose. Whatever, we are here to describe stuff of professional bandsaw.  A band saw can use for completing the following jobs.

1. Woodworking

Woodworking is a simple, applicable job for a band saw. It comes with a table, an angle, and much more. They are essential to complete crosscuts to straight cuts or any other freehand cuts with woodworking jobs. It allows you to apply the saw in many types of ways for the same piece.

Woodworking with Bandsaw

You can handle your project successfully with the saw though it contains a large piece of wood. It helps you cut the straight wood line for the first time with the accurate size you need. Then you can also use it for giving the expected shape and size of the workpiece. The blade size allows you to make an ideal cut from a larger piece to a smaller piece.

2. Lumber Cuts

Lumber Cutting with Bandsaw

The band saw is famous for ripping lumber use since the 1800s when it developed for the first time. What is ripping? Ripping means cutting down large pieces of lumber by the side of the grain. This is the best way to make a large piece by systematically cutting it down into many functional parts.

You can cut down a bigger piece of lumber using a robust fence piece. And all of them will be similar sizes. A band saw includes a large table size and an excellent cutting capacity that makes it effortless to successfully line up the compound pieces.

3. Metal Cutting

The sharp blade of the band saw is so perfect, highly effective, and accurate for cutting metal pieces. You can most of the time face more challenges to cut the metal with other saws but this saw can complete it so simply.

Metal Cutting with Bandsaw

There are various metal tools such as metal tubing, sheets, and so on. You can cut them quickly with the help of a band saw. You can change the blade to make a different shape of the metal.

4. Re-Sawing

Re-sawing is a cutting process where a board cuts across according to its thickness. It is a very challenging job for other saws. But it seriously works smoothly with the band saw.

Bandsaw for Rip Cut

It would help if you had to select the band saw to re-sawing a wood piece or cut it into a small part. But don’t forget that if you want to use it, you must apply a little bit of pressure on the metal or wood.

5. Rip Cuts

Log Ripping with Bandsaw

The band saw can also use for rip cutting. It affords a slight cutting frame, and it doesn’t crack the wood. Then you can cut the wood with any dimension easily that you want.

Rip cuts are so related to re-sawing. But they have a few differences also. Rip cuts are a certain process of cutting a block of the piece across the grain. On the other hand, re-sawing is a particular process of cutting a woodblock across the thickness.

6. Circle Cuts

If you are looking for a better saw for good circle cuts, you can help with the band saw. The foot of the band saw adjusts with the correct height which allows the wood to cut at the circle shape.

Circle Cutting with Bandsaw

7. Multiple Pieces Cutting

Multiple Cutting with Bandsaw

You will be wondered to know that a band can be used for multiple pieces cutting also. You can cut a lot of wood at the same time directly with it. It is not difficult, but you can do it so fast.

To complete this task, you need to pile the wood together and lock them with tape. Adjust the blade to the perfect height and feed the wood throughout the edge. When you can adjust both the blade and the wood, you can cut them smoothly as you work with a single piece of wood.

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Final Words

We are sure and happy that you have come to know what a bandsaw is used for from this little piece of writing. It is a good idea that you have got a lot of information from here that may be unknown to you before. As a beginner or an expert carpenter worker, you may discover a few new uses that you love to complete your important project successfully.

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